Trump’s Unique Madness: Everything He Opposes is the ‘Worst (Whatever) in History’

If there is one thing that Donald Trump has made eminently clear, it’s that he is a pathological exaggerator and dispenser of frenzied hyperbole (when he isn’t outright lying). Nothing he says can be taken seriously considering his unrestrained compulsion to distort and mislead whenever he needs to suppress negative reports of his habitual criminality.

Donald Trump, Don't Lie

Naturally, Trump’s tendency to cover up his wrongdoing by attacking his critics with outrageously slanderous statements is evident on Twitter, his communications platform of preference. And the method of attack is conspicuously uniform as he often repeats the same type of invective no matter the target of his assault or the subject matter. What follows is a collection of Trump’s tweets wherein he assails the worst (fill in the blank) in history, beginning with the most recent one directed at former CIA director John Brennan:

Apparently Trump doesn’t encounter any event that isn’t the worst of its kind in history. Conversely, he frequently describes himself as the best (fill in the blank) in history. There must be a psychiatric condition that this would fall under. Because it certainly isn’t the behavior of a sane man or “stable genius” either. Although it goes a long way toward establishing that Trump is a thoroughly unreliable source for anything. Which we already knew.

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  1. There should be a big, fat asterisk next to Trump’s name on the list of US Presidents. And it will be Trump’s ass to risk.

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