Trump Admits that He’s Only Interested in a Lie-Filled Reality TV Impeachment Show

Trump has been tweeting up a storm on this fourth day of his Senate impeachment trial. Most of it has been retweets of the sycophantic Trump-fluffers who vainly try to defend the indefensible criminality of Trump. But some are more puzzling than others, such as the one where he agreed with Joe Biden that he should be impeached and removed from office.

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However, in addition to his tweet agreeing with Biden, Trump also tweeted what amounts to an admission that he isn’t really concerned about the outcome of the Senate trial at all. That’s because the GOP leader, Mitch McConnell, has already assured him that he won’t permit a fair hearing to take place and that the outcome will be manipulated in Trump’s favor. So Trump tweeted this:

First of all, Trump had an invitation to have his representatives and witnesses appear during the House hearings, but he refused. So he can’t complain about not being represented when that was his own decision. Secondly, The prospect of the Trump defense in the Senate being pushed to Saturday was entirely the work of Mitch McConnell. The Democrats had no power to alter the schedule dictated by the GOP leader. And it appears likely that McConnell will alter it himself and shift the commencement of the Trump defense to Monday.

That said, it’s notable that what Trump is whining about isn’t how his case will be made to the senators who will be voting on his fate as president. Nope. What Trump is upset about is that his defenders might not have as big a television audience as he would like. In other words, he’s only interested in the reality TV elements of his impeachment hearings. That’s a so typically Trumpian.

Trump already has the benefit of Fox News, which has not been airing the Senate hearings during prime time. Fox has also benched their Senior Judicial Analyst, Judge Andrew Napolitano, in order to keep his contrary views away from the snowflakes who watch Fox (Napolitano called the evidence for Trump’s impeachment and removal “ample and uncontradicted”). Fox did, however, interrupt coverage of the hearings on Friday to show Trump giving a speech at the anti-abortion March for Life. They were in alone in that editorially biased decision.

In the end everything about Trump’s behavior and commentaries is focused on one thing only: What is in his own best interest, never mind the American people or the fate of the nation. It’s his malignantly narcissistic, massive ego that must be satisfied first. And ironically, that’s what got him into all this trouble to begin with.

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2 thoughts on “Trump Admits that He’s Only Interested in a Lie-Filled Reality TV Impeachment Show

  1. Everything. Is Always. About. Trump-a-chump’s. Best. Interest.
    24/7/366 leap year.
    Morning, noon & night — all night long!
    Every phone call, meeting, cult rally, dirty deals, public statement & all his 16,000+ lies.
    Every breath, word & bodily function Trump has, is for sole purpose of Trump’s best interest! He is not capable of putting anything else 1st! And it shows in how he’s been running things in this Country.
    There’s 1 & only 1 thing that Mr. Trump cares about & he puts 1st ALWAYS… & That’s himself! He cannot put our nation, our people, our nat’l security, or needs, before him, him, & himself. Impossible for him to do so! Don’t even ask him to.
    That’s also what makes him the world’s worst President.
    At best, he would still be worst, at putting USA 1st. We are not important to him; only he matters. Everything else is there just to be used for ____ benefit!! If you can’t fill in the blank, you’re not paying attention. If you vote for a Malignant Narcissist to be your President, you are voting to destroy everything else cuz’ all that matters is (?) _____. Got it?!?
    If you’re a Trump worshipper, just know that once 2020 votes are in, you have no more use to him. You watch the gloves come off, as he destroys whatever is left of our Country by then…& That includes you.
    Ignore his lying words & promises ~ open your eyes wide & look around you. The truth is there to be seen if ya’ really look for it. Never will see it if watching FauxNews — they work for his benefit. Not yours, or ours.

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