HOLY CREEP! Trump Admits to Using the U.S. Military Budget to Bribe Voters

The degree to which Donald Trump lacks any hint of self-awareness is mind boggling. He shamelessly boasts about having record-breaking support among Republicans when that support is actually in decline. He demands that the whistleblower testify while, in the same breath, insists that nobody should testify. He pretends that he’s not worried about being impeached, but can’t stop talking – or tweeting – about it.

Donald Trump, Prison

Now, as Trump is being shredded by an avalanche of evidence that he extorted Ukrainian President Zelensky in order to get dirt on Joe Biden, Trump is simultaneously engaging in a another flagrant case of bribery. This one centers around the off-year elections that are now being held in several states. Trump has been consumed with campaigning in the past few weeks, focusing on those states. Both his tweets and his cult rallies have been centered around the election calendar. But in a disturbing Tuesday tweet Trump literally confessed to a bribery scheme to get votes:

This is one of the most brazen admissions of criminal electioneering ever. It begins with Trump reminding the people of Virgina of his “genorosity” with federal dollars. That, of course, isn’t true. Trump has even diverted military funds to building his vanity border wall, which won’t help Virginia in the slightest. And then Trump holds the promise of future spending in the state over their heads. He is plainly trying to frighten Virginia voters with threats that federal allocations will dry up if they don’t vote for him. And we know that Trump is not shy about abusing his power to punish those he doesn’t deem sufficietly worshipful.

This tweet cannot be interpreted as anything other than a bribe. He is trying to appeal to Virginians who are reliant on federal funds for jobs and the economic boost that military facilities bring to localities. That is illegal on its face. It is also a breach of national security as it directs the allocations of military funding based on Trump’s political whims, rather than the needs of the nation’s armed forces. In that respect, Trump is violating his oath of office to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

For Trump to openly admit to this criminal activity is both shocking and predictable. His capacity for breaking the law and bragging about it is unheard of in American politics. And the saddest part of it all is that he so often gets away with it. As the current impeachment inquiry progresses, hopefully Trump will finally be held accountable for at least a few of his crimes. Were there any realistic administration of justice, Trump would never get out of prison.

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5 thoughts on “HOLY CREEP! Trump Admits to Using the U.S. Military Budget to Bribe Voters

  1. The Tyrant HAS to be the center of attention, and, as we all know, he has no self-control on what he says in order to maintain that status. He has repeatedly ADMITTED TO CRIMES HE COMMITTED! since he cannot help but constantly walk on his lower lip.

    Meanwhile, I hope you enjoyed his slobbering sick sad spewing from yesterday’s Kentucky KKK Konvocation:

    Tyrant: I was watching the other night the great Lou Dobbs, and he said when Trump took over, President Trump, he used to say, “Trump is a great president.” Then he said “Trump is the greatest president since Ronald Reagan.”

    Then he said — then he said, “No, no, Trump is an even better president than Ronald Reagan.”

    And now, he’s got me down as the greatest president in the history of our country, including George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.


    • Oh, hell no!! WTF!?!!
      I don’t know who to bitch slap 1st ~
      Lou – “WTH is wrong w/you” -Dobbs, or that fat, slimy, toxic orange slug, Trump-a- chump!
      I can’t even stand to hear the Orange Sphincter Face speak! — Must mute TV & read his words elsewhere – not kidding! Hearing his grimy voice makes me wanna’ vomit!

  2. The Trumpenstein is a malignant narcissist and a compulsive liar. He can’t help lying because he believes everyone is lying to him all the time, so he has to lie and believes his own lies. He really thinks our Constitution is a phony sham and he will dismiss it as a scrap of paper. He truly believes that he can do anything he wishes without any consequences.

    • Sickening part is that so far he HAS been able to!
      Only pure evil can get away with so much nasty, vile shit & have no consequences for any of it! Surrounded by plenty of protective demons & lesser minions.

  3. Hey Mark NC. I love your work and was wondering what your thoughts on this new “Epstein Cover-up.” Are you going to do an article on that ABC anchor talking about it? Thanks and keep fighting the power!

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