Messiah Trump Takes Credit For Saving the World: ‘Nobody Thought We Should Do It Except Me’

Donald Trump is fond of portraying himself as a pillar of strength who is unafraid to confront any obstacle or foe. However, his routine behavior exposes that facade as an obvious fraud. His knee-jerk defensiveness when challenged, along with his infantile insults aimed at critics, are ready evidence of his smoldering fear of being revealed as an impotent bully.

Donald Trump Messiah

One of the best indicators of Trump’s withering weakness is how tightly he clings to the bootlicking sycophants at his State TV network, Fox News. On Monday morning he made his 77th appearance on Fox News as president. But he has not permitted a single interview on CNN or MSNBC. What, you might ask, is he afraid of? This latest visit was a phone in to Fox and Friends, a program that he used to have a regular Monday gig on: Mondays with Trump. And, not surprisingly, the discussion was a full-on Trump-fluffing festival of fawning and flattery (Twitter video thread below).

Trump led off by falsely accusing the Obama administration of leaving him with an “empty shelf” of medical supplies. He compared it to the equally false and absurd assertion that the Pentagon had no ammunition when he took office. This is just Trump’s way of vilifying Obama, a president he knows he can never measure up to. He did the same thing this morning to another of his perceived enemies, Nancy Pelosi, about whom he said “She’s a sick puppy in my opinion. She really is. She’s got a lot of problems.” He called her San Francisco district a slum and bizarrely said that she “lost” the impeachment game. Does he not know that he was – and is – impeached?

What’s more, Trump took personal credit for saving the world. In a self-exalting rant based on nothing but his fertile imagination, Trump claimed that he stopped “thousands” of very, very sick people coming in from China, and that…

“…nobody thought we should do it except me. And I stopped everybody. We stopped it cold. It had never been done before. […] and if I hadn’t done that you have seen deaths like you had never seen before.”

So Trump wants people to believe that he defied the foolhardy dopes who consider themselves experts, and who all disagreed with him, and he single-handedly implemented a policy that saved untold souls. This is the sort of deranged thinking that can only come from someone who previously called himself the Chosen One.”

The truth is that Trump not only failed to save lives, he is unarguably responsible for the loss of thousands of Americans due to his negligence, incompetence, and ego. He was determined to underplay the threat presented by COVID-19 (the coronavirus) because he was afraid it would negatively impact his reelection prospects. He wasted at least a month lying to the public that there were few people infected and that the number would soon be zero.

In the interim Trump, who is no longer able to satisfy his voracious ego at his cult rallies, has hijacked the Coronavirus Task Force briefings and turned them into de facto campaign events. Never mind that his presence there is nothing but a distraction. He has no relevant knowledge or expertise to contribute, so he spends an hour or two lying with abandon and shamelessly boasting about things he hasn’t done.

Trump’s narcissism is evident in everything he does. And that is particularly true with regard to the briefings for which he has cast himself as the star. Which explains why he has been hyping the Nielsen ratings as if they were an indicator of his popularity. They are not. Both Trump supporters and opponents tune in to the briefings to get information. But in Trump’s diseased mind, any attention paid to him is proof of his glorious awesomeness. It’s what feeds his belief that he alone can fix everything. After all, he’s the Chosen One.

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5 thoughts on “Messiah Trump Takes Credit For Saving the World: ‘Nobody Thought We Should Do It Except Me’

  1. No one thought he should be president but he is. Sad

  2. Couldn’t someone just kill this egomaniac and the slob at his side?

  3. I am so sick of hearing the truly worst leader of everything, in the world & beyond; his voice curdles the milk in my stomach!
    His ego-driven delusions & lies of huuuggee measure are so far off the charts that, were he not president, he would assuredly find himself committed to a mental institution!
    Am also angry at MSM news; they know when he’s full of shit (all the time!) & yet they broadcast it to the world, all that braggart’s self-serving, bullshit lies! All the time. As if factual & newsworthy. It’s neither! Media knows better & yet, still puts him on TV, broadcasting his BS as news. Why? It’s not! Did the same in lead up (& during) Iraq War. No pushback! MSM used to have standards for its news coverage. Walter Cronkite ~ there was a news guy we ALL trusted! Revered & highly respected. He was unafraid to speak the truth! Walter wouldn’t be silenced like today’s media; just telling it like it is. Truth matters! Alot.
    MSM broadcasts the lies & misinformation that Trump spews. Supposed to inform! People believe what they see/hear. If he just brags & lies, with nothing useful to say, ignore him! Will make him crazy(-er) to NOT see his face on TV. Trump is a danger to us all as president & if gets 4 more(?) — will destroy us!
    Don’t waste free airtime on lies. Make him buy/run TV campaign ads & “approve this message”. The only hope for getting any truth out at all is from honest news coverage. Won’t get it on FauxNews!

    *§* The idiot whose paranoia, fears, ego & lies, caused him to deny coronavirus was even a real threat & waste 2mos. doing NOTHING to prepare us for pandemic virus…is the same man now claiming that he alone, has saved the world!?!
    …Delusional = Believes it …
    “Mommy, I’m scared!” Make the orange-face man go away, Mommy! Please!?”

  4. Yet again, the Terrorist demonstrates that he should be held responsible for mass murder among his own worshipers, who believe his Sermons of the Mouth no matter how much it contradicts even what Fux Spews is spewing. And since most of his worshipers STILL believe his initial proclamation that it’s all a “Democrat Hoax,” none are taking precautions or seeking treatment, and they are infecting others. Typhoid MAGAts, if you will.

    We were fortunate in 1918 that the Influenza Pandemic ultimately dissipated over time. What will happen to us if the coronavirus pandemic doesn’t? Already we have the highest number of coronavirus cases in the world because the Lord God Trumpovah never took it seriously, and still doesn’t now.

    For the Almighty God Trumpovah is their Lord and Master, and none may question or criticize him.

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