Trump’s Fascist ‘Law and Order’ Rhetoric is Making Things Worse: POLL

The reelection prospects for Donald Trump have been mired in an abyss of doom for months. Joe Biden is crushing him in every national poll as well as in most of the crucial swing states. And the post-convention polling has only gotten worse for Trump. That, of course, is not a reason to become complacent or to work less vigorously. Victory is not assured until the votes are counted.

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Trump, however, has a real problem. He can’t campaign on the economy, which is in recession. He can’t campaign on his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, which has been a model of deadly negligence and incompetence with deaths nearing 190,000. He can’t campaign on character, because…well, because he’s Donald Trump. So that leaves only one path available for him to stagger down: Fear and division.

Consequently, Trump has wholly embraced a campaign theme centered on terrorizing the American people. The catch phrase most often associated with him is “law and order,” which he has tweeted 52 times so far this year alone. He is painting a hellish picture of the nation as being engulfed in flames with violent insurgents occupying vast territories of major cities and threatening to invade the serenity of white suburbia.

These dystopian delusions have been the core of Trump’s campaign strategy for weeks. He mostly has been maligning the demonstrations against police brutality and systemic racism. According to Trump “These are not acts of peaceful protest but really domestic terror.” And now we have some evidence of just how badly his tactics are failing. A new poll by ABC News/Ipsos has found that…

“Over half of the country — 55% … said they think Trump is aggravating the situation, while just over one in 10 Americans, 13%, said they think he is making it better.”

Thirteen percent barely amounts to a third of his base support, so even most of his cult followers don’t think he’s making things better. The poll goes on to ask a series of questions related to public safety and which candidate for president is best suited to handle the crises that the nation faces. The results show that “Between the two candidates, more Americans trust Biden over Trump to…”

  • Keep the country safe, 55%-42%
  • Keep their families safe, 56%-42%
  • Care more about them, 59%-38%
  • Unite the country, 64%-33%
  • Handle the protests across the country, 59%-39%
  • Address racial discrimination, 64%-34%
  • Manage the COVID-19 response, 60%-38%
  • Reduce violence in the country, 59%-39%

Nevertheless, Trump is still relying on an imaginary horror story about rampant crime to juice his campaign. An analysis by HuffPost found that out of “73,000 ads they aired from July 1 to July 26 … 85% of them dealt in one way or another with public safety.”

The fact that none of this is working for Trump may have something to do with his having pulled all of his television advertising. That’s a peculiar thing to do in the week following his national nominating convention and in the last lap toward election day. He either realizes that his campaign strategy is a complete bust, or he’s run out of money. Either way it’s a very bad omen for the future of his campaign and his presidency. Which, ironically, is a very good omen for America and the world.

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5 thoughts on “Trump’s Fascist ‘Law and Order’ Rhetoric is Making Things Worse: POLL

  1. Law and order! Law and order! Law and order but never, never has justice been mentioned. The orange tweeter wants law and order on the side of white supremacists not on the narrow line of freedom of speech and justice.

    • You are exactly right about that!
      He’s mentioned “Law & Order” 52x this year. (This is mo.#9)
      If anyone wants to know if Trump is serious about it, or just a campaign stunt (- since Main St. economy, the virus, foreign relations & jobs sure won’t work for him)…try to find out how often he’s mentioned “law & order” BEFORE this election year. Is it 0? Maybe 5 or 6?
      Also, I find it very strange that the MOST criminal U.S. president EVER, who surrounds himself with other criminal element people & has ZERO respect for our laws, rules etc. –violating them ALL THE TIME…THIS GUY claims to be “Law & Order” president??! Must mean to say he likes the TV show, cuz’ he sure as hell does NOT represent any law & order! Neither does his personal flunkie, Att. Gen. Billy-boy Barr!
      (Trump) If he talks like a criminal, acts like criminal, friends are criminals….then HE IS A CRIMINAL!
      Don’t be so easily fooled by the criminal conman!
      Kick him out! Now! We need someone NEW, who can calm & stabilize this nation & its people!! The guy who created & oversees all THIS CHAOS is NOT the same man who can/will fix this mess!!!

  2. Rumours abound that the Trumpler campaign’s broke, hence they’ve had to stop TV advertising, which must drive
    Himself mad (sorry, that’s not a drive, it’s a putt). Maybe all that money the family & friends siphoned off the campaign should be repaid. Maybe it won’t do any good anyway, the same old lies aren’t working any more.

  3. I wonder if it has something to do (also) with fact that with TV ads Trump can’t just lie his ass off & race bait with his hatred flowing, like he can on social media?!? Plus, TV ads make candidates be responsible — “I approve of this message.” Trump cannot control who receives his hate filled lies with TV ads, like he can with Facebook, etc. Those feeds go out to millions of his followers, who spread them far & wide in very fast time frame. His hatred & bigotry panders to his base, who are also hate filled bigots & are fine with Trump’s lies, having shut their brains off long time ago. If it were just a money thing he could always make couple phone calls & easily refill his coffer. Billionaires got billions $$$ & nothing else to spend it on — just hoarding it anyway.
    Trump HAS TO stay in office 4 more, or be prosecuted for his crimes if not in office. With USPS screwing up mail-in voting (& mail period!) I think the only piece of elections NOT ‘controlled by’ GOP (a la cheating) is now taken care of.
    Trump is right about a “deep state” unseen power group behind presidency — but, as usual, he is ‘projecting’ what HIS PEOPLE are doing, onto the other side, who is NOT doing same shit!
    If you think Trump’s shit has been bad up to now & ‘out of control’… with GOP 100% COMPLICIT IN IT, just wait & see what horrors ard in syore for us all if he is rewarded

  4. …for shit he’s been doing that’s wrong, illegal, killing 180,000+ Americans & destroying our lives, while turning this Country into ‘world’s biggest losers’ on every global stage there is — I dread to see what he & his cohorts will do next!! It sure as hell is guaranteed NOT TO BE GOOD FOR REST OF US!!! The whole world watches, hoping we do the right thing & that AIN’T more of Trump, Kushner, Barr & Pompous-ahole!
    Biden needs landslide win!

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