Van Jones To Fox News: Cease And Desist!

Lawyers for Van Jones have taken a step that ought to have been taken long ago – by numerous people, for hundreds of offenses. Jones’ representatives have notified Fox News that that he will no longer tolerate the lies and defamation that they have engaged in for the past couple of years. They have sent Fox a cease and desist letter and they appear to mean business:

“For nearly two years, on programs broadcast on and by the Fox News Network, a series of sensational and inflammatory charges have been made against Mr. Jones. Each of these statements is demonstrably, unequivocally, and absolutely false, and each is clearly defamatory as set forth below.”

The letter then proceeds to enumerate some of the instances wherein Fox maligned Jones by falsely asserting that he is a communist, a Marxist, etc. Additionally, Jones was accused of being a revolutionary, a convicted felon, a 9/11 Truther, a cop killer, and a racist. Just this morning, in a response to Jones’ challenge to debate, Glenn Beck portrayed Jones as anti-American and an advocate of “The violent overthrow for a Marxist government.”

All of these charges are false and injurious, and the letter gives Fox until June 24, to indicate their intention to “cease and desist from further dissemination” and to broadcast a retraction. Despite the documentary evidence to support an action against Fox, I do not expect them to comply. That’s not their style. They will dodge and weave and resort to histrionic counterattacks.

In February of 2010, Jones assumed a forgiving stance, telling Beck that “I love you brother.” I wrote at the time that I didn’t approve because all Beck would do is continue to harass and lie about him. Now Jones knows what I knew then. He told Ed Schultz today that he has tried to be a “turn the other cheek” kind of guy, but that he only has four cheeks and he’s running out. He noted that Beck has continued to stalk him even two years after he left the White House, and that he’s had enough.

It took you long enough, Van. In the meantime, Jones can use this legal maneuver, and his debate challenge, to draw attention to his new American Dream Movement, details of which will be released at an event in New York on Thursday, June 23. So stay tuned. And hopefully this will inspire others who have been disparaged by Fox to step up and seek legal remedies.


7 thoughts on “Van Jones To Fox News: Cease And Desist!

  1. It’s about time. Maybe they will watch what they say on all sides.

  2. Good for him! Van Jones is an articulate and thoughtful person who cares about people. I wish him all the best but Fox not News will not let up I, guarantee it but that doesn’t matter, at least he is fighting back and any attention it recieves will show what aholes Fox is to those who don’t know or are undecided. Now they need to start doing this on a regular basis and with Andrew Breitbart as well.

  3. I suspect that when Beck’s show concludes, he will continue with the defamation but FOX, a separate entity, will shut it down. They admit no wrongdoing but it stops lest they tempt fate to force them to pay the consequences. It’s the passive-aggressive approach cowards often resort to.

  4. Gee, What ever happened to “Free Speech” in this country? It’s alright when the left spills there lies and deceitfull attacks on the Right but not anyone else who disagrees with their agenda. Wake up America! These idiots are wanting to censure and control you. Next it will be book burnings.The news turns a blind eye to events that may make Obama look bad. Fox news is the only news that gives a balanced report of what’s happening in this country. Bad things are headed our way, you need to get the truth not lies and coverups for Obama!

    • 1) Who said it’s alright for the left to lie? Not me.
      2) Free speech is not a defense for libel or defamation.
      3) The only people who have ever advocated book burnings are conservatives.

      Go ahead and cling to your Fox overlords. You are being fooled and taken advantage of. So sad.

    • 1) Free speech rights don’t extend to libel or defamation.
      2) The “news” only cares about sensationalism.
      3) Get a dictionary and go to a grammar class.

  5. Here’s hoping that Van just gave some people a silly idea, like having their lawyers also send Fixed News a friendly letter…
    After all he’s not the only who’s received the Fixed treatment now is he? I guess the Fixed lawyers would be busy if that happened….
    One can only hope…….

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