JOURNALISTS BEWARE: Trump Admits that He Will ‘Use’ and then ‘Dump’ You

In seems implausible that anyone who has paid attention for the last three years could be surprised to discover that Donald Trump is a man utterly without honor. He behaves like a colicky infant, bragging undeservedly, insulting his perceived enemies, and lying about all things great and small.

Donald Trump, Snake Tongue

When this array of acute personality flaws are present in one demented and egocentric man-baby, the result can be catastrophic. And sadly, that’s precisely what we are suffering through now as Trump’s negligent and incompetent mishandling of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic has cost tens of thousands of American lives. The dire situation is actually getting worse according to the Trump regime’s own internal estimates that now predict the number of deaths could nearly double to 3,000 per day by June.

Despite these grim facts, Trump continues to flagrantly lie about the tragedies on the near horizon. He’s pushing to “reopen” the country to allow more businesses to operate in ways that will surely contribute to spreading the virus and increasing the death toll. And he persists with his propaganda and happy-talk in order to persuade his glassy-eyed cult followers that the worst is over and that those who still advocate caution are just trying to hurt him. In the end, all Trump really cares about is Trump.

On Monday morning Trump revealed just how afraid he is of his rapidly floundering approval, as well as his declining prospects for reelection. He tweeted one of the most repugnant and desperate comments that’s ever slithered through his Twittery fingers:

The sleazy reference that Trump is alluding to here concerns the death of an intern, Lori Klausutis, who worked in then-congressman Joe Scarborough’s office. Her death was attributed to a heart problem and the autopsy found that there was no evidence whatsoever of foul play. So Trump is reanimating this grotesque conspiracy theory in order to attack Scarborough who is now hosting a program on MSNBC. True to form, Trump resorts to childish insults, calling Scarborough “psycho” and his wife/cohost, Mika Brzezinski, “crazy.” Which are ironic choices for someone as mentally unstable as Trump, and who exhibits many of the symptoms of malignant narcissism and acute dementia. He also displays his perverse fetish with ratings, despite lying about about Morning Joe whose ratings are pretty good.

However, in addition to Trump’s nauseating rehashing of a two decade old intern conspiracy, Trump is also making an interesting confession in this tweet. He says of Scarborough and Brzezinski that he “used them beautifully in the last Election” and “dumped them nicely.” That’s an unambiguous admission of his intentional exploitation of journalists to achieve his nefarious ends.

It’s also a warning to all journalists that they should never trust Trump. Like all sociopaths, he is only in this for whatever benefit he can derive for himself. And he will roll over anyone who he regards as an obstacle. Even to the extent of slandering them with vicious lies. So the press better recognize that obsessive behavior and protect themselves from it.

Trump cannot be trusted and he must not be tolerated. In his own words he admits that it’s his intention to destroy the credibility of the press. As he told Lesley Stahl when she asked why he attacks the media, “You know why I do it? I do it to discredit you all, and demean you all, so when you write negative stories about me no one will believe you.” What more do you need to know?

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5 thoughts on “JOURNALISTS BEWARE: Trump Admits that He Will ‘Use’ and then ‘Dump’ You

  1. This is the question I have been asking all along. Terrorist Donnie has his rabid worshipers, and they will follow him off a cliff and into a nuclear explosion if he tells them too. He is the Jim Jones of the 21st Century. Yet, he has done NOTHING in his entire misbegotten life that warrants such worship. The TyrantLickers worship him to the degree that every single numskulled one of them mocked Democrats for supposedly worshiping Obama (which, of course, NO ONE EVER DID).

    At least Jim Jones had the chemistry that warranted his followers. Terrorist Donnie DOESN’T. He never HAS. You simply cannot trust him no matter WHAT he does. He is like, “I am so f*cked up that I will tell you ANYTHING to get you to worship ME, then I will f*ck you up the backside whenever I feel like it, and you will STILL worship me!”

    And they do. WHY?!! This is terrifying.

  2. Meanwhile, Limpy Balls. And holy f*cking shyt….

    Rush Limbaugh: The Democratic “hierarchy” is ordering governors to shut down in order to hurt Trump

    Limpy Balls: The Democrat governor — the governor of Oregon has said they’re not opening up until July 6th. They don’t even have 200 deaths in Oregon. This is purely partisan politics. … oh, are they discovering how much fun it is to wield all this tyrannical power on members — on residents of their states.

    Seriously, Limpy, PLEASE get your meds checked. For ALL our sakes.

    Okay, first off, you fatuous, braindead, numbskulled drug addict, the point is to SAVE LIVES! 200 lives or 2000 lives, these are all lives LOST thanks to Your Beloved God’s boneheaded lack of direction. Let us ALL do what we can to solve this crisis! And, Limpy? Partisan politics is what YOU do! You and the rest of your damnable Church of the SubMoron.

    And second, Your Beloved God is sure having a lot of fun wielding HIS tyrannical power over WE THE PEOPLE! The governors are simply doing they way they have to — BECAUSE YOUR F*CKING TYRANT GOD ISN’T DOING A GODDAMMED THING! Except, of course, attacking anyone who won’t worship him.

    Honestly, if any REAL president did what Terrorist Donnie is doing NOW, today’s TyrantLickers would be demanding his immediate ARREST!

  3. Well, I need to know why I should give any sympathy to anyone that is so willfully g-d stupid as to trust trumpty. If anyone is not only stupid enough, but also amoral enough, to trust the slimeball, and attempt to gain an advantage therefrom, and then gets the inevitable betrayal, it serves them right.

  4. Only a true tyrant at the core could conceive of others “having fun” when wielding their powers of tyranny. Worse yet is his thinking that everyone else would be like him, Trump & their ilk, willing to use powers of tyranny against the people just to hurt a political opponent!
    My, my, Flush Rush, your true colors come oozing thru! The true colors of YOUR Rethuglican Party are not that of a “civilized people”, nor do you/they belong in any position of power where critical minds may differ in opinion, lest you & yours think it makes them the ‘enemy’ & ya’ll behave as if at war! There is no political discourse possible, no debating, or compromise. Just bully & attack with lies, anyone opposing you.
    Really shitty way to try & lead a nation! Especially 1 called, “United States”. Rethuglicans just want to divide people ~ pit ’em against each other, cause chaos & strife. These are NOT leadership skills! So, Rethugs must lie, cheat & steal to gain & retain the power they crave. But sooner or later, people get sick of liars & thugs being in charge & mucking things up…then, they will revolt! Your time is coming. Your Party is divisive & worst of all liars — that’s how ya’ll are destroying our America & turning it Authoritarian. No more USA. No more freedom, only wars.
    To know what you’re doing, we need only listen to what you falsely accuse others of doing.

  5. Once again the danger of an Administration out of control, has cost more American lives. The complete and total callous disregard for human life, by Family Values Republicans in Office should be a warning to never Vote for any Republican anywhere. They are all very responsible for Trumpf (R) being in America’s White House, except for the third wife who refuses to share a bed with Trumpf (R) so she should not be allowed back in for Photo ops. She is a failed First Lady in so many ways, one being her failure to learn English. She’s had over 3 years yet she came up with the “be best” slogan, which is clearly not spoken English here inside the USA. Maybe in Slovenia in passes for English in the Communist schools she attended. She did pose for soft porn, to pretend she has an “Einstein Visa” which is how she Violated her Visa by working. Sounds petty? Yes I’ve become petty in my estimation of the how the Trumpfs (R) treat our Nation and always will. They will be know forever as the rat sucking baby killing, mass Murders they are. 71,000 dead Americans in 5 weeks is mass murder since he’s the President, and is the one in charge. Ask him.

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