Don’t Pigeonhole Donald Trump As A Birther

While Donald Trump has been manically proselytizing the Birther issue for the past few weeks, it would be a mistake to play down the broad scope of his fledgling (and most likely fake) campaign for president. He is so much more than a one-issue candidate. Take a look at the diversity of his platform:

Donald Trump

1) Obama’s Citizenship: This is without a doubt the cornerstone of Trump’s campaign. He talks about it at every appearance – even those where he pretends to not want to talk about it. Obama has shown the only document that the state of Hawaii issues for births. If Trump wants to continue to believe that the Obama family (and assorted communists and Muslims) hatched a plot almost fifty years ago to raise a mixed-race, foreign-born child to become an illegitimate president, that’s between him and his racist, delusional followers.

2) Obama’s Religion: Despite the fact that the President has repeatedly affirmed his devout Christianity, Trump suspects that he is secretly a Muslim and the proof may be on his birth certificate. Never mind that any religious designation on a birth certificate would be irrelevant. Obviously the baby Barack did not select his faith, but the adult has been clear and consistent.

3) Obama’s Authorship: Trump has embraced the WorldNetDaily crackpots who believe that Bill Ayers was the ghostwriter of Obama’s autobiography “Dreams From My Father.” The evidence of this fraud is the observation that both used certain phrases like going “against the current.” Well, that settles that.

4) Obama’s Academics: Most recently, Trump has questioned Obama’s academic career, insisting that he was too stupid to get into Harvard. He says he is investigating this (are they the same investigators he says he has looking into the birth certificate?). Of course it is documented that Obama had graduated from Columbia before getting a scholarship to Harvard where he became the first black editor of the Harvard Law Review and graduated magna cum laude. Oh, and by the way, Obama is currently the President of the United States of America, a job that Trump, with his bachelor’s degree from Wharton Business School, is lusting after.

See? Trump has a comprehensive outlook on all of the critical issues facing the nation, so long as the nation is as obsessed with phony, right-wing, Obama mythology as he is. In addition to those obsessions, Trump wants to balance the budget by stealing the oil from Iraq and Libya, and threatening a trade war with China.

Trump, or his affiliated businesses, have declared bankruptcy four times. He has the singular distinction of having operated a casino that went bankrupt (that takes real imagination and/or incompetence). Each time he restructured his operations he was forced to trade ownership share for more favorable terms on his debt and more time to repay. So his net worth is very likely far less than he’s leading you to believe. His current income probably consists mostly of his licensing his name to other real estate developers and appearing on a reality TV show alongside Gary Busey and Meatloaf.

What better resume could you want for a potential president? No wonder he is leading the Republican primary polling. The only thing more embarrassing than having Trump as the leading GOP contender is the fact that the rest of the field is even worse.


13 thoughts on “Don’t Pigeonhole Donald Trump As A Birther

  1. Don’t forget Trump Vodka!

    BTW, I’ve read Ayers’ book Fugitive Days and Obama’s books. Ayers is a mediocre, plodding writer, and is adept only at using cliches. He apparently had to conceal this fact when ghosting Obama’s books, which are much better-written from a purely prose aspect. It seems inconceivable that Ayers would write his own book like a hack but then become the far superior writer of Obama’s books.

    And also BTW, how did George W. Bush get into Harvard Business School?

    • More importantly, President Bush was born in new England, went to boarding school in new england, went to college at Yale, and then moved to Texas. Why is he the only member of his whole family that speaks with a southern accent??? Dude defines what republicans do to attain power-ANYTHING.

      • Yep. Bush is a Connecticut blueblood through and through. And somehow he convinced wingers that he was good ole boy from the south.

        • Not to be a dick or anything, Mark, but it’s President Bush.

    • Actually, the WND crackpots claim that it is Ayers who is the literary genius (Trump literally called him a genius) and Obama the hack. But since they’re making it all up, it doesn’t really matter how they spin the lie, does it?

  2. Not to mention that Laurence Tribe, one of his professors (for whom Obama worked as a research assistant), said that Obama was the brightest student he’d ever had. But who cares what professors think?!

    • Wow. I didn’t know that. Tribe would’ve made a great Supreme Court justice.

  3. What’s sad is that Trump really has no intention of running. He is using conservative naivety and stupidity to increase his TV ratings and in the process furthering a long list of lies.

    • Well here is a theory I heard and wonder maybe he is trying to help bolster the president. After all the birther thing as only helped Obama look above the fray of the crazy right. On the other hand I find it completely distressing for the Obama daughters to keep hearing these crazy ideas coming from the far right. The president is the right man for this job at this time of distress in the country. Can we all imagine a VP Palin or a President McCain or even Trump. Thank god we have a wise calm president.

  4. The only chance the RW has of regaining the WH in 2012 is if they can get enough crazies out their to vote in big enough numbers to make it look close so they can make it look plausible when they steal the election. Obama won so overwelmingly in ’08 they could’nt steal the election. He needs to do that again to keep them from doing what they did in the 2000 election. Look at all the governerships they control in important states like Ohio and Florida just to name two. I think their “crazy birther” rhetoric is something they think can actually help them, eventhough a few of them have said it hurts overall, don’t believe it for a second.

  5. Mr. Obama did very well i hope now Donald Trump will calm up i think this matter will ends with this action (Release of Obama’s birth certificate).

  6. What is really funny is the fact that such a trivial issue as Obama’s birth certificate has been the central topic of the last few weeks and it has even taken priority over a number of much more important issues that the country faces in the area of economy or national security.

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