PROOF: Trump Flagrantly Lied About the Quid Pro Quo He Already Publicly Admitted

The testimony of Ambassador Gordon Sondland during Wednesday’s impeachment hearing is already being described as a “bombshell.” Sondland not only further incriminated Donald Trump, he also implicated senior members of Trump’s team including Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney, and even Vice-President Mike Pence. Be careful Trumpsters. The bus is running over everyone.

Donald Trump, Chopper Talk

However, perhaps the most damning comments of the morning came from Trump himself as he staged his latest performance of “Chopper Talk” on the White House lawn. Trump stopped to read from his hand-written notes a portion of what he characterized as exonerating testimony by Sondland. It was a mere two sentences, out of context, from over two hours of questioning. But Trump presented it as if it wrapped up the whole case against him. It surely did not.

Trump was allegedly quoting Sondland’s recollection of a conversation they had. Sondland said that he asked Trump what he wanted from Ukrainian President Zelensky. And Trump says he replied that…

“I say to the Ambassador in response, ‘I want nothing, I want nothing. I want no quid pro quo. Tell Zelensky, President Zelensky, to do the right thing.'”

First of all, saying that “I want nothing,” immediately followed by an order to “do the right thing,” is by definition a quid pro quo whether you say so or not. Particularly when “the right thing” was previously established as a demand that Zelensky make a public statement that he would investigate the 2016 election and Burisma/Biden, if he wanted U.S. aid. To deny the obvious conditionality of that is like denying that water is wet.

What’s more, in a previous episode of “Chopper Talk,” Trump himself told a national television audience exactly what he wanted from Zelensky:

REPORTER: Mr. President, what exactly did you hope Zelensky would do about the Bidens after your phone call? Exactly.

TRUMP: I would think that if they’re honest about it they’d start a major investigation into the Bidens. It’s a very simple answer. They should investigate the Bidens.

The bottom line here is that Trump did seek Zelensky’s agreement to investigate the Biden’s, and he did make U.S. aid contingent on that. But now Trump wants people to believe Sondland’s out of context soundbite, rather than what he plainly said himself. If we accept Trump’s presentation of Sondland’s testimony as complete and factual, then we have to conclude that he’s calling himself a liar. Which, ironically, would be the first truthful thing that Trump has said in a very long time.

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8 thoughts on “PROOF: Trump Flagrantly Lied About the Quid Pro Quo He Already Publicly Admitted

  1. Meanwhile, Limpy Balls thinks this is an argument that protects His Beloved God and discredits Gordon Sondland:

    As Trump inaugural donor and hotelier Gordon Sondland testifies, Rush Limbaugh dismisses him as a career diplomat

    Um, Missouri Fats? A) Many ambassadors ARE career diplomats so your attempted slur is meaningless (like everything you say), and B) it is irrelevant to the facts Sondland revealed in his testimony.

    In other words, Limpy, Your Beloved God is going DOWN!

  2. And Seanny has gone insane.

    Sean Hannity: “This couldn’t be a better day for President Trump. … It just couldn’t go any better”

    Seanny: … this couldn’t be a better day for President Trump. … Every witness before Sondland today was either a hearsay so and so so and so so and so so and so so and so so and so so so so so said, or a let me tell you what I think of the transcript that I didn’t hear witness. Now you got the one guy that didn’t talk to the president and what did we get from testimony today? Very clearly stating in a conversation with Donald Trump that the president said when asked an open ended question what do you want from the Ukrainian leader, the new president – nothing. I don’t want a quid pro quo. I want him to get rid of corruption like he ran on. (emphasis added)

    Oh, Seanny! You really are an idiot, aren’t you? First off, if any such quid pro quo (AKA BRIBERY) had taken place during the Obama administration, you would have demanded Obama be torn limb from limb. And second, Your Beloved God will NEVER get rid of corruption. Your Beloved God has been royally corrupt for over 50 F*CKING YEARS and everyone knows it!!

    AND, Sondland got the goods on Your Beloved God; Mueller got the goods on Your Beloved God; AND THE IMPEACHMENT INQUIRY KNOWS ALL ABOUT IT! You and your fellow Tyrant Worshipers are running out of excuses. Your Beloved God is GUILTY, and he is going DOWN!

    • “Woo-hoo!”
      He sure as hell should be going down, in orange flames! But, “up is down & chairs are peaches”, in these days where insanity rules. How does anyone, anything real, get thru to the brainwashed zombie cult of Trump’s blind believers?
      The only way that Senate will do the right thing is if that’s the only way to save their own asses — they must hear, en masse, from voters who say, “ITMFA”!

  3. Have fun with THIS one, Mark:

    Tucker Carlson apologizes to his audience for covering “tiresome” impeachment hearings

    F’ucker Ret@rdson: This is tiresome, and of course we apologize for it, as we have in nights past, but since it’s happening we feel duty-bound to explain it.

    Translated into Human:

    F’ucker Ret@rdson: This is tiresome for me, and of course I apologize for confusing you with real news, as I have in nights past, but since it’s happening we feel duty-bound to lie our asses off to protect Our Beloved God.

    THAT’s more accurate, don’t you think?

  4. Trump:
    “I say to the Ambassador in response, ‘I want nothing, I want nothing. I want no quid pro quo. Tell Zelensky, President Zelensky, to do the right thing.'”
    ~ OK, maybe it’s just me, but…this sounds totally fake, 100% phony! Like a very childish 1st attempt at lying would sound. Especially fake as hell, is the “quid pro quo” part being thrown in there. Really?? And for this simplistic bit of garbage, Trump had to read from his handwritten notes? Wow — Dementia really is getting bad.

    (BTW~ where is that man always heading off to on very expensive (for us) chopper flights he seems to be taking so friggin’ often? Not like he’s off on important presidential business. LOL Can’t he take cheaper ride to KFC, or just have it delivered? WTF??!)

      • Indeed it is! All the Rethugs are catching it.
        Don’t ya’ wish we could vaccinate against it?

        Did ya’ hear the one about Nunes?
        “…like someone tried to make a bowl of stupid from concentrate & forgot to add the water.” LMAO … It’s so true!

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