Trump Brags that His Wall Will Kill the ‘Glimmer of Hope’ that Refugees Have to Be Safe and Free

After thirty-five long and difficult days, the Trump Shutdown is coming to an inglorious end. Donald Trump vowed that he would not cave, but in the end that’s exactly what he did. He accepted a proposal that Democrats had offered a month ago, before the shutdown began. And it provides zero dollars for his precious vanity wall.

Donald Trump, Immigrant, Child

This is not, however, a final conclusion to the matter. It merely kicks the can down the block for three weeks when we will be faced with the same debate over Trump’s insistence on a useless wall. Trump even threatened to shut down the government again, or declare an unconstitutional national “emergency” if he doesn’t get his way next month. So no one should get comfortable, particularly if you’re a federal employee.

In his speech announcing the temporary agreement to reopen the government, Trump spent most of his time lauding the imaginary benefits of a border wall. He imbued it with magical powers to eliminate drugs and human trafficking. He said it would reduce crime, even though these immigrants commit fewer crimes than native born citizens. But perhaps the most repulsive part of his statement was one that illustrated just how callous and uncaring he is with regard to real human suffering (video below). Trump asserted that among the benefits of a wall is that…

“They save good people from attempting a very dangerous journey from other countries. Thousands of miles because they think they have a glimmer of hope of coming through. With a wall they don’t have that hope.”

So Trump is actually advancing as a positive argument for his wall that it will extinguish the hope of refugees who are fleeing violence and poverty in their countries of origin. How is that representative of the American Dream that brought generations of people escaping tyranny and torture to the shores of “the land of the free”? Trump declares proudly that his wall will mean that similar asylum seekers won’t have the hope that contributed so much to America’s greatness.

Not only is this attitude noxious and anti-American, but it ignores some obvious facts. If Trump acknowledges that these refugees are braving long and dangerous journeys, does he stop and think for a second about why? Clearly they would not undertake such an arduous task, often with young children, if the need wasn’t crucial to their survival. This isn’t a pleasure cruise they are enjoying. Trump knows that. He knows that these refugees are motivated by fear and hope, but he still thinks it’s appropriate, and even worthwhile, to strangle the hope out of these desperate souls.

Trump admits in his remarks that the refugees are “good people” who are “attempting a very dangerous journey.” And in his next breath he smugly asserts that the “glimmer of hope” to which they cling should be snuffed out with his “big, beautiful wall.” So what does he think they should do after that hope is extinguished? He doesn’t bother to say. Presumably they should just stay put and suffer and die quietly. Because for many of them, that’s the alternative. Do you think Trump cares?

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4 thoughts on “Trump Brags that His Wall Will Kill the ‘Glimmer of Hope’ that Refugees Have to Be Safe and Free

  1. Hey Mark brilliant take on todays spectacle. Was it just me but I out of the corner of my eye I saw a man in a white coat, holding a straight jacket, a nurse with a drug test and a white van waiting outside the Rose Garden.

    • Thanks. And I’m pretty sure you imagined that Psych Team, not that it wouldn’t be appropriate. The sooner the better. 😉

  2. His Most Moronic Majesty always said he never settles a case, never surrenders. And he manages to do it EVERY SINGLE TIME.

    Meanwhile, the Kissbutt Trump Worshipers are doing everything to spin this into a win. Except Stupid Ann Coulter(tm), who seems to have given up, and Dummy Dobbs, who is too stupid to realize His Beloved God is too stupid to let this go for a moment.

    I posted elsewhere that Drumpfy’s problem is that he no longer has both Houses of Congress ready to kiss his butt and lick his c*ck to give him everything he wants. Now, he’s got at least ONE House ready to do anything to get this government moving again, and if that means impeaching Their Beloved God, well, then, Nancy better be ready to do it.

    And if Trump pushes for his f*cking wall AGAIN in three weeks, there will be NOTHING to stop impeachment proceedings against him, because even his own minions will realize he’s acting like a two year old screaming when he doesn’t get his way. What credibility he has left will be GONE.

    I think the end is finally in sight, and there’s nothing the Ministry of Truth can do to prevent that.

  3. Rather than building a wall it sounds like Trump could send some death squads down to Central America to kill all the people who have no hope. The more the president colludes with Russia the less American values can be detected here.

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