Trump’s Campaign Manager Responds to Bleak Fox News Poll by Insulting the American People

In recent days Donald Trump has been frantically posting tweets that proclaim him to be the most popular president ever, leading a country that is number one in the universe.” And he got that fact directly from the alien voices in his head, so it must be true. But Trump’s glowing review of himself is not only wrong, it’s evidence of his growing mental infirmity.

Donald Trump, Fox News, Hate Again

On Monday Trump dispatched his campaign manager, Brad Parscale, to the studio of his Ministry of Propaganda, Fox News. While there, Parscale met with some unexpectedly challenging questions (video below). Parscale delivered his doctrinaire dialogue that portrayed Trump and his administration as having a perfect record of nothing but success. He asserted that Trump’s standing in the polls – and in the hearts of the American people – is at an all time high. That is, of course, contrary to reality. Trump’s approval is in the low 40s in most polls. Even Trump’s favorite poll, the disreputable and biased Rasmussen poll, has Trump slumping. But these facts didn’t stop Parscale from making his blatantly false and unsupported comments.

What Parscale surely didn’t foresee was that the Fox News anchor, Bill Hemmer, would present him with some actual data that contradicted the rosy scenario he painted for Trump:

Parscale: Every standard we have to measure what’s going on with the President and trying to win victory in 2020, we’re doing better.
Hemmer: I’ve got some numbers for you. 2016 suburban voters. President Trump led Hillary Clinton by four points. Among suburban women he trailed her by only seven. Now we did a poll here at Fox about a month and a half ago, and these numbers are very different … Among suburban voters he now trails by eleven. Among suburban women he’s down by a whopping twenty-four points. How come?

Parscale struggled to explain the decline. He first resorted to a weak complaint that the numbers were different (duh). Then he returned to his robo-recitation that Trump was doing better in everything simply because he says so. After Hemmer reiterated that Trump’s poor showing was “substantial,” Parscale directly dismissed the Fox News poll (see page 19) saying that “I just don’t think those numbers are right.” Oh? Well that settles it then.

Parscale went on to claim that Trump is “far ahead” of the Democratic candidates in fundraising. But the aggregate total for the Democrats has “more than tripled [Trump’s] 2019 cash haul … No incumbent president this century has been so thoroughly outraised by a field of challengers” And in the face of those facts, Parscale sunk to belittling American voters as inattentive to their duties in a democracy:

“Right now the American people are tuned out. Because, honestly, what’s happened with impeachment and everything else, they’ve shut down. They’re enjoying the Super Bowl. They’re watching football games. Enjoying this country’s great economy. They’re not sitting around watching this stuff.”

First of all, Parscale’s derogatory remarks destroy his own assertion that Trump is flying high in the polls. Of what significance is that if voters aren’t paying attention, as he contends? But even worse, according To Trump’s campaign boss, Americans are a bunch of lazy, unpatriotic, sports slobs who don’t care about the future of their country or the election that is only nine months away.

This insulting impression of voters by the Trump team isn’t likely to pull Trump’s poll standings out of the gutter. All it does is confirm that Trump, and everyone around him, are mired in delusional perspectives of Trump as an invincible superhero who cannot be vanquished. Never mind that they have no data to support that worshipful view. It’s not like Trump ever relied on facts – or reality – for anything else he’s ever done. The only thing he relies on is the naivete of his tiny cadre of cult followers. And that’s just not gonna cut it now that the nation knows who Trump really is.

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6 thoughts on “Trump’s Campaign Manager Responds to Bleak Fox News Poll by Insulting the American People

  1. Wait a minute, did I miss the Super Bowl or are voters watching video of last year’s game? I think it’s been confirmed numerous times that Trump appoints people to certain positions based solely on their ability to lie for him. It’s a pity they do such a poor job of it when they get confronted with actual facts.l

  2. It is amazing that the GOP has abandoned any pretense of being “Christians” in their adoration of this loser in our Nation’s White House. The last Republican President who cared about our Nation was President Eisenhower, who had a lackey for a VP. That lackey was another of McCarthy’s rabid little rats. He had Michael Cohen’s father, a lying Lawyer who also was anti-American and was wiling to lie about the facts in the incessant “witch hunt” of alleged ‘Communists’ among American citizens. Today, it is the GOP willingly accepting Bribes/ Communist cash from Russia to win an American Election. It is all a bunch of Political BS propagated to enhance a low-level agitator’s political future. He, McCarthy, was shamed out of Office, which is what this nation needs today against the current puppet of Vladimir Putin. No one can ever trust any Republican, due to their complete allegiance to Donnie BoyTrumpf (R) their selection to represent the United States. Family Values Republicans will accept more cash from Russia, as in the 2016 Campaign, since those Republicans know without Russia’s aid they will lose. It is up to we American Voters to denounce their Cash donors from Foreign countries, specifically Russia, with our ability to vote the scum out in 2020. Remember to encourage all Americans to vote, while we still can, against all Republicans due to their betrayal of the United States. It is as fucking serious, as it can be.

  3. Wait, WHAT great economy? parscale LOVES, LOVES, LOVES swallowing dump’s….knob and washing his rubles in his mouth. THAT’S pretty obvious with parscale’s LIES.

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