Fox News Airs ‘Unbelievable’ Video of Georgia Senate Candidate Doing Nothing Wrong

It can be a painful spectacle to watch when desperation sets in. That’s been so true of Donald Trump and his pathetic crusade to overturn the will of the American people and proclaim himself President-for-Life. And it’s equally true of Fox News as they scramble to justify their raging right-wing bias amidst an avalanche of bad news for the flailing, lie-riddled, conservative agenda that is their mission to support.

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The upcoming Senate runoff races in Georgia will determine whether Mitch McConnell remains the obstructionist GOP Senate majority leader. Incumbents David Purdue and Kelly Loeffler are shamelessly fawning Trump sycophants who will serve McConnell’s will. Their Democratic opponents, Jon Ossoff and Rev. Raphael Warnock are running close races that will hinge on voter turnout.

Consequently, Fox News is pulling out all the stops to malign the Democrats. However, they are obviously running low on material with which to attack them. And they even seem, at times, to be resigned to losing. On Tuesday’s episode of Tucker Carlson’s White Nationalist Hour he revealed what he thought was an explosive story that would doom Rev. Warnock to defeat. But try as he might, the story was a flaming dud. It’s weakness as both journalism and propaganda is evident in this exchange with Fox “News” correspondent Rick Leventhal:

Carlson: The race is two weeks from now on January 5th, so it’s a little late in the game to be getting this footage we’re about to show you, exclusively. This is footage of Raphael Warnock’s wife.
Leventhal: This is never before seen video, a Tucker Carlson Tonight exclusive. Georgia Democratic Senate candidate Raphael Warnock, accused by his now ex-wife Ouleye of running over her foot.

So Leventhal is reporting that Ouleye Warnock made her allegations during “a heated argument” last March. Which Carlson admits is too long ago to be bringing it up, but which he does anyway. More to the point, the video shows Rev. Warnock describing an incident wherein nothing actually happens. He asserts that she was faking her her alleged injury, and Leventhal’s follow up corroborates that with the facts that Rev. Warnock wasn’t charged, and that the hospital first responders who examined her found no evidence of any injury.

Nevertheless, Fox News continued the report with Ouleye’s obviously biased and disparaging comments about her estranged husband’s character. To which Carlson replies, “That video is unbelievable. That woman is believable.” It’s hard to imagine what Carlson finds so “unbelievable” about that video, other than that it is unbelievably insignificant. Although it’s interesting that Carlson is suddenly taking the allegations of an allegedly abused woman seriously. Too bad that it’s regarding an incident where the facts show that no abuse occurred.

Clearly Carlson and Fox News are only interested in the harm this video can do to Rev. Warnock and his campaign. There is no substance to the allegations or news value in the report. It’s simply a wild swing at a political foe, taken in the hopes of some negative residue sticking. And the video has been making the rounds of right-wing media, including Fox’s sister publication, the New York Post, as well as Glenn Beck’s The Blaze, One American News Network (OANN), and the Daily Caller, which Carlson founded.

If they had any relevant dirt with which to smear Rev. Warnock or Jon Ossoff, they surely would be using it. So this is, in effect, an admission that they have no honest criticisms at all. They’re just throwing mud at the wall, and what’s really sad, is that they aren’t even hitting the wall.

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  1. Keeping in mind two things:

    1) If Melanoma had gone public with any poor treatment of her by Tyrant — and considering his personality, there MUST be some — every Tyrant Worshiper would be making excuses to protect Their Beloved God and proclaim it never happened;

    2) While any minor comment by Michelle Obama that can be perceived to be against Barack would be front page news on the FuxPod sites as further support that Barack Obama is a monster who hates human beings.

    Meanwhile, Their Beloved God — who DOES hate human beings; those who will never worship him — forever keeps his bye…..

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