Trump Agrees that John Bolton ‘Failed in His Duty to Protect America’ – from Trump

There is nothing more predictable than Donald Trump freaking out over some well-deserved criticism, particularly when it comes from respected conservatives who Trump believes should be groveling at his bone spurs. Nothing is more important to Trump than unflinching loyalty and devotion no matter how noxious his language or behavior.

Donald Trump, John Bolton

On Saturday morning Trump greeted the news of a court decision regarding the release of John Bolton’s new book, “The Room Where It Happened.” Trump sued to block the book’s release on grounds that it contained classified information. That’s a specious claim considering that Trump has also insisted that the book is “a compilation of lies and made up stories,” and therefore, cannot be classified. Even more conclusive, a National Security Council official who reviewed the book has already declared that it contained no classified material.

Not surprisingly, the court ruled that Bolton can proceed with the release of the book, which contains numerous devastating revelations about Trump’s bizarre, dangerous, and even treasonous behavior. That was sufficient to trigger a Trump Twitter tirade lambasting Bolton. His outburst included a post that he began with a delusional, all-caps assertion that for him it was a BIG COURT WIN.” Trump continued with a presumably rhetorical threat that now Bolton “will have bombs dropped on him!”

However, Trump’s Twantrum also triggered conservative strategist and pundit, Steve Schmidt, a frequent Trump critic. Schmidt had previously expressed an opinion of Bolton, that is shared by many across the political spectrum, as having neglected his duty to testify during the Trump impeachment and to disclose what he knew about Trump’s betrayal while serving as president. And Trump mistakenly thought it would be a good idea to misquote Schmidt:

The folly of that tweet was soon made evident by Schmidt’s Tweeted response:

Schmidt shortly thereafter posted a multi-tweet elaboration of his thoughts on Trump. He excoriated Trump as an “epic failure” who “will be repudiated and disgraced.” And it got worse from there. Schmidt even ventured into Trump’s dysfunctional relationship with his father, who regarded him as a screw-up.

As for the court ruling, while it paved the way for the book to be released, it also suggested that Bolton may have breached a non-disclosure agreement that could result in the forfeiture of the proceeds from book sales. While that might be a mixed bag for Bolton, it’s a win/win for readers. If that is the conclusion in subsequent rulings, the book could be purchased to learn the details of Trump’s traitorous activities without enriching an author who declined to stand up for his country when it really mattered.

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2 thoughts on “Trump Agrees that John Bolton ‘Failed in His Duty to Protect America’ – from Trump

  1. If Bolton really can’t profit from sales of this book, I will buy it. Serves both Bolton and Trump right, one stands to be reimpeached or jailed, the other will not make any money from his efforts to slime his former boss.

  2. I think the real hero of today’s story might just be that Steve Schmidt guy. He had the best lines anyway & I like a person who doesn’t sugar-coat ‘the real’ for that big, ugly, shit stain squatting in our White House. Serious fumigation will be needed to remove the permeating stench of the Trump-turdy-gurdy & his klan of grifters.

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