HUH? Giuliani Says Losing Election Fraud Cases is Part of His Plan

Joe Biden’s decisive defeat of Donald Trump has led to an even more humiliating political circus of desperation for the deposed president. Trump is persisting in his ludicrous effort to overturn the election results by filing meritless lawsuits and posting pitiful tweets declaring impotently, in all caps, that “I WON THE ELECTION.”

Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump

This pathetic spectacle only serves to cement Trump’s legacy as a sore loser who will resort to bizarre measures in order to avoid facing reality. It’s ironic that while Trump is so feverishly disputing the election results now, in 2016 he said that doing so was a direct threat to our democracy.” What’s more, nearly 40% of his tweets asserting election fraud have been flagged by Twitter as misinformation.

Trump’s cavalcade of litigation has been met by almost unanimous failure. To date Trump’s court score is 1 out of 24. The single case he “won” only set back the date for receipt of mail-in ballots in Philadelphia by three days. But as it turns out, this is all part of the master plan by Trump’s crack legal team led by Rudy Giuliani. On Tuesday morning Giuliani was “interviewed” by Senior Fox News Trump-Fluffer, Maria Bartiromo (video below). When asked about the status of his litigation, Giuliani bragged that…

“Frankly, this is a case we would like to see get to the Supreme Court. So, you know, we’re prepared, in some of these cases, to lose and to appeal and to get it to the Supreme Court. You’re not going to win every one of these. I don’t want to say it’s because of a Democrat judge or whatever. Some of them are just as fair as anybody. But in some cases you win, in some cases you lose. The most important thing is this will be our first established vehicle on the way to the Supreme Court.”

Take a moment to let the grandiloquent idiocy of that statement wash over you. Apparently, Giuliani doesn’t know that winning is the preferable outcome of every legal dispute. If you win your case it doesn’t need to go to Supreme Court because … well, because you won, Einstein. It still could get elevated to a higher court if the your opponent appeals, but in the interim you can go on your way as the victor. There is literally zero benefit to losing under any circumstances.

However, if losing is what Giuliani really wants, he’s doing a bang up job. He has a near perfect record of losses. To be fair, some of these weren’t actually losses by a court ruling. Some of them were cases that Trump’s side dropped because even they knew they were bogus, and therefore hopeless. And if that weren’t enough to fill Giuliani and Boss Trump with pride, many of the attorneys who have been representing Trump in these cases have quit. Which leaves the remaining flock of Fox News rejects more glory in which to bask.

Trump can rest assured that his lead attorney will produce many more losses to come. And his PR efforts will will continue to produce gems like the press conference at the the Four Seasons (not the glitzy hotel, the suburban Philly landscaping company). Maybe that’s part of Giuliani’s plan as well. He’ll end up taking his cases to the Supreme Court Tennis Club in Ontario. What better place for a lawyer whose career is synonymous with “racket”?

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3 thoughts on “HUH? Giuliani Says Losing Election Fraud Cases is Part of His Plan

  1. Giuliani is as corrupt, mentally unhinged & full of shit as the #1 asshole he has for a client. Neither 1 gives a damn about the rule of law or justice, whatsoever & both will 1 day be seen for the low-life losers they really are.
    Who exactly, is footing the bill for Giuliani’s galavanting around the globe trying to find criminals to do Trump’s dirty work?
    And all these stupid court cases, most of which are frivolous & tossed out of court, waste a whole lot of money & effort to keep filing & pursuing, for no purpose other than Trump’s pitiful refusal to ACCEPT the results of what has been determined by many officials to be, “the most secure election in American history”. So, due to it being election related & Trump being *resident ~ how much of this shit are we stuck paying for & don’t know it yet? The man is a GRIFTER & has labeled campaign trips as “official business” to make us pay ~ he spends wildly, like a drunken sailor with a bottomless piggy bank (our Treasury Dept.) & we don’t get to know what it’s costing us, for some reason. I think we are going to find out AFTER the fact, that he has bankrupted us far more than we know. Of course, then it’s too damn late & no one will do a damn thing about it! As usual. Meanehile, while we’re all distracted with this shit, Trump is selling off the Arctic, making large military hardware sales & doing God Knows what else, while grabbing every scum-sucking buck he can to further line his money-grubbing pockets ~ no doubt stashing the $$$ away in foreign accounts where it’s well hidden from all of us.
    Trump, his cronies & his GOP buddies have NO MORALS OR LIMITS to what they will do that’s dirty & deceitful ~ they’ve already proven that time & again. WE will be left holding the bag & paying the exorbitant tab for 4yrs of robbery. Impure & simple. The huge 10yr tax cuts for Trump & wealthiest piggies will make sure that they who benefitted & who HAVE ALL THE $$$, won’t be paying for this. WE WILL.
    Of course, Senate GOP has been & still is, making sure that no economic relief is in sight for the small businesses & common folks out here suffering, due to their idiocy & outright avarice! GOP got their asses re-elected & didn’t give a damn before — sure as hell don’t now! Millions of REAL AMERICAN WORKERS are losing EVERYTHING & the assholes WE PAY FOR don’t give a shit!

    “Assholes get elected, cuz’ assholes get to vote.” And nothing changes until that does. GA….VOTE 2 DEMS IN, for cryin’ out loud! Give us normal folks a fighting chance!

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