Fox News Marches Lock-Step with ‘Impeaching Trump Will Hurt Democrats’ Talking Point

This week just keeps getting worse for Donald Trump. First it was revealed that a whistleblower charged him with serious breaches of national security in a conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Then he was forced to release the memo containing an account of that phone call that was disturbing and incriminating. And on Thursday the text of the whistleblower’s complaint was also released after the White House could no longer persist in suppressing it. Simultaneous to this, his Director of National Intelligence, Joseph Maguire, was grilled about his conduct with regard to the whistleblower complaint in a pair of congressional hearings.

Fox News, Impeach Trump

In addition to that, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that the House or Representatives would be formally conducting an impeachment inquiry. Much of the work on that had already begun, but this made it official. Trump’s response to these events was to panic-tweet dozens of bootlicking testimonials by worshipful disciples in politics and the press. It was a barrage of sycophantic adoration and utterly dishonest rationalizations for his flagrantly unlawful acts. It was most assuredly not the behavior of an innocent man.

Not surprisingly, Fox News was prominently featured among these tributes to Trump’s treason. Their mission to shield Trump from any and all harm continues as the news gets ever more precarious for his dangling presidency. And what appears to be a coordinated offensive by Fox news is taking shape. Thursday’s messaging was strikingly aligned across many of its programs. What they are pitching is that, regardless of how terrible this all looks for Trump, it’s really much worse for Democrats. For instance:

  • Karl Rove on Fox’s Daily Briefing told host Dana Perino that “Impeachment is a losing issue for Democrats.”
  • Rush Limbaugh warned Democrats that “They’re not thinking about blowback.”
  • Newt Gingrich offered his stale analysis that “When [Pelosi] starts an investigation the person who’s gonna get clobbered is Joe Biden.”
  • Tucker Carlson turned to frightening Democrats, saying that they “have just become so obsessed with destroying Donald Trump, that they’re destroying themselves.”
  • Sarah Huckabee Sanders summed it all up by asserting that “All this is doing is helping [Trump] get reelected.”

WOW! That sounds pretty darn awful for Democrats. And by extension, it sounds like Trump and his Republican Nationalist Party should be celebrating. In fact, they ought to be thanking Democrats and promoting their efforts to impeach Trump at every opportunity. After all, it’s only going to help Trump get reelected and crush the Democrats’ hopes for majorities in Congress. If Republicans really believe what they are saying, then all of this drama over impeachment should be putting them in good mood.

However, for some reason that isn’t the case. Even after insisting that the Democrats are destroying themselves, and that Trump will be the beneficiary, they are still whining incessantly and demanding that all efforts to impeach Trump be halted. Trump himself is threatening legal action, which is not an option with regard to impeachment. And his Twitter feed is blowing up with more tweets and retweets than ever, almost all which are nasty reactions to his pending impeachment.

Apparently, Trump and his minions are not really as happy about him being impeached as they are trying to pretend. The reality is that his violations of law, ethics, and his oath of office, are more than sufficient to warrant impeachment and removal from office. And no one knows that better than Trump. He is aware of what he’s done and what the consequences are. And that is why he – and the Cult of Deplorables he leads – have been scared into incoherence. It’s almost pathetic enough to feel sorry for them. Nah, not really.

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8 thoughts on “Fox News Marches Lock-Step with ‘Impeaching Trump Will Hurt Democrats’ Talking Point

  1. Given whqt we now know, ANYBODY! who defends the President* should be indited for being an accessory after the fact…

  2. Well thank you, biggest liars on the planet.

    I can’t believe how stupid these people really are. I used to debate Karl on twitter a few years ago and he ain’t all that bright, as they say.

    • Maybe “not so bright”, but he sure has evil intent & laser focus! He’s also the Master of Political Theatrics! Combine that with a total lack of morals & inherently evil intentions ~ he is 1 to be very wary of!
      As 1 of devil’s henchmen that I believe to be actually running the Trump government; they’re hidden in the darkest shadows behind the “throne”. He & the others (who I’ll not name here) are drunk with secret power that the Trump-puppet’s deranged mind & distractions provide them, as they let loose their evil deeds in the US & the world. Do not underestimate them that have no boundaries & no soul! I sound crazy – wish I were, cuz’ there’s Rx meds to make that go away! But I’m not. From day #1 & to this day, Trump has NO CLUE how our government works! He’s the “front man” – deceiving, distracting & diverting attention.
      “Pay no attention to the men behind the curtain.” Like in Wizard of Oz.
      Trump doesn’t even read daily briefings, hates having to do any hard work & cares nothing about anyone ir anything that isn’t “Trump”.
      When he has to “play president” they send handlers along & try to have him “stay on script”. When he goes off script, it’s awful! But, Faux Not News spins it & rest of media acts as if it’s normal – for Trump, it is. His cult followers just think he’s “entertaining”. Amazingly, put it all together & that shit’s been working, so far. Rethugs show disapproval by their silence. Nothing more.
      Now, a sliver of light – maybe they’ve had enuff & will finally break away? We shall see. Keep a close eye on all things Trump. And never underestimate the depth of their depravity. Those in charge have no limits to what they will do, if need be!

  3. Wow, so Faux News is fully on-board with Impeachment then? Because they all believe it will be so crushing for the Democratic Party!

  4. Why did my “heart” show up as a “?”…??

  5. Ah yes, and NOTHING says you are innocent like tweeting a s*itstorm saying how innocent you are. Someone who IS innocent would NOT s*it tweet, as it were.

  6. Given the whistle blower’s letter, which is a road map for investigation by the House, (it’s not an accusation, nor is it “evidence” as the President’s consiglieri Giuliani suggests), anyone who now come to the defense of the President* should be indicted for being an accessory after the fact. This at a minimum should include all Republican members of congress who sound off with an opinion defending the President*, the AG, Giuliani, whoever was in the room when the calls were made.

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