Donors Have Abandoned Trump’s Failed Campaign, Including Trump

As the 2020 Presidential election season winds down to its final days, the red flags for Donald Trump are waving wildly in the hurricane force winds that are pummeling his increasingly desperate campaign. Most polls are showing him trailing Joe Biden by double digits nationally, and his prospects in the crucial swing states don’t look much better.

Donald Trump Circling the Drain

As a result of these harrowing conditions for Trump, he is becoming even more hysterical as he ramps up preposterous allegations against his opponent. Those include aiding and abetting Russian disinformation, whining petulantly that everyone is against him, and insisting that Democrats must, by law, become Republicans.

Among the warning signs that Trump is facing are defecting Republican leaders, television ratings defeats to Biden, and dwindling donations. On the latter, the most recent financial reports from Trump and Biden show a decided advantage for Biden during the most critical phase of the campaign:

However, Trump supporters should not be worried because Trump made this promise to them last week:

The only problem with that promise (other than most of it being flagrantly untruthful) is that Trump isn’t showing any indication that he intends to keep it. Trump still isn’t contributing to his floundering campaign. And if he doesn’t do so now, then when? What message does that send to any donors he has left? He expects them to keep shelling out for the lost cause that he won’t support himself. That makes them the suckers paying to fluff his ego.

Trump still thinks he’s running the 2016 campaign when he was a reality TV game show host without a political record. He thinks that he can coast to victory by exploiting hundreds of millions of dollars in free airtime from news networks covering his every word. But those networks are not airing his his cult rallies and press conferences any more. Not even Fox News is doing it regularly. So Trump needs to rely more heavily on paid media that he can’t afford to pay for.

By all appearances, Trump has already given up any hopes of being reelected. He isn’t reaching out to new constituencies. He is embargoing his TV appearances to Fox News or other similarly friendly venues. And his arguments for a second term consist mainly of conspiratorial nonsense and unbridled hostility. For instance, he’s issuing ludicrous demands to throw Biden in jail for imaginary crimes. He’s making wild, baseless claims about communist Democrats plotting the destruction of America. And he’s continuing to downplay the tragic consequences of the coronavirus that he allowed to spread uncontrollably across the country.

This is not the behavior of anyone who is seriously seeking the votes of the American people. It is more like the ravings a mental patient with acute narcissism and malignant paranoia. And it is unlikely to persuade any citizens to cast their votes for such a deranged candidate.

What’s more, Trump is also killing any opportunity he thinks he has for a career after he leaves the White House. Who would hire someone so unstable and bent on self-destruction? At this rate, Trump would be lucky to get a five minute weekly commentary on the low-rated, ultra-rightist, One America News Network (OANN). And even then, most people would just watch it for the laughs.

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3 thoughts on “Donors Have Abandoned Trump’s Failed Campaign, Including Trump

  1. Don’t worry about the pretendent getting a hack job with and obscure network. The orange tweeter should be plenty busy fending of lawsuits and whining about another “witch hunt” after he leaves the White House.

  2. If Pres. 45 were your grandfather, you would be looking for a locked facility to keep him safe in his demented old age.
    Letting him use his position to make a wreck of the national govt. will eventually rate lawsuits and retribution. It will end the useful careers of plenty of traitors and political operatives.
    A textbook chapter in infamy. Unless the Texas schoolbook people manage to wipe it out of the history books.
    Americans do have short memories anyway.
    Still, with seas rising and nature doing its thing, nobody will be alive to care what chaos he stirs up.
    With luck life will start up all over again in another few million years and maybe do better next time.
    Let’s just hope he doesn’t pull a fit of anger and blow up the globe first.

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