Trump Desperately Pushes a Phony, Racist Narrative of Rampant Violence.

Psychotic delusions are tricky to interpret. For instance, it’s hard to tell if Donald Trump truly believes that he is a beloved national leader who is a shoo-in for reelection, or if he realizes that he’s toast but doesn’t want to suffer the humiliation of admitting it publicly. Either way it is confirmation of an acute mental infirmity.

Donald Trump, MAGA

Consequently, in response to the clear evidence of his floundering campaign, Trump is angling to shape an electoral narrative that he thinks will give him some advantage. But he is painfully incapable of articulating a second term agenda. Obviously the topics that matter most to the American people – the economy, jobs, racial equality, climate change, healthcare, and the still surging coronavirus pandemic – are not working for him. He is losing in every national poll, as well as in most of the crucial swing states. and he wasn’t helped by his “American Carnage II” convention.

The position that Trump seems to have settled on is patently absurd. He is seeking to convince voters that the streets of America are awash in blood and that it is the fault of Democrats. Trump is calling this cataclysm “Biden’s America.” Never mind that it is actually – literally – happening in Trump’s America. His argument is that if he’s reelected all of this turmoil that he has created will magically go away, as if it were a deadly virus (oh wait…).

In order to get that narrative to take hold, Trump has been furiously posting tweets that portray the nation as embroiled in a raging and constant conflagration of bloodshed and savagery. On Sunday he unleashed an avalanche of horror stories on Twitter. More than half (58 out of 110) of his tweets were about allegedly rampant violence and Black Lives Matter “mobs” that he says are running wild in the streets. It’s an unambiguously racist campaign aimed at dividing the nation and firing up his white nationalist base.

According to FiveThirtyEight Trump has become “singularly obsessed with the topic” of crime, and HuffPost reveals that in July the vast majority of his campaign dealt in some way with public safety. He speaks in utterly bizarre hyperboles, like a five year old who has no realistic comprehension of the world around him. For instance he said Monday that “If I didn’t INSIST on having the National Guard activate and go into Kenosha, Wisconsin, there would be no Kenosha right now.” Really? The whole city of 100,000 would have disappeared from the face of the Earth?

There is, however, a small problem with this campaign theme. Crime in America is trending down. And the crime that occurs is taking place in both Democratic and Republican cities. So try as he might, Trump cannot blame lawlessness on Democrats, and certainly not on Joe Biden. However, Biden can, and does, make a rational argument for Trump’s culpability (videos below):

“I look at this violence and I see lives and communities and the dreams of small businesses being destroyed. And the opportunity for real problems on the issue of race and police reform and justice being put to the test. Donald Trump looks at this violence and he sees a political lifeline.”

Biden went on to note the absurdity of Trump running on the claim that “Quote ‘You won’t be safe in Joe Biden’s America.'” (video below)

“And what is their proof? The violence we are seeing in Donald Trump’s America. These are not images of some imagined Joe Biden America in the future. These are images of Donald Trump’s America today. He keeps telling you, if only he was president it wouldn’t happen. If he was president. He keeps telling you if he was president you’d feel safe. Well, he is president, whether he knows it or not. And it is happening.”

“It’s getting worse. You know why. Because Donald Trump adds fuel to every fire. Because he refuses to even acknowledge that there’s a racial justice problem in America. Because he won’t stand up to any form of violence. He has no problem with right-wing militias, white supremacists, and vigilantes with assault weapons”

On a side note, the infantile, lying, cretins running the Trump campaign clipped the part of Biden’s speech where he said that “You won’t be safe in Joe Biden’s America,” and made it look like that’s his own opinion of himself when, in fact, he was quoting Trump. It has already been tagged as manipulated media by Twitter. That’s actually the second Trump video so labeled just today. The other video showed Biden supposedly sleeping prior to a TV interview. But the real video was an interview of Harry Belafonte.

That’s the kind of dishonesty and craven lack of ethics that we have to look forward to for the next couple of months. But hang in there, and continue to do the hard work necessary to achieve a landslide victory and to send Trump back to civilian life and, hopefully, to prison.

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4 thoughts on “Trump Desperately Pushes a Phony, Racist Narrative of Rampant Violence.

  1. Trump-a-chump would sell his children to the devil himself, if it would guarantee Trump a win in Nov.! He is a selfish, soulless, pitiful excuse for a human being. The depth of his depravity has not been seen cuz’ it is a bottomless pit. If it has a bottom to it, would be in fiery pits of hell, which is where he & his closest buttlicking advisers belong! The sooner, the better on that. I can’t stand to hear his voice ~ actually gives me the “heebie-jeebies” to hear him talk. It feels like an assault to my very soul! The man is truly deranged & so filled with hatred for everyone & everything, that he can see nothing but his own hatred. If it’s true that Pride & Vanity are the worst sins of all, then is no wonder that he does the Devil’s work; that’s who owns his soul. What is surprising (& very disturbing to me) is how many there are willing to be just like him, close to him, to lie, cheat & steal for him! They have no shame, no morals, no sense of right/wrong & they seem not to see what they too, are turning into!? Anyone with even a speck of self-respect is long gone by now. I’m just referring to those with close, daily contact & are still there.
    Trump has NO redeeming qualities. None! I can usually find at least 1 redeeming quality in anyone. If I look hard enuff, can find something good in everyone. NOT IN TRUMP! Something seriously wrong with him ~ maybe it is blackened heart, empty soul? I’ve known people on San Quentin’s Death Row that had redeeming qualities…& definitely have a soul. I’m not prissy or privileged, but something just ain’t right in Donald Trump. HE scares me! And he is very desperate now; nothing he WON’t do to NOT be a ‘Loser’…& that should scare us all! He has NO LIMITS. I hope this Country comes out of this alive, able to begin again. And I hope that those who are blinded by him just stay home & don’t vote at all in Nov. Equally, I hope that everyone else votes & that their votes are all counted. But I fear this will get much uglier & more bloodshed than we are prepared to deal with. I hope I’m wrong. That he loses & leaves the WH quietly.
    Can’t say I have alot of faith in that hope….but maybe we will “dodge the bullet” on this one. Voters going to the polls Nov. 3rd have to be as determined to vote him out, as he is to stay in, at any cost. What GOP has planned for this election is more like elections in 3rd world countries, than anything we’ve ever seen before!
    As far as counting mail-in ballots…can they not have more people counting them? Or, start counting mailed-in ballots as soon as they start coming in?
    This is the the most important U.S. election in memory; stakes couldn’t be higher! The GOP is pulling out ALL THE STOPS for this one & will stop at nothing to win! (Be afraid. Be very afraid.)

  2. Mark NC:
    Is it acceptable to put this on, say, DailyKos, after putting it on here?
    Not saying I’m brave enuff to do that, but if I was to try it?

    • Actually. I republish it on DailyKos. However, it’s not OK for others to republish my articles in full. But it is OK to post a paragraph and a link back here.

  3. You do?? Ok…I didn’t know. Feel free to ‘clean it up’ if ou feel it needs it. I’m sure I’d edit before reposting it! ;¬)
    BTW~ am “HaterOfLies” on the Kos. Was told should use different username on each news blog I read/comment on. Presumptuous to repost yours cuz’ you’re real writer of own news blog, but if I learn how/when to do a link, may do that. Will ask 1st.
    Thanks for replying!

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