HUH? Trump Agrees with Biden that He Must Be Impeached and Removed From Office

The longer the impeachment hearings for Donald Trump go on, the more deranged he becomes. He is clearly frightened and fixated on the proceedings despite his frequent and unconvincing dismissals. On Friday morning he once again posted a frantic flurry of more than fifty tweets assailing the Democrats in congress as they press their case against him.

Donald Trump, Joe Biden

Embedded in this Twitter tantrum, Trump included his familiar whining about how he is such a helpless victim of the meanies in the Democratic Party who refuse to adore him. He repeated for the umpteenth time his demand that everyone “Read the Transcripts” of his clearly incriminating phone call with Ukrainian President Zelensky. And he retweeted a phalanx of StormTrumpers in Congress and the media who are valiantly defending the indefensible. But perhaps the most bizarre tweet of the bunch was this beaut:

Trump is quoting Joe Biden’s assessment that Trump could gain some advantage after emerging “victorious” from the Senate’s impeachment trial. That’s debatable, but Biden’s view is not unreasonable. What’s peculiar is that Trump is latching onto – and agreeing with – Biden’s comments that “Congress has no choice, it has a Constitutional responsibility.” Biden is referring to to the responsibility to impeach Trump and remove him from office. And Trump, as expressed in this tweet, apparently agrees with that. Good to know.

The view that Trump will be “harder to beat” following these hearings is not cast in stone. On one hand, Trump has already been impeached, and that’s forever. The Senate hearings are driving home the facts surrounding Trump’s criminal coercion of Zelensky and his efforts to cover it up. They are also revealing the Republicans’ unprincipled obsession with suppressing new evidence and witness testimony. Consequently, any “acquittal” by a partisan vote of the GOP majority would immediately and totally lack credibility. And Trump’s guilt would still be presumed by most Americans, as it is now.

The argument that Trump would be stronger rests only on the notion that his cult followers might be more motivated to turn out in November. But that’s speculative at best. His most fervent supporters are already as buzzy as they can possibly be. And he isn’t likely to attract new supporters simply because the GOP-run Senate let him off the hook.

Nevertheless, Trump is continuing to pretend that all this impeachment stuff is helping him and hurting Democrats. That view might make him feel better and provide some encouragement to his despondent Deplorables, but it isn’t founded on any factual basis. And it won’t alter the public perception that he is a liar who has betrayed his country to further his own personal and political ambitions.

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3 thoughts on “HUH? Trump Agrees with Biden that He Must Be Impeached and Removed From Office

  1. Meanwhile, Jesse Watters once again thinks he’s a comedian.

    Fox News host: “Fox is the only network that’s gonna tell you the truth”

    Dirty Watters: Americans watch so much television. When you promise to deliver the goods, a smoking gun, and you don’t deliver, they’re just going to turn the channel, and that’s what’s happened. To lead with an abuse of power article is so vague. Everyone can interpret that whichever way they want. It’s flimsy. And then obstruction, by asking a judge to get involved? Every American knows when you have two parties that are in dispute, you go to a judge and he settles it. That’s not an impeachable offense.

    If you see this from a big picture perspective and you’re watching Fox, because Fox is the only network that’s gonna tell you the truth about this, there are no principles on the Democrat side. Because Jerry Nadler himself voted against the lethal aid to Ukraine. Joe Biden himself is on tape bragging about a quid pro quo. Hillary Clinton herself paid for an agent to dig up dirt on a political opponent in an election year.

    Think every line in that screed is a lie, Jesse, but then that will never be surprising. Okay, except that one about Americans watching so much television. THAT is all too accurate.

  2. Take a ride with friends in their own cars and see what radio they listen to.
    Sometimes, they don’t let you know what they watch on TV–which is how I’ve screened out quite a few people for the sake of my own sanity. Their radio propaganda is another pretty good way to filter out more of the pernicious and noxious people.

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