CONFIRMED: Trump’s White House and Reelection Campaign are Joined at the Lip

Ever since the creation of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, Donald Trump has hijacked their daily press briefings to advance his personal interests. He wasted the time of both the Task Force members and the American people so that he could spew lies about imaginary accomplishments and shamelessly pay tribute to himself. That’s when he wasn’t whining about media coverage and yelling petulantly at reporters who asked pertinent questions.

Kayleigh McEnany, Donald Trump

The briefings that were supposed to keep the public informed were exploited to boost Trump’s floundering reelection prospects and to satisfy his voracious ego and need to constantly be the center of attention. It has been an unethical failure of duty by both the White House and the media, which should have refrained from live airings of Trump’s flagrantly partisan, reality show-style tantrums.

Now the marriage of Trump’s White House and his 2020 reelection campaign operation is complete. CNN is reporting that White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham has been given the boot. That’s not much of a loss considering that the only thing she did in her eight months on the job was to serve as the resident Trump-fluffer on Fox News. She never held a single press conference.

Grisham’s replacement – and Trump’s fourth press secretary in three years – will be the Trump campaign’s spokesperson, Kayleigh McEnany. Clearly Trump is suffering some anxiety about the November election and feels that it’s necessary to turn his White House into an arm of his campaign. Apparently commandeering the coronavirus briefings for that purpose wasn’t sufficient. So Trump has tapped one of his most shrill and glassy-eyed devotees to make the case to the media that he is a “stable genius.”

For an example of the deft communications skills that McEnany will bring to the White House, see this video of her last month insisting that “We will not see diseases like the coronavirus come here,” and remarking that “isn’t that refreshing when contrasting it with the awful presidency of President Obama.”

Like most of the Trump cultists and Fox News sycophants (I know, that’s redundant), McEnany was dismissing the threat of a pandemic that many experts were already warning was inevitable. And in this video she is being “interviewed” by Trish Regan, who was fired by Fox last month for a commentary asserting that COVID-19 was another Democratic “impeachment scam.” You have to wonder why Fox hasn’t fired Sean Hannity and others on the network who have said the same things.

However, what may have clinched this appointment for McEnany was an interview last August on CNN. Chris Cuomo asked McEnany if she believed that “Trump has never lied to the American people?” To which McEnany replied “No, the President hasn’t lied. I think CNN has lied to the American people.” McEnany went on to robotically repeat that “the fake news media lies.” It was a performance that was clearly inspired by the rabid ravings of her boss. Watch and wretch:

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4 thoughts on “CONFIRMED: Trump’s White House and Reelection Campaign are Joined at the Lip

  1. The White House and GOP Twitter accounts have been reduced to spewing propaganda to genuflect before Their Beloved God. And he is STILL hiring from the Ministry of Truth’s “talent” agency. Just remember that if Obama had hired his cabinet from MSNBC, they would have demanded his immediate resignation….

    What you need to know about new Trump press secretary Kayleigh McEnany

    1) Mizz Mc-Inane-y is a FuxPod well versed in the art of lying her ass off.
    2) Unlike Stephanie (not related to John) Grisham, Mizz Mc-Inane-y has been a FuxPod for years.

    I still have no idea why Terrorist Donnie fired Grisham anyway, but then, I don’t know why Fux Spews fired Trish Regan when she said nothing that Seanny the Asshole Hypocrite wouldn’t have said an hour later.

  2. I shouldn’t have read this shortly after eating & soon after an article (in The Atlantic, I believe) about legal (but shouldn’t be) ways Trump can easily steal the election in Nov. This in addition to all the lovely llegal ways they intend to put into play ~ using a myriad of planned & practiced ways to cheat & defraud our elections w/o getting caught. Even IF caught, suspected of 1 way in 1 State, won’t be same way in any other one. Plus, now that the evil arm of Rethuglican Party bought & now owns the Judicial Branch, up to & including SCOTUS, every nasty little thing will be decided their way. Dirtied up every single piece of federal gov’t… All that was left they needed was rungs going up Judicial Branch. “Checkmate!” When Justice Roberts gave Impeachment Oath to Senate & everyone knowing the 2 who loudly & publically said what they’d do. They committed perjury when took that oath Roberts gave Senate; but he did not recuse them, nor charge ’em with perjury (legally should have & sure would’ve if any Dem did same thing!) Roberts acted nothing like a court judge & acted ignorant thruout entire non-trial! Proved himself I guess, to his benefactors. The Supreme Court ~ s’posed to be THE BEST & WISEST we have, a fairly balanced group of LAW justices, way above political BS. (Sigh) Try to imagine us with a SCOTUS that’s totally “lefty liberals”…R’s would NEVER allow it to happen – would scream their fool heads off & never shut up about it!! But, we have one totally lopsided & stacked with “far right” — every rung of judicial ladder.
    How is it that we had well over 200 judges to appoint since 2017? Did a bunch of judges die & we had to replace them?
    So discouraging when all the pieces of ‘evil walks among us’ are coming together right in front of us & unstoppable!

    Now a moment of “snark”…someone really should tell that new Trump cheerleader that her lips shouldn’t be so bright that they enter the room a full minute before she does! Tone that shit down! (Shielding eyes.)
    When you said she spoke “robotically” I realized what bugged me ~ she really does look like sci-fi movie human-hybrid robot! Flat face, that blank, vapid look & dead lookin’ eyes that could actually be electronics & marbles! Like, if shot in movie, under her skin there would be sparking robot parts! (Might explain that lipstick too. LOL) I never usually would comment on anyone’s looks ~ just don’t. But that piece of video…. So, I apologize.

    • Don’t feel too bad, the current insanity at the highest levels of our government bring out the worst in even the best of us. When I first laid eyes on Kelly inanity, my first thought was “she looks like a blow-up doll.” It wasn’t my finest moment 🙂

      • LOL…She kinda’ does, now that you mention it. Not the expensive kind, the magazine ones.

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