Donald Trump Jr: ‘The Bull$h!t Never Ends’ – Even When He’s Right, He’s Wrong

It’s only halfway through Christmas week and Donald Trump has already vetoed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), threatened to do the same to the Consolidated Appropriations Act (which contains COVID relief, as well as all twelve federal spending bills), and then jetted off to Mar-a-Lago on the taxpayer’s dime (actually 34 million dimes).

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Donald Trump Jr

In the midst of the surging coronavirus pandemic, that is worse now that at any time since it first appeared, Trump has devoted his time to an increasingly ludicrous and futile campaign to “prove” that he actually won the 2020 presidential election by a landslide. The only thing he’s missing is the proof. But that hasn’t stopped him from whining petulantly and repeatedly posting false claims of election fraud. His conspiracy theories have even gotten Fox News and other Trump-fluffing “news” outlets into legal trouble.

As Trump struggles impotently to advance his egomaniacal march to an imaginary victory, his imbecile spawn can’t help chiming in with what he thinks is helpful and brilliant blathering. On Christmas Eve morning, Don Jr tweeted…

You’ve gotta hand it to him. When little Donnie is right, he’s still so painfully wrong. Trumpette is retweeting Lance Gooden, a Republican member of Congress from Texas. Gooden’s tweet begins with a flagrant misstatement of fact. The foreign aid for “democracy in Venezuela” is only $33 million, not billion. But his more significant mistake is his suggestion that there should be funds in the Omnibus bill “to investigate the massive claims of voter fraud” for which there is zero evidence. The Trump forces have lost nearly sixty lawsuits because of their inability support their wild allegations with facts.

Boy Don, however, was impressed with Gooden’s moronic babbling. But the comment he attached to it is inadvertently appropriate. Any progressive Democrat could have said the very same thing. The bull$h!t (from the GOP and the Trump family) does seem to go on endlessly. That’s partly because the Trump Brigades are so shamelessly lying about the bill.

To begin with, in Trump’s self-serving announcement of opposition to the bill he says it’s because the COVID relief is too stingy at $600.00. He proposed $2,000.00. Which is what many Democrats proposed months ago, but were met with nothing but obstruction by Republicans in Congress. Throughout that debate Trump was conspicuously silent. Now he wants to take credit for the Democratic position.

What’s more, Trump’s complaints about the foreign aid in the bill are disingenuous at best, considering that the aid is nearly identical to what he asked for in his own budget. The Republicans in Congress know this, but are too cowardly – and too far up Trump’s asinine excuse making – to admit it. They are scared of the Trump Cult of Personality as demonstrated in a recent poll finding that “In the case of a disagreement between Trump and Republicans in Congress, 52% of Republican and Republican-leaning independent voters say they’d be more likely to support Trump.” That’s actually down from 61% in an August poll, but still a majority.

President CHAOS is inspiring this sort of blind and dangerous adulation. He’s got people like Newt Gingrich declaring that he won’t accept President-elect Joe Biden as president. And in a radical departure from reality, he rewrote Trump’s disastrous coronavirus history saying that Trump “did literally everything top scientists instructed.” Really? Does anyone remember when top scientists instructed people to forgo face masks, inject bleach, gather closely in large crowds, expect the virous to disappear by Easter, or advocate herd immunity?

Furthermore, when Roy Blunt, the chairman of the Congressional Republican Policy Committee, was asked about the next moves for Congress and Trump on COVID relief, he replied “I have no idea what he plans to do. We were assured that the President would sign the bill.” This was right after House Democrats tried to pass an amendment to raise the relief amount to $2,000.00 by unanimous consent, but were stopped by Republicans. Nancy Pelosi then sent a message to Trump saying that “If the President is serious about the $2,000 direct payments, he must call on House Republicans to end their obstruction.”

So who can argue with Spawn Don when he says that “The bull$h!t never ends”? Everything that he and his rapidly deteriorating, mental basket case father do and say affirms that analysis. It’s just too bad that he doesn’t understand what he’s saying himself.

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One thought on “Donald Trump Jr: ‘The Bull$h!t Never Ends’ – Even When He’s Right, He’s Wrong

  1. “…investigate the massive claims of voter fraud” for which there is zero evidence.”

    There are NO “massive claims”, just 1 “massive mouth” of a LOSER, that never stops repeating that dam* LIE, & his GOP minions who repeat whatever HE SAYS! Nothing to investigate! And they know it. 60 Federal Court Judges have given the loser’s attys chances to offer ANY PROOF of their bogus claims & they’ve failed to present ANYTHING worthwhile, forcing the courts to tell ’em thst over & over…60x!!! IF there was even a tiny bit of grounds for their claims, courts would have allowed case to be heard.
    It’s a dog & pony show for those who are dumb enuff to want to keep believing the LIE being told by the 1 who LOST the election & just can’t “take it like a grown man”. Pretty pathetic behavior & proof that he can’t be a good leader of anything beyond his brainwashed cult & GOP ass-lickers.
    He HAS turned the entire GOP into a bunch of lying losers , right along with him. Pathetic end for what was once called “The Grand Old Party” ~ that was long time ago & no part of that Party exists in this ugly remnant of it! They should be ashamed ~ if they had any decency left in them, but they don’t. Not a shred.
    Many thousands of fellow Americans are dying from the virus he refused to deal with in 1st place, now pretends doesn’t exist. His (not) handling the raging pandemic, caring only about his own re-election, has created this economic crisis on streets of America & the millions of people/families struggling to survive somehow. Does Donnie give a damn about that? NO! Does he tell his GOP lackeys in Congress to DO something to HELP these MILLIONS of Americans who are losing everything they worked so hard for?? NO! The entire American economy (outside stock markets) is CRASHING DOWN in horribly spectacular fashion… It is Christmas time, for God’s Sake! ~ yet there’s not an ounce of compassion for the MILLIONS of Americans hurting, nor those whose loved ones are dying ?!! President & his GOP leaders in Congress DO NOT GIVE A DAMN ABOUT ANY OF US!! Think about that for a minute. THEY ARE the obstacles to any relief for the people badly hurting cuz’ of decisions made by Trump & GOP! With a word, swipe of a pen, THEY COULD SAVE CHRISTMAS!
    THEY COULD SAVE THESE FAMILIES FROM BEING HUNGRY, COLD, HOMELESS ON THE MEAN STREETS! But, they refuse to do even that simple thing. For what reason, pray tell?!? Stubborn shits who have lost sight of what really matters, that’s why! Too selfish to care about anyone else.
    Anyl of you GOP who call yourself Christians better think again!! I’m a God-loving Christian & could NEVER be as you are doing — my conscience & my God would not allow for that! I’d never be able to live with myself; my soul would be crying & I’d have NO PEACE in my heart, if I were to do as you are doing. You all have lost your way & you don’t Glorify God ~ you Shame Him with your attitude & behavior!!!
    May God Forgive you, IF you are ever sorry for what you’ve done here — what you’ve done to “the least of these”, to His Children….& at Christmas, no less!! Hang your heads in shame, as you shame Him by your callous behavior. It goes against EVERYTHING that Jesus Taught & All that He Is!
    How’s THAT feel as you claim to be celebrating the Birth of Christ, Our Loving Lord & Savior?! What would Jesus do if He were here??!
    HINT: Sure would NOT do what you are doing to His People! I pray that you will feel the pain of Our Lord, as He Watches you do these things in His Name!
    Where’s your president Trump right now?? “Making us great again”?!?
    Trump instead, pardons 50 thugs & criminals, like he’s handing out party favors…& he’s off to his resort for a week’s vacation. “See ya’!” “Merry Christmas!”
    It doesn’t get any more cruel than that! That man is downright evil in his blackened, itty-bitty little heart. Does he need to go there right now & golf? He will soon have all the time he wants to be there golfing; so why NOW? Hmm-mmm….
    Transition is complete? No. Oh wait! I know! A week down at his resort, with family too maybe? That’s yet another big payday for him, since all the security, personal staff, AF-1, & etc, for Trump & his group, will also be staying & eating/drinking there too – paying top dollar rates – with taxpayers’ footing the bill for all of it….& that $$$ goes in TRUMP’S POCKET!
    ~ I’m told that a glass of water costs us $6 at your Mar-a-Lago! Must be some mighty fancy water, huh? Getting in some last-minute grifting, off the very taxpayers that are currently hungry & suffering, cuz’ you & your GOP toadies won’t help them …. Pocketing bunch more tax dollars while you still can, eh?! Figures.

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