Trump Says ‘I Am the Chosen One’ After Tweeting that He’s ‘The Second Coming of God’

Many people have been predicting that as the tribulations of Donald Trump intensify, his mental state will become ever more unstable and dangerous. That appears to be the case as he is battered by devastating poll numbers, a weakening economy, and chaos on both domestic and foreign matters that is pulling back the curtains on his incompetence and failure.

Donald Trump Messiah

But did anyone see this coming? In response to a question about his trade war with China, Trump looked to the heavens and proclaimed to reporters today that “I am the chosen one.” Well, maybe if he means chosen by Vladimir Putin. And while some may regard this as typical Trumpian hyperbole, it needs to be viewed in relation to his other recent commentaries.

Trump has long been known to harbor aspirations of dictatorship. He has expressed jealousy over Xi Jinping’s status as “President for Life.” He openly yearned for Putin’s power to “get rid of” the press. But perhaps most troubling is his fervent wish that Americans worship him the way North Koreans do Kim Jong Un. That’s a theme that returned on Wednesday when Trump retweeted Wayne Allyn Root, a notorious conspiracy crackpot who, among other things, was a prominent Birther and believed that the Democratic Party murdered Seth Rich. Trump’s tweets quoted Root saying that…

President Trump is the greatest President for Jews and for Israel in the history of the world, not just America, he is the best President for Israel in the history of the world…and the Jewish people in Israel love him….”

….like he’s the King of Israel. They love him like he is the second coming of God…But American Jews don’t know him or like him. They don’t even know what they’re doing or saying anymore. It makes no sense! But that’s OK, if he keeps doing what he’s doing, he’s good for…..”

…..all Jews, Blacks, Gays, everyone. And importantly, he’s good for everyone in America who wants a job.” Wow! @newsmax @foxandfriends @OANN

So Trump’s “America First” mantra is now being set aside to allow him to also be the president of Israel. Even worse, Trump is echoing the blasphemous assertion that he is the “King of Israel” and even the returning Messiah as “the second coming of God.” It’s also notable that Trump is crediting Fox News and the even more radical right One America News Network for these remarks.

For the record, Jews do not believe in the second coming. But Christians in America do. And are they really comfortable with Trump passing along these flagrantly unholy pronouncements? Is there any sacrilege that Trump can commit that will cause his pious devotees to question his omnipotence? Apparently telling more than 12,000 lies won’t do it. Nor will cheating on his three (so far) wives. Although there may be a bit of concern about his potty mouth.

Trump has previously made staggeringly irreligious remarks. For instance, when asked if had ever asked God for forgiveness, he replied that he didn’t need to because he has never done anything wrong:

“I’m trying to lead a life where I don’t have to ask God for forgiveness. […] Why do I have to repent? Why do I have to ask for forgiveness if you’re not making mistakes?”

That, of course, shows that Trump has a painfully misguided interpretation of the tenets of his own alleged Presbyterian faith, including “original sin,” wherein all are born with sin and require God’s forgiveness for salvation. But he also has a perversely delusional image of himself as infallible, a state that Christians believe only Christ had achieved. Which brings us back to these new comments wherein he regards himself as, at least, Christ-like.

In the past few days Trump has delivered abhorrent, anti-Semitic diatribes aimed at Democratic members of Congress, and Democratic voters in general. He said that they are both stupid and disloyal. That’s not only insulting, but it rekindles an old affront to Jews as not being patriotic Americans.

What’s more, it ignores the reality that American Jews are overwhelming Democratic and ardent opponents of Trump. So it’s fair to say that he hasn’t helped himself with that sector of the electorate this week. In fact, he’s just digging himself deeper into an abyss of hatred and division that Americans of all stripes will reject in November of 2020.

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11 thoughts on “Trump Says ‘I Am the Chosen One’ After Tweeting that He’s ‘The Second Coming of God’

  1. I’ve said this before, so I’ll say it again. On December 25th, 2016 this anti-Christ was given a standing ovation by the Presbyterians in a church in Florida. That is Christ’s Birthday, not Trumpf’s (R), yet the first 4 Commandments were totally ignored. He felt he was more important than Christ, and the standing ovation told him so.

  2. The narcissist is truly coming to the fore in these latter days. He will not go quietly in 2020 if he lasts long enough to lose the election. In his version of reality he is adored by a majority Americans and so it’s impossible for him to lose unless the election is somehow rigged. He truly believes this and that is what makes him so insane.

  3. Joshua Abraham Norton proclaimed himself the First Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico. The difference: Emperor Norton was well-beloved, and today’s Orange Emperor wants to destroy Mexico … and everything else that won’t worship hin as a God.

    Idi Amin proclaimed himself King of Scotland. The difference: Idi never tried to STEAL Scotland from England. Already the Orange Tyrant’s Worshipers are pushing him to take Greenland no matter what.

    The Orange Tyrant and “Chosen One” is a threat to this entire planet.

  4. Trump-a-dump has ZERO Christ-like qualities! Everything about him is directly opposed to what God Says & Does. I’ll bet that even God Himself cringes at some of the shit that comes out of Trump’s mouth! Hard to do – God has seen it all.

    I am God-Loving Christian woman. Not to be confused with “religion”, which is man-made & flawed (sadly). I am open-minded & proud to say, “Yes, I am Liberal!” I believe Jesus is more Liberal than Right-Wing ~ for sure! I try my best to live a life of love, kindness & caring. Trump Regime makes that very tough sometimes & foul words do fly out of my mouth where those assholes & their policies are concerned. I ask God’s Forgiveness & hope He Understands.
    Trump is the exact OPPOSITE OF GOD!! As in Anti-Christ’s 2nd in command or something similar.
    Satan thought he was as good as God, wants to be worshipped & is, by all the evil beings around us. Trump IS evil, no doubt about that! As such, extremely dangerous & w/o any moral boundaries.
    Straight out of Book of Revelations, which means may be unstoppable in his reign of terror.
    That he believes in God at all is only cuz’ he thinks HE IS God! The devil himself is who has hold of Trump. All the shit he says & does, the number of rabid followers who are blinded to the truth by Trump… It’s all according to The Book. Even his rise to power & being “the father of lies”.
    Trump will get what he deserves, but won’t be in this world. His throne is in fiery pits of hell!
    For the foreseeable future, all I can say is, “Buckle up; it’s gonna’ be a rough f–king ride!”
    And, never give up the good fight!
    Truth Matters!
    Kindness Matters!
    May God Help Us All!

    • Sunny at Night, I couldn’t agree more with you! With all these Trumpologists & Trumpworshippers that say they are believers sure dont act like it! It’s like my hubby said, “if Jesus were alive in this country, in this day and age, he’d be a socialist.”
      Its embarrassing lately, saying ‘yes I’m a Christian cuz there are so many loopy-for-trumpf-dipshits that are somehow equating him with the goodness of the Christian religion. Why are these f*<kers upset when he says a naughty word but fine with tearing familes apart and keeping humans in overfilled cages?
      Stay strong, fellow Chistian!

  5. Trump is insane.
    25th Amendment Now !

  6. Thank you HopeIsCrazy, for the very much appreciated encouragement from a fellow Christian!
    These are tough times to be caring Christian & see right thru Trump’s UN-Christian policies & personal behavior. I don’t see any Christian values in anything that he says or does. Trump reflects the exact opposite of Jesus & His Teachings! And he does it all with such callous disregard, accompanied by the many lies that just seem to roll right off his forked tongue.
    Maybe “religious right” (“wrong”) should look deep inside, with open heart & rethink their blind faith in the greed, lying, pride/vanity & sheer cruelty toward others, that this man exhibits on daily basis?!?
    I can’t imagine God supporting the Trump Regime.

    • Sunny, The fact they can not see themselves as a “Christian Right Wing Taliban” in plain sight for all Americans to watch, is what weakens any argument they have for supporting their anti-Christ. They demand women bow down to men, have no thoughts or feelings, and just be silent. Of course any woman who does it for their husbands gives up their status as human. In turn the men feel like “Masters” over their domains with a subservient ‘little woman’. It’s why they endorse all of Trumpf’s (R) whoring around while Melania was having her “Anchor baby”. Trumpf (R) is out to end the 14th Amendment because he says “Anchor babies” are Illegals. He did Chain-migrate Melania’s Communist Parents, who can not speak English very well. He is the anti-Christ in all of his actions, cutting Food for the poor, locking babies in cages, splitting up families, praising the Vladimir Putin’s way of dealing with opponents, Nerve Agents in Britain. I can only pray he is never ‘elected’ again since he hates our Nation.

  7. Yes, I too think he must hate this country & pray his reign of atrocities is soon over. What he has destroyed in 2.5yrs (so far) in office, will take everyone working together to try & repair the damage done. I wonder if that’s even possible, since he has sown such animosity & hatred among the American populace itself?!
    The thing about “nerve agents” in Britian & also about Melania’s parents being Communist, were both news to me. Can’t imagine his relationship with in-laws a very good one ~ lucky are they, if can’t understand a word he says!
    Rethugs in office that back him up & refuse to speak out against him no matter what he says & does, are no better than he is & don’t love this country either!
    He is, by far, the WORST THING to ever happen to the USA & the sooner he is gone, the better!!
    Leaving office is not enuff ~ he should leave the country & NEVER darken our doorstep again with his ugliness! He loves N. Korea’s & Russia’s leaders so much, then he should go live there, where he belongs – sure doesn’t belong here! Take a freighter full of his diehard loyal supporters (“Trumpettes”) with him.
    Oh! And, don’t forget to take the George W. leftovers, true power of evilness behind Trump’s throne, hiding in the darkest shadows. (“Come on out guys.”)
    They have to go too, along with those who are right out in the open — Bolton, Stephen Miller & AG Barr — ( my top 3) just to name a few! The beginning of a passenger list for 1-way freighter voyage far, far away from here! “All aboard!”
    Plenty of room on that freighter. Who else should be on the Passenger List for this 1-way export of Toxic Trump Trash?? Make a list.

    “Load up those shipping crates!” (Bonus – hiring Union workers only to load the ship.)
    {I can dream, can’t I ? Share the dream!?!}

  8. Quite well stated, at least those of us who care will do everything we can to make him lose our American election. If not for his “Citizens United/Russian Donations”, he could not have bought off the other Republicans he Blackmailed with Russian Intelligence working for him, Vladimir Putin’s stooge!

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