Trump Insults Heroes as ‘Losers’ and ‘Suckers’ and Says Everyone Who Criticizes Him is ‘Dying’

The Atlantic Magazine just published a spine-chilling story about Donald Trump and his abhorrent remarks about America’s veterans and war dead. “Why should I go to that cemetery?” Trump is reported to have said. “It’s filled with losers.” He later added that the 1,800 marines who lost their lives at Belleau Wood were “suckers” for getting killed.

Donald Trump

The article was well researched and contained testimony from four sources. It was corroborated by at least three other news organizations. And most of all, it’s entirely consistent with Trump’s prior public statements disparaging veterans and POWs, including the late Sen. John McCain. Naturally, Trump quickly denied these reports in terms typical of his substanceless, “slash and burn” character (or lack thereof):

Notice that Trump’s denial is simply an ad hominem attack on the messenger. That’s what he always does. He has no coherent defense based on facts or reality, so he goes for the throat with defamatory rhetoric that virtually no one believes, other than his glassy-eyed cult followers. What follows is a brief history of this psychotic, knee-jerk reaction to any critical news that riles Trump:

  • Fredo’s ratings are down more than 50%. People are tired of his act. @CNN IS DYING!
  • That is because they cover your favorite President relatively well. @CNN & MSDNC are dying in the ratings!
  • The good news is that @maddow is dying in the ratings, along with @CNN!
  • So much Fake News being put in dying magazines and newspapers. Only place worse may be @NBCNews, @CBSNews, @ABC and @CNN. Fiction writers!
  • The reporting at the failing @nytimes gets worse and worse by the day. Fortunately, it is a dying newspaper.
  • FoxNews is changing their theme from “fair and balanced” to “unfair and unbalanced.” But dying @WSJ is worse.Their phony poll is a joke!
  • Dopey @Lawrence O’Donnell, whose unwatchable show is dying in the ratings, said that my Apprentice $ numbers were wrong. He is a fool!
  • NYDailyNews, the dying tabloid owned by dopey clown Mort Zuckerman, puts me on the cover daily because I sell. My honor, but it is dead!
  • NicolleDWallace is really hurting @TheView. She is boring, predictable and has zero television “it” – show no longer has ratings, dying!
  • LateNightSeth I am not surprised that Seth is absolutely dying in the ratings! He is truly an awkward, mumbling jerk. Too bad!
  • VanityFair looks like a dying magazine! Really really boring, really really thin!

If every media enterprise that Trump said was dying actually died there wouldn’t be anything left but the National Enquirer. Oh wait. That died. Trump knows that there is no defense for what he said, so he resorts to these petulant tantrums in the hopes of persuading some of his dimwitted disciples that he isn’t a cretinous traitor.

Clearly, that isn’t working. Trump’s approval ratings continue to fall, and he’s getting crushed by Joe Biden in every national poll, as well as in most of the crucial swing states. And for the most despicable president in U.S. history, it’s all downhill from here.

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3 thoughts on “Trump Insults Heroes as ‘Losers’ and ‘Suckers’ and Says Everyone Who Criticizes Him is ‘Dying’

  1. Just remember when you Vote in November, that all “Family Values Republicans” did decide to choose this 5 time Cowardly Draft-Dodger to be Commander in Chief. Do not Vote for any of them since they will Lie and deceive just to ‘win’ an American Election with $50 million from Russia in 2016. Each Republican is responsible, even as they are now attempting to dis-own their Donald J. Trumpf (R). Donald J. the Huugest Coward of all time, who has to wear his Presidential Diapers in Public, with toilet paper stuck to his foot. Look it up it is there to Laugh at!!! Voting for this punk of a boy “Diaper Donnie”, is a denouncement of all of America. “Diaper Donnie” is what we need to address him as, or “DD” or “Diarrhea Diaper” or please add your own! He does deserve all of our disrespect forever.

    • Seems some American voters don’t know if Despot Donnie would really Disparage & Disrespect our soldiers & fallen war heroes like that. I understand; hard to believe any U.S. President would do such a Despicable thing, especially 1 asking American voters to re-elect him. He is, after all, Commander-in-Chief of our armed forces. Demented Donnie Denies he ever said what’s been reported. Let’s take a factual look, then you Decide:
      1) The Atlantic article included testimony from 4 sources & was corroborated by 3 news orgs. ~ that’s very solid confirmation, even if you don’t recall seeing it on the news back then (which I do).
      –> What else could show us that Deceitful Donnie’s Denials are likely Dishonest? Let’s take a look-see:

      2a) Witnesses (his staff) report that Trump was angry to see flags at 1/2 staff when McCain died. Also, thst he stated was “not going to loser’s funeral”. (& didn’t go)
      2b) Trump’s staff went to great lengths to cover-up McCain’s name on naval ship named after him, during a televised Trump speech given soon after that, fearing it ‘would anger the President’.
      2c) Trump rudely stated on TV interview that McCain only a hero cuz’ he was a POW & that HE “likes guys that DON’T get caught”!

      –> Moving on….
      3) As widely reported & confirmed: Putin, put a bounty on the heads of our soldiers in Afghanistan ~- paid $$ for Deaths of our soldiers!! Despite multiple private, unrecorded calls (violation of WH rules) with his buddy, Putin…Trump claims “subject did not come up” & that “they did not discuss it! There’s been NO condemnation, nor actions taken by Trump, against Putin for doing that!! (& NO reason to think it has stopped.) THIS IS ABSOLUTELY DESPICABLE BETRAYAL OF OUR TROOPS, BY THEIR COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF!! (As you can tell, I’m very angry about this! Unbelievable that our gov’t. & GOP have said/done NOTHING to Putin, or Trump, about such shocking, unprecedented & horrific behavior!)
      {…Breathe…take deep breaths…}

      4) Ttump has made Disrespectful & HURTFUL remarks to “Golden Star” military families & refused to apologize for any of it.

      5) In Mary Trump’s book, she talks about when Don Jr. wanted to go into military, but Donald & Ivana (parents) threatened that they’d totally Disinherit him if he joined Military. (Guess Donnie Dearest didn’t like being sent off to military school?)

      5) Trump claims that he’s done “so much for our military” — he must mean obscene Defense Dept. & Pentagon funding?! But, how much of that really goes to our troops, now deployed to about 150 countries? (I don’t know.) Trump’s (& GOP) plans to Dismantle & Destroy Soc. Security if re-elected would include Death knell for Disability benefits (would run out 1yr from now) & MANY Veterans are on Disability… What would happen to them & their families? Trump & GOP don’t seem to care! Plus… Veterans’ Medical care (VA) is SEVERELY UNDERFUNDED. If they cared about our loyal soldiers AFTER they serve our Country…?!?

      —>> There have been other Derogatory remarks made by Mr. Trump at various times — too many to recall & list them all here. Wish we could ask military & their families what they think & how THEY feel. I have NO DOUBT that Trump said those things being reported by Atlantic & confirmed by others.

      Trump is Deceitful, Deplorable & Determined to get re-elected, at any cost! He is a man of many “D” words ~ you can prob’ly add a few of your own. I’ve done my best to state some things I know of on topic. This is because I get sick of hearing that man lie through his teeth, speaking BS with forked tongue! Today, I guess, was 1 time too many of hearing his Deceitful Denials & thought can maybe help those folks still unsure about Donald Trump’s professed “love for our troops” & claims to “have great respect” for those who gave their lives for this Country.
      “DON’T YOU BELIEVE IT!” {Look again at #3 above!} I don’t know how anyone who truly cares about our soldiers & Veterans can support Donald Trump a 2nd time? How Dare he think he can be our President & Commander-in-chief??!!

  2. Stepped back in for a moment, since Trumpf (R), the Cowardly 5 time Draft-Dodger, did say all those Journalists are “dying”, is it from his “Trumpf (R) Virus”? Does it mean, he now thinks there is a “Trumpf (R) Virus” existing, and killing 187,000+ Americans???

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