Fox News Spins Ludicrous Comparison of 9/11 to the Coronavirus

It’s the 19th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. It was a day that shook the nation, and the world, in a profoundly painful way that woke many up to the reality of our vulnerabilities. And on this solemn day there have been some respectful remembrances and thoughtful condolences for the victims, their families, and for the first responders who sacrificed so much.

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Of course, there have also been some grossly inappropriate attempts to hijack this day for political and/or personal advantage. Donald Trump was notorious for that when he bragged on the day of the tragedy that his building in Manhattan had just become the tallest in the city:

It should come as no surprise that Fox News joined in on the brazen exploitation of horror. On Friday morning the “Curvy Couch” potatoes of Fox and Friends aired a segment that drew a preposterous comparison between 9/11 and the coronavirus pandemic. Co-host Brian Kilmeade unleashed this nauseating rant (video below) that had no basis in reality or even sanity. “New York is attacked,” Kilmeade began. “America is under siege.” And he continued…

“But at the same time, New York kept moving. In a very short time the stock market was open. People were still getting into subways. People still went to work. At the same time keeping an ear to the news to find out what’s next as we would mobilize in a matter of months and kill almost every single person that was involved in this. The first generation of Al Qaeda.”

“That’s what’s different now. This, we stopped. And America looked around and go ‘What do we do?’ We knew who the enemy was then. Here we’ve got this invisible virus that the Chinese are responsible for, but it doesn’t look like that’s an attack. “

Kilmeade is earning his reputation for being the stupidest man on Fox News. He apparently doesn’t realize that people were comfortable returning to the subways after 9/11 because they were in no danger of contracting an airplane crash from another passenger. Their coworkers were unlikely to infect them with a collapsing skyscraper.

Kilmeade is likewise unaware that the reason we “stopped” this time is because COVID-19 is a highly transmissible infectious agent for which there is no vaccine or treatment. His attempt to draw parallels between these two events is simply pathetic, but not at all unexpected from Fox News.

In addition to his absurd correlations and xenophobic insults aimed at China, Kilmeade also made some blatantly false statements. While America was attacked, we were not under siege. There was no invading army and no subsequent assault. The stock markets remained closed until September 17, the longest shutdown since 1933, which Kilmeade characterized as “short.” We did retaliate against the Taliban that was harboring Al Qaeda in Afghanistan. However, we did not kill “every single person that was involved.” Al Qaeda’s leader, Osama bin Laden, wasn’t killed until ten years later.

Finally, Kilmeade’s description of Americans looking around wondering what to do utterly fails to explain why that’s so. It’s because we have a president who lied to the people about the peril this virus posed. Trump knew how deadly it was and purposefully withheld that information in order to advance his reelection prospects. He repeatedly downplayed the danger, oversold the development of a vaccine, and mocked those who advised and practiced safety guidelines such as social distancing and facial masks.

Trump also contradicted the experts and disseminated falsehoods about unproven cures such as hydroxychloroquine and injecting bleach. Even worse, he embraced quacks who ranted about “demon sperm” and spread crackpot conspiracy theories that only a fraction of those reported to have died from COVID-19 were actually its victims.

Is there any wonder why some Americans were baffled about what to do? Even now there are those who believe that the coronavirus is (as Trump has said) a hoax. Never mind the nearly 200,000 graves (6,400,000+ infected) and the grieving families and friends of those stricken. The confusion that Kilmeade referenced is almost entirely the fault of Trump. The remainder of the guilt lies with Kilmeade, and his confederates at Fox News, who continue to cover for him.

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3 thoughts on “Fox News Spins Ludicrous Comparison of 9/11 to the Coronavirus

  1. On September 11th, shortly after the Twin Towers collapsed, leaving thousands dead, Donald Trump boasted that his building was now the tallest building in downtown Manhattan (which also wasn’t true).

    — Brian Klaas (@brianklaas) September 11, 2020

    That is 100% typical of a Narcissist…such as Trump! And that same total lack of empathy is still on display, as we fast approach 200,000 dead Americans, from Trump’s lies & mishandling of Covid-19 virus! Sociopaths like Trump are UNABLE to feel empathy for anyone else. Narcissistic ones don’t see a reason they should even TRY to feel bad at all!
    Such a person I’d not even want in my social circle, or anywhere near me ~ sure as hell not as president!

  2. Was the BATTERED WIFE remark nessasary for your story. FUCK YOU! Your mentality about battered women mirrors that of Trump! So fuck you

  3. What on earth are you referring to in this article? I reread the whole thing, in case I somehow missed it, but I still don’t see it & that type of comment is EXTREMELY unlikely on this particular news blog. MarkNC (the blogger whose site this is) would not make such hurtful comments, for any reason! He doesn’t mirror ANY of Trump’s awful shit!

    I am SO SORRY that you’re hurting & it seems, have had to go thru that which NO WOMAN should ever have to suffer, at the hands of any man, for any reason! I feel SO SAD for you ~ being so badly hurt! You don’t deserve it… No one does. Seek help to ESCAPE the abuse ~ YOU DESERVE A MUCH BETTER LIFE.
    I pray for you to escape that painful situation & he who causes it, if you have not already done so! Be strong. Please…seek help from a battered women’s hotline, or local shelter for same. They can hide you & protect you, plus will help you with legal stuff to get you free & keep abuser AWAY, permanently!! They have alot of first-hand experience with this & they understand. They can help you BEGIN TO HEAL from physical & emotional PAIN you’ve been suffering. No one should have to live with abuse! I’ll be praying for you to get away & find help from those who know how to protect you, & TRULY DO UNDERSTAND & CARE!
    May God & His Angels Be With You, Watch Over & Protect You ~ and Lead You to Safety, far away from that nightmare & into knowing God’s Great Love & Mercy! Amen.

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