Be Best? Infantile Trump Follows Up His Crass ‘Adam Schitt’ Vulgarity with ‘The Dick’ Blumenthal

A few weeks ago, Donald Trump got a court order that prohibited him from banning CNN’s Jim Acosta from the White House. Trump’s response to that was to issue a bizarre and unconstitutional decree governing the rules of behavior for journalists in the press corps. He claimed it was an effort to restore “decorum” in the White House.

Donald Trump

On its face that is an absurd proclamation from a president who has made boorishness and bullying a hallmark of his public life since even before he entered politics. Trump engages in relentless insults of the most infantile variety and hangs nicknames on his critics that a seven year old would be embarrassed to use. For example, in an attack on Rep. Adam Schiff, who will become chairman of the House Intelligence Committee next month, Trump tweeted this:

There were some who speculated whether “Adam Schitt” was intentional or a typo. But it’s entirely consistent with Trump’s perverse personality, and it’s still there. So there is no question that he meant it. And if you need further evidence, On Saturday Trump tweeted a similarly vulgar message to Sen. Richard Blumenthal:

First of all, Trump just making up the scenario in those tweets. Blumenthal never made any reference to his bravery or to “bullets whizzing by.” He did misrepresent his service once by implying that he served in Vietnam, when he was an enlisted Marine who spent his time in the States. He apologized for that. and in any case, his Marine duty was far more patriotic than Trump’s five phony deferments for alleged “bone spurs.” But for Trump to descend into the crassness of calling a Senator “the Dick” is just nauseating. Or it would be for anyone else. For Trump it’s typical. Plus, the spectacle of a pathological liar like Trump criticizing anyone else for their veracity is hysterical.

For the record, Trump was triggered by comments made by Blumenthal on MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews (video below). So apparently Trump was watching MSNBC. Unless a Fox News program played a clip from Hardball to bash the network and the Senator. Which seems more likely than the notion that Trump would change the channel from Fox.

Blumenthal was giving his analysis of the latest news from special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. Trump was surely not pleased by Blumenthal’s view that Trump can be indicted. He also said that “the walls are closing in on Donald Trump and his inner circle, including his family” and that Mueller’s report “will be extraordinarily damning.” That’s the report that Trump is delusionally saying now that he is “very happy” about. Yeah, right.

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