Trump Shill Kellyanne Conway Visits Fox News to Launch Lie-Riddled Attack on Joe Biden

In recent days Trump and his surrogates in the White House and the media have been frantically trying to rewrite history. They are attempting to persuade people that Trump wasn’t negligently incompetent as COVID-19 was spreading, and that he always took it seriously. Never mind all the video of him belittling the threat as a minor problem that was a Democratic hoax and that it would soon disappear.

Kellyanne Conway, Fox News

Now Trump is saying that his handling of the coronavirus pandemic was “perfect” and that if “only” 100,000 to 200,000 Americans die he should be considered a hero. This is the same guy who said Barack Obama should resign when a single American doctor returned to the U.S. from Ebola-stricken West Africa.

Trump’s hypocrisy and dishonesty is nothing new. And it is abundantly evident in another “interview” on Fox News of Senior White House adviser, Kellyanne Conway (video below). Fox and Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade asked Conway about Joe Biden’s suggestion that Trump should call President Obama for help. Conway spun that into an uninterrupted three minute rant attacking Biden and Obama, and lavishing undue praise for Trump’s objectively tragic handling of the coronavirus crisis. Conway began by unloading some of her trademark snarky animus:

“The President was asked that question. I think it’s really disappointing to have President Obama’s number two – who apparently doesn’t talk much to him – out there criticizing instead of saying “Hey, here’s what we did that we thought was effective.” Why doesn’t Vice-President Biden call the White House and offer some support? He’s in his bunker in Wilmington.”

First of all, Conway is correct when she said that Trump was asked that question. But she left out that Trump’s response was to arrogantly dismiss the notion that he should call Obama. “I don’t think I’m going to learn much,” know-it-all Trump said. “And, you know, I guess you could say that there’s probably a natural inclination not to call.” Secondly, Biden has already provided a detailed plan of what he would do were he charged with these responsibilities. And he warned of the potential harm of a pandemic – and Trump’s unfitness to respond – as far back as January 29, in a USA Today op-ed. Conway’s disingenuous suggestion that Obama or Biden call Trump makes even less sense when you factor in Trump’s personal animus toward them. In a recent tweet Trump wrote that “The Obama/Biden Administration is the most corrupt Administration in the history of our Country!”

After Conway’s flagrantly political diatribe, she added that Trump & Co. “aren’t talking politics at all” and that Trump’s critics seem “small” and “shrill.” And as if that wasn’t politically belligerent enough, she elaborated:

“I would ask Vice-President Biden why he can’t call and lend a hand. And isn’t it a time – doesn’t he think that he would actually do better by calling here and trying to help. But really, what would he say? What would he have to say? Our President’s made clear that we inherited a bad and broken system. And that’s true. The testing ecosystem and the surge of supplies that we’ve been able to do in short time is impressive.”

So not only did Conway ignore Trump’s open hostilities, she even shot down her own argument by saying that Biden would have nothing to say if he did call. Conway also reiterated the well-debunked lie that Trump “inherited a bad and broken system.” That’s the painfully lame excuse Trump has been using to absolve himself of guilt for having screwed up so badly and cost so many lives. The truth is that the Obama administration left Trump with a fully operational pandemic plan, and they briefed the incoming Trump team on it in detail. But Trump ignored those warnings and later eliminated the pandemic response team at the National Security Agency.

This is the quality – or lack thereof – of the Trump regime’s justifications for mishandling the COVID-19 crisis. And it’s emblematic of Trump’s dangerously egocentric refusal to concede that Obama, or Biden, or anyone other than himself, might have something to contribute to mitigating the disastrous consequences of his ignorance. He continues to reinforce the impression that all he cares about is himself, and that he believes that he alone can conquer any problem. That sort of malignant narcissism is what what got us into this trouble, and, if Trump is unimpeded, it’s only going to make things worse.

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5 thoughts on “Trump Shill Kellyanne Conway Visits Fox News to Launch Lie-Riddled Attack on Joe Biden

  1. Of all the untruths (16,000+) that Das Trumpelthinskinikov has made five have stood out, 1) “I, alone, can fix this,” 2) “Do not believe in what you read or hear,” 3) “The Coronavirus is a Democratic hoax,” 4) “Nobody ever expected anything like this,” 5) “I do not take any responsibility at all.” How does that work our for you?????

  2. Sorry, just need to fix the heading:

    Trump Shill Kellyanne Conway Visits Fox News to Launch Lie-Riddled Attack

    After all, that IS the only reason Kellyanne Conjob visits Fux Spews anyway!

  3. There’s a difference between ‘snarky’ & just plain bitchy-liar.
    ‘Snarky’ is not full of lies & hypocrisy.
    Snarky is more like what my Dad called “smartass”, or “wiseacre”… It may sound kinda’ bitchy, but it’s based on truths. Plus, need some smarts & takes talent to pull it off.
    Kellyanne Conjob isn’t snarky ~ she’s just bitchy & full of shit. No talent & an IQ equal to room temp doesn’t rise to the level of ‘snarky’! Just a bitchy little liar…altho, on FuxSpews, a room temp IQ is pretty high up there, comparitively speaking!

    • How long, I wonder, before Trump & his gang of fools make the numbers of infected & dead “go down” ~ changing the official stats, so that Trump’s re-election efforts aren’t hurt by the FACT that HE BLEW IT!
      An inexperienced person, who knows nothing at all about how gov’t works & doesn’t care to learn, gets elected & proceeds to remove all the very experienced people from their high gov’t positions & replaces them with Trump loyalists, who know about as much as Trump does. The blind, deaf & dumb, leading each other around & running into walls, repeatedly.
      That’s our current gov’t in charge of everything! And that’s the best spin I can even put on it. That is the core of our current gov’t ~ all the shit now going on spun out from there.
      Of course it’s a catastrophe! It could never be anything else, with that core group & the very mentally deranged, fraudulent, punk & extreme liar right in the middle of the disaster now called the USA.
      Only thing worse would be if brain-dead Rethug voters gave him 4 more yrs. That is, whoever isn’t already dead from Covid-19 by Nov.3rd.


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