The Chosen One: Trump Attacks Christianity Today’s Call to Impeach Him for Gross Immorality

One of the most perplexing subplots of Donald Trump’s Soap Opera Presidency is the devotion he is shown by Christian evangelicals for a pathological lying, serial adulterer and sexual predator, who is greedy, lazy, prideful, gluttonous, profane, vengeful, and stuffs all of those faults into a wrapper of infantile egocentrism.

Donald Trump Messiah

The religious right has long demonstrated that they are way too eagerly willing to abandon their principles in exchange for some rewarding political bone to chew on. But even so, Trump seemed like too long a stretch for people who allegedly aspire to higher morals. That turned out not to true. The evangelical community found ways to ignore Trump’s failings and embrace him as one of their own, despite his life of public irreligiosity.

However, there may now be a small crack opening up in the spiritual dam. The popular evangelical magazine, Christianity Today, (founded by Billy Graham) just published an opinion piece calling for Trump to impeached and removed from office. They did not mince words either. Addressing the recent impeachment of Trump, CT’s editor in chief Mark Galli wrote that…

“…the facts in this instance are unambiguous: The president of the United States attempted to use his political power to coerce a foreign leader to harass and discredit one of the president’s political opponents. That is not only a violation of the Constitution; more importantly, it is profoundly immoral.”

Galli went on to enumerate some of Trump’s more egregious sins, such as his association with “people who are now convicted criminals,” as well as his “immoral actions in business and his relationship with women.” Galli described Trump as “a near perfect example of a human being who is morally lost and confused,” with a “grossly immoral character.” And Galli implored his readers to…

“Consider what an unbelieving world will say if you continue to brush off Mr. Trump’s immoral words and behavior in the cause of political expediency. If we don’t reverse course now, will anyone take anything we say about justice and righteousness with any seriousness for decades to come?”

Well, Trump didn’t wait long to condemn the magazine in stark, personal, and as always for Trump, dishonest terms:

No honest, objective person would ever describe Christianity Today as a “far left” or “progressive” magazine. And typical of Trump’s wrath, he blindly and falsely demeans the success of his perceived foe, just as he has done with CNN, the New York Times, Alec Baldwin, and others. Trump feels he needs to make his critics look small in order to feel big himself.

Then Trump insults every person of faith by asserting that they are not capable of assessing his behavior during his fateful phone call with the president of Ukraine. Trump repeats his contention that the call was “perfect,” even though his own transcript reveals that he conditioned foreign aid on Ukraine’s agreement to help him smear Joe Biden.

Naturally, Trump also lashed out at his political rivals, accusing them of wanting to “take your religion & your guns,” which is an odd juxtaposition. Needless to say, the Democrats that Trump is maligning have all been strong advocates for freedom of religion. But he seems to have forgotten that if he is removed from office, they wouldn’t be moving into the White House. It’s his devoutly Christian vice-president, Mike Pence, who would be sworn in.

Worst of all, Trump, as he has done many times before, exalts himself as the world’s foremost agent of Christ. As with everything else for which he rates his performance, he insists that no one “has ever done what I have done,” in this case “for Evangelicals, or religion itself!” Let that sink in: “for religion itself.”

This is coming from someone who once described himself as the Chosen One.” It’s coming from someone who has said that he doesn’t need to ask God for forgiveness because he’s never done anything wrong. This is a man that who,, like many cult leaders before him, preaches to his disciples that he – and only he – can be believed. So while Trump may like to call himself the “Chosen One,” there are other names for what Trump really is.

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7 thoughts on “The Chosen One: Trump Attacks Christianity Today’s Call to Impeach Him for Gross Immorality

  1. The devil wanted to look REALLY ugly & frightful for H’ween, once he realized there were too many people who just didn’t find him very scary anymore. (Oh, but they should!)
    So, he made himself truly ugly & scary, inside & out, in a way that was befitting of such evil as he. And so, the devil stepped right into his costume, which fit “perfectly” of course.
    One of those “other names” for Trump:
    The devil in (ugly) disguise!

  2. Actually, the only surprise is that it took him at least 12 hours to do this. We ALL knew the 2 year old Traitor-in-Thief was going to do this sooner or later.

    The question is, what did Franklin Graham, who believes His God be named Trump and the Gospels be The Art of the Deal, have to say about that….

    • Probably prayed for him.
      Not me! No way, no how!
      I’ll save my prayers for the rest of us, who must live with this nasty little orange ass-head mutant & the repercussions of his slimeball presidency.
      There isn’t a single thing about Trump that is Christian, Christ-like, or even a moral human being! I’d expect the evangelicals to recognize the devil in disguise when they see him. Gee, guess they really aren’t any better than the rest of us – they just think that they are. Hah! Nope!
      They are just foolishly blinded.

  3. Ah yes, as a REAL, legit, righteous ‘christian’ WOULD do, don’t you know. As someone else said, there’s NOTHING christian about dump. NOT one single thing. That un-American, lying, racist, sexist, clueless, classless, sack of skunk s*it, dump, is NOT religious at all in any fashion. NEVER has been, NEVER will be. NEITHER are his worthless, un-American supporters. They DESERVE ALL the s*it, ridicule, scorn and contempt they GET.

  4. “Christianity Today” are finally driving the money changers from the Temple. We can only hope that this is not a one time message and will repeat the message and take a strong stand in the future. The evil Trumpenstein has done nothing for the Christians except take advantage of them.

    • That’s all Trump-a-chump does with any & all groups of people! He uses them all to stroke his overblown ego, fools them into believing he’s “1 of them” & ropes them into voting for him, donating to his campaign of lies, & when he’s gotten what he wants from them, he simply tosses them aside like a used Kleenex.
      That’s the only kind of relationship he knows how to have. He lives in a world where there’s only 2 kinds of people — users & losers.
      I’m glad to see that God has opened 1 set of eyes to the truth…but, I half expect that before the cock crows 3x, the church may deny association with the 1 who spoke out.

  5. EVERYTHING Trump touches is dying, like Pro Immigrant sentiment is at all time highs. Atheism is growing by leaps and bounds and at least ONE writer for Christianity today has realized it. I guess maybe the editors too at Christianity Today has realized that “Christians” clinging to Trump and Trump clinging back is disgusting untold millions of Americans from Christianity. Right Wing politics had already turned millions away from their Right wing elders faith. But Trump is an eternal stain on any semblance of standing for anything that could be regarded as morality.
    Trump has clinched a fact, that Right Wing Christianity IS a disgusting stain on America, and a stain even on Christ’s legacy. It’s a return to Medieval and early modern style Christianity; genocidal, witch burning darkness, a malevolent force that silences Galileo, and today fights against climate science and biology for daring to contradict Bronze Age understandings of nature. In light of this… HOW could any thinking, thoughtful, informed moral person embrace any faith that Donald J Trump is so closely associated with? With narcissistic, idiotic, incompetent, depraved grab em by the pussy insanity?
    Im not an Atheist, but the fact Atheism is growing in America, is A POSITIVE DEVELOPMENT to me. Maybe actual Christianity might have a rebirth, the faith of Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama. A faith that guides altruistic lives.

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