Trump’s Psychotic Sunday Tweetstorm Defies All Reason, Decency, and Honesty

As the coronavirus pandemic surges throughout the country, Donald Trump is hard at work at what he considers his job: posting lies and incoherent babbling on Twitter. After which he promptly assumed his post on the golf course for the remainder of the day. Priorities.

Donald Trump

Trump began his rage-tweeting with a demonstration of his cowardice and utter desperation. “I will be strongly demanding a Drug Test of Sleepy Joe Biden prior to, or after, the Debate on Tuesday night,” he twitted. Never mind that he is in no position to make such a demand. It’s a hollow appeal for something he knows won’t happen and that he would never submit to himself. Trump is simply trying to malign Biden’s mental fitness for office, even though polls show that a majority of voters say that Trump is the one who doesn’t have the mental soundness to serve.

Following that, Trump took a swipe at Sen. Richard Blumenthal for embellishing his military service ten years ago. Trump said that because Blumenthal was untruthful he should be impeached and “should not be entitled to a vote on anything of importance!” But if that’s Trump’s standard, then Trump’s punishment for telling more than 20,000 lies should be 20,000 times worse. At least Blumenthal had the dignity to serve his country in uniform, as opposed to Cadet Bone Spurs who dodged the draft five times and insults America’s fallen as “losers” and “suckers.”

Next up was a frantic twantrum over Mike Bloomberg’s donation to a Florida group that is paying the outstanding fees of former prisoners so that they can vote. Trump is terrified of losing the state and determined to suppress the vote any way he can. And in this case he also recklessly charges that Bloomberg “committed a serious crime” without bothering to mention what law was broken.

Then there is Trump’s three word, all caps command to “WATCH THE BALLOTS!!!” It’s difficult to tell if Trump is advocating election integrity (yeah, right), or promoting a new show on Fox about the Ballot family. That would make a good vehicle for Scott Baio as the patriarch of a Klan clan that is afraid of the Black Lives Matter movement and a society that has turned against his repulsive brand of bigotry.

Finally, Trump re-twitterated his obsessive commitment to terminate Obamacare, even while the nation is suffering through a deadly pandemic. He grotesquely characterizes it as “a big WIN for the USA!” And as he frequently does, he lied about it being “replaced with a MUCH better, and FAR cheaper, alternative.” However, Trump has never had a healthcare plan, despite announcing that one would be unveiled in two weeks numerous times for the past three years. And the GOP has similarly spent ten years promising a replacement, but has never even drafted a proposal.

It’s notable that in this Twitter tirade Trump has focused exclusively on his political pet peeves that he littered with lies and infantile nicknames. He didn’t once mention the pandemic that has taken the lives of more than 200,000 Americans and is, by all the accounts of every expert, going to get worse this winter.

More than anything, Trump wants to shift the public discourse away from COVID-19 and his wretched mishandling of it. He wants people to forget the loss of their loved ones and the illnesses that have resulted in permanent disabilities for many of those who survived. Unfortunately for Trump, the issues he’s using to deflect also have the effect of reminding people of his ignorance, incompetence, and his aspirations to authoritarianism and dictatorship. It’s a lose-lose proposition for America’s Biggest Loser.

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3 thoughts on “Trump’s Psychotic Sunday Tweetstorm Defies All Reason, Decency, and Honesty

  1. If this orange tweeter gets reelected it will be a lose-lose situation for the United States. We will be the biggest losers.

  2. When that Sonofabitch finally leaves office, we will need to create new rules & laws that were heretofore unneeded. It’s painfully obvious that we can no longer count on protocol, proper manners & civility to guide the behavior of anyone Rethugs run & vote into the Oval Office.
    Even the Oath of Office is no longer sufficient to ensure legal & ethical behavior from whatever asswipe that Rethugs might vote into office! And, expecting members of that Party to rein in their own guy’s illegal, immoral & UnAmerican acts has now been proven to be a ludicrous belief that we cannot afford to count on.
    We will need to make rules & laws to prevent lawmakers & leaders’ abuses of power. Maybe #1 can be, “NO tweeting the presidency.” Speak to the people ‘the old way’, thru reporters, where questions can be asked & answered. Face the people! No more 1-way lies & snarky communication tweets while President. It must be a rule of law; we’ve seen downside of such tweets. How sad that is! 200+ yrs of checks & balances & it just takes 1 totally malignant narcissist asshole & his (R)Party of traitors ~ loyal to their man & NOT their Country ~ to change everything we thought this Country stood for & believed in! Never thought I’d live to see the day this would be allowed to happen with the support of electorate. I am so disgusted! Much of the world is at least dismayed by what they’ve seen us turn into the past 3.5yrs, under Trump et. al. (And it isn’t over yet.)

    We may never regain the trust of world leaders, or their respect. Can’t blame them for that ~ maybe we can plead “temporary insanity” defense?! But 1st we have to remove this empirical asshole from Office & take out as many of his GOP cohorts as we can too. If we don’t, it’s all over for the USA, as we know it. If you love your Country… GET OUT THERE & VOTE THEM ALL OUTTA’ THERE!!

    Recovering won’t be EZ, do don’t expect miracles. Always much harder to repair something, than is to destroy it. Alot of destruction has gone on with help from those who swore to “protect & defend”our Country…but did NOT honor that oath. Shame on them all! VOTE THEM OUT!
    If we can get thru these turbulent times, without violence & a bloody war breaking out in the streets, led by Trump’s own militias (thugs), who’ve shown they’re willing to do that… & Trump has shown that he will let ’em do it. (It seems our police will just thank them & hand out bottled water!? Strange days indeed!) May cooler heads prevail over volatile times. And despite all the games & bullshit of Trump & friends, may we turn the page & get this Country back on track, but making changes, overdue, for the best for us all!

    • The revered Founding Fathers never envisioned an entire political party as corrupt as the GOP (Greed Over Principles). Nor did they imagine a Senate so dominated by one corrupt leader (Moscow Mitch) that he could control, single-handedly, the lawmaking ability of the entire government. And they framed an Oath of Office which depends upon the personal integrity of the oath-taker, never forseeing that such integrity would no longer exist.

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