How To Build A Fox News Narrative

For much of the past week Fox News has been complaining that President Obama has not done enough for the people of Libya. Most of these stories castigated the President as a weak leader who was ignoring massive suffering on the part of people who are fighting for their freedom against a brutal tyrant. As the story unfolded Fox Nation posted items with headlines that constructed a dramatic story of incompetence and neglect.

The Fox Nationalists painted a picture of a “President Gone AWOL” who “Bows the the UN” that “Authorizes No-Fly Zone” so that allies “Declare Military Action” while “Obama Outsources the War to the French.” So obviously the story climaxes with…

“Serious Doubts Raised About Obama’s War In Libya.” That’s right – it’s now Obama’s war. A military action that Obama was supposedly to indecisive to start, and too much a follower to lead, is now declared to be a full-fledged war that belongs solely to Obama. When did Obama return from being AWOL? When did he assume ownership from the French? When did it become a war?

In truth, there are legitimate reasons to raise doubts about this affair. While the Libyans are certainly in dire need, and the action was supported by the UN as well as the Arab League, the United States is not particularly well situated for sinking into another potential mid-east quagmire. But that’s exactly why this action should not be led by the U.S. Ceding a more prominent role to the French, the British, and regional players not only prevents the U.S. from bearing the bulk of the military and financial responsibility, it weakens the inevitable accusation that this is just another imperialistic adventure on the part of the United States.

However, for Fox to mischaracterize the course of events so deceitfully is – well, actually it’s just the way Fox operates. Before the military action Obama was indecisive and compassionless. In the formative stages he was weak and lacked leadership. Now, during the assault, when we and our troops are at the most risk, Fox chooses to focus on doubts expressed by the President’s political opponents.

It’s safe to predict that after the action is completed and Qaddafi is awaiting trial in the Hague for crimes against humanity, Fox will lead with “Obama Bows to the Netherlands in Qaddafi prosecution.” Or maybe “Kenyan President of U.S. Hands Libyan Dictator Over to Dutch Dope Smokers.”


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8 thoughts on “How To Build A Fox News Narrative

  1. Interesting that the headline isn’t phrased as a typical disclaimer question. Instead someone decided to go with the passive tense. Same difference.

  2. I get so tired of fox so called news. It is an absolute disgrace. I believe the american people(not all but alot)are catching on to their bias. The msm needs to rail against fox in a continual barrage of biased not balanced mantra, just as conservatives have done with the so called liberal bias mantra of the last 40 years of msm. Fox is beginning to be seen as the frauds they are especially by the younger demographic. We can only hope this continues to the point where it hurts them financially, which is the only way the biased organization will change. I’m not holding my breath!

  3. Attention Anonymous: After HBGary, BMI, WBC and Americans for Prosperity, you should shut down Fox News next.

    • They may already be on em slayer. With this major network making mistakes that a highschool newscast would be able to avoid very easily, it’s hard to imagine incompetence like that could be actual incompetence and not sabotage. I mean seriously, getting cartography wrong, screwing up poll data when there are only two figures to get right, using video from the tropic west coast while talking about Wisconsin and Ohio, having Steve Doocy criticize the government (President Obama) for instituting ‘easily foolable’ DNA testing at airports(?), and using ‘some people say’ as a news source……legendary, LEGENDARY EPIC incompetence, or sabotage? It’s getting hard to tell, but I’m actually leaning toward sabotage, incompetence like that can’t happen in sober humans. Then again I’m an optimist.

  4. Funny, no ‘doubts’ were raised before he started, they popped up only after he made the decision. Outsourcing the ‘war’ to the French? We fired like 120 tomahawks, they fired two.

  5. i said the same thing this weekend, all last week fox was excoriating the pres for not bombing, now he is, and the rightwing all day today excoriated the pres for bombing.

    the gop motto: ‘what ever it is, they’re against it’.

  6. Notice too, they were criticizing him in Egypt when he was perceived to be supporting the protesters over our pal Mubarek, but reversed it in Libya, saying we were standing by while the Colonel was massacring his people. If Jesus returned and proclaimed Obama to be John the Baptist, they’d be anti-christ.

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