Does Trump Have Impeachment Dementia Or Are His Lies Just Getting More Bizarre?

There is something grossly disturbing about how extreme Donald Trump has become in his frantic outbursts decrying the fact that he has been impeached. It’s like watching a paranoid schizophrenic sinking deeper into the delusional hallucinations that drive his deviant behavior. Except this one has access to nuclear weapons.

Donald Trump Red Face

On Monday morning, Trump was suffering from an especially severe case of the whines. This was manifested on his Twitter feed where he posted a string of typically narcissistic messages exalting himself, interspersed with vitriolic attacks on his foes. The trigger for this episode may have been the release of his impeachment trial briefing by his Fox News legal team. The document is 110 pages of expanded Twitter rants that fail to even address the substance of the charges against him. Trump’s lawyers are focused solely on their ludicrous theory that whatever Trump did was okay and that he should not be convicted and removed from office even if every allegation is proved true.

Meanwhile, Trump himself is focused on an imaginary universe wherein everything morphs into whatever he wishes it would be at whatever moment he wishes it. That’s the only explanation for a couple of his morning tweets that bear no resemblance to reality. For instance…

Anyone who has paid even peripheral attention to the impeachment proceedings knows that the House wanted John Bolton’s testimony very much. The problem was that Trump invoked the fake privilege of “absolute immunity” in order to prohibit Bolton, and many other White House staffers, from testifying. There is no way that Trump could not know this. So he is either deliberately lying or mentally unhinged. Which would also explain this other tweet…

The House proceedings were always conducted fairly. Every Republican member of the relevant committees was give equal time to question witnesses and provide defensive arguments. Both Democrats and Republicans had counsel who were also afforded equal time to press their case in the hearings. The only diversion from equality was the absence of testimony from Trump’s White House. But again, they were only absent due to Trump’s refusal to allow them to participate. This is another situation that Trump has to be fully aware of, unless he is certifiably insane or flagrantly dishonest.

So it was Trump who was responsible for the absence of witnesses he is complaining about. And it was Trump whose refusal to cooperate produced the unfairness he is whining about. And it was actually people like Rep. Adam Schiff, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Sen. Chuck Schumer, who were advocating for fairness all along. Trump was, and still is, the obstacle. That was articulated concisely in the Democratic response to Trump’s brief:

“Only if the Senate sees and hears all relevant evidence — only if it insists upon the whole truth — can it render impartial justice. That means the Senate should require the President to turn over the documents he is hiding. It should hear from witnesses, as it has done in every impeachment trial in American history; it especially should hear from witnesses the President blocked from testifying in the House. President Trump cannot have it both ways. His Answer directly disputes key facts. He must either surrender all evidence relevant to the facts he has disputed or concede the facts as charged. Otherwise, this impeachment trial will fall far short of the American system of justice.”

The tweets above show that Trump is either suffering from a massively psychotic departure from reality, or that he is shamelessly distorting the truth that everyone else can see as plain as day. That in itself would suggest that Trump is a few fries short of a Happy Meal. But then, what else is one to conclude about someone who has been documented to have told more than 16,000 lies in three years; or who cozies up to murderous dictators; or who compliments himself as “A Very Stable Genius.” It is simply no longer possible to ignore that America’s “president” is out of his friggin’ mind! Which means the same must be true for the cult followers who continue to support him in Congress, the press, and the wingnutty contingent of the public.

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3 thoughts on “Does Trump Have Impeachment Dementia Or Are His Lies Just Getting More Bizarre?

  1. This will be an interesting chapter in the history books. He is the Caligula of the 21st century.

  2. Trump’s FuxNuze legal team of “has-beens & wanna-bees” are as vapid & full of cow manure as their client!
    Of course, if they were really sharp lawyers, wouldn’t be on Trash TV, trying to defend the indefensible orange/peach pit. Having the liar-in-chief for client, means smart as brains of a jellyfish. Not much to work with.
    House hearings were ‘perfectly’ fair to both sides. This, despite the R’s being rude & acting like 7th graders in back row of class, with substitute teacher. Only thing missing were spitwads, shot across room.
    Wanted to hear from Bolton, Pompeo, Giuliani, but the Trump/Barr team forbid that.
    I recall Trump stating that he couldn’t wait to testify B4 Congress! We’re all excited to hear him testify any day now; right?!
    Trump would be the BEST witness ever! He’s the 1 who can tell us the true story & has the best evidence too!
    What day is that scheduled for?

  3. Trumpelstiltskin always chickens out at the last moment. It started with before he announced himself as a candidate and said he would release his taxes and then he would not. Chicken. He said he would like to testify in the Mueller investigation and then he would not. Chicken. He started to raise a ruckus and said he wanted to defend himself during the impeachment investigation and when it moved to the testimony phase he backed out playing the chicken game again. The dotard 45 is a bully who always chickens out when the chips are down.

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