HUH? Fox News Trump-Fluffers Float Bizarre Theory that Trump Hasn’t Been Impeached

The capacity for total delusion on the part of Donald Trump and his Fox News defenders has never been, and can never be, overstated. However, there are times when they exhibit such utterly ludicrous behaviors that it astonishes even the most jaded media observers. And on Thursday evening we passed that threshold once again.

Fox News, Laura Ingraham

On an episode of Laura Ingraham’s White Nationalist Hour, our intrepid host attempted to impart her version of wingnut intellectualism by presenting a theory so devoid of reason that it sucked all the remaining grey matter from her already nearly vacant skull. It’s a theory that Trump’s White House is also entertaining.

Ingraham delivered a monologue (video below) that began with the absurd contention that “I think one can make a decent argument that the President wasn’t really impeached.” Her explanation sprung from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s decision to delay sending the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate until Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer finalized the rules under which they would be debated. Ingraham thinks that an impeachment hasn’t really taken place until the House transmits it to the Senate.

To support her silliness, Ingraham mocks Pelosi’s grasp of the Constitution and attempts to cite it saying that “the Senate has the sole power of impeachment.” That, however, is not what the Constitution says. What it actually says is that “The House of Representatives…shall have the sole power of impeachment.” So Ingraham got it completely wrong. It later says that “The Senate shall have the sole power to try all impeachments.” Which is something else entirely. Pelosi, therefore, was right and Ingraham was making a fool of herself.

This disinformation then spread to other Fox News programs. On Friday morning it was regurgitated by anchor David Asman who said that “We may not have an impeachment if it hasn’t been passed to the Senate.” But as we now know, that isn’t true. It’s just part of an ongoing campaign by Fox News to keep their viewers mired in ignorance and falsehoods.

Additionally, this baseless theory relies on the assumption that the House will never transmit the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate. Nobody is betting on that. Pelosi is wisely insisting that the Senate trial be conducted fairly and that relevant witnesses to presented. That’s a critical demand considering that McConnell has already publicly stated that he has no intention of being impartial and that he will “take his cues” from White House lawyers. Eventually McConnell will have to concede because Trump doesn’t want the impeachment hanging over his head without at least an attempt to exonerate him by the Senate. Although, exoneration is not something that is actually achievable.

Like or not, Fox News, and Trump’s congressional bootlickers, have to accept that Trump has indeed been impeached. They cannot pretend otherwise. It is a disgrace that will follow him and the GOP throughout history. And clinging to these nonsense notions and wishful thinking only makes them look desperate and dumb. Well, more desperate and dumber.

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2 thoughts on “HUH? Fox News Trump-Fluffers Float Bizarre Theory that Trump Hasn’t Been Impeached

  1. FauxNews trying to confuse the easily confused, which coincidentally, happens to be their viewership. Unlike most of us, all their news comes from 1 place only – no reading & no hearing anything else (well, maybe that flatulent windbag, Rush).
    When garbage like this is proves to be WRONG, BS, etc… doesn’t that ever make those viewers have a momentary pause when next BS is spewed on FauxNews? Guess not.
    Pelosi is right to delay sending it to Senate. While waiting (after holidays of course), let’s consider using the power courts have confirmed, by hearing from other witnesses that SHOULD BE heard from — starting with Parnas, the willing & able. Nunes caught doing wrong is his own fault. Get ALL the dirt out ~ there’s a pattern of law breaking, not just 1 thing!
    Can we (House) consult with great legal minds about McConnell & Graham’s brazen violation of duty & oaths by announcing that Senate will NOT do its sworn duty, no due diligence, just a charade. Plus, McConnell stating that he is working hand-in-hand with WH counsel, to do what Trump & lawyers want done with Impeach hearing.
    This is chance to rethink the half ass “rush job” & take time to flush the shit out. It hurts Trump most, to have his Impeachment linger. Let it linger if that’s what it takes to get it right!

  2. I thin I’m feeling the way many did in Germany as Hitler took power. This is all too familiar……. this sort of crap nearly led to my childhood death by German bombing.
    Time to sell out and leave before total tyranny of the (wrong) right? Or do we old people get to die while picking off the SOBs? Don’t have to be in the military to die for your country.

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