Trump Shill on Fox News Concedes that Republicans Will Lose Georgia and the Senate

It’s been seven weeks since Donald Trump was humiliated by becoming the first reality TV game show host to lose reelection as president to a “sleepy” opponent who commanded an army of thousands running a “rigged” election. And Trump continues to whine daily that he was “robbed,” while posting laughably phony “evidence” of fraud that he declined to present in any of the nearly sixty lawsuits he’s lost.

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On Monday morning Fox News Senior Trump-Fluffer, Maria Bartiromo, invited Trump’s alleged trade advisor, Peter Navarro, on her show to discuss allegedly corrupt election systems, a subject that Navarro has zero expertise in (video below). The resulting conversation was predictably preposterous as Navarro dodged and weaved to make points that were either incoherent or contrary to his own narrative. For example…

Bartiromo: Do you believe that this was organized in big cities by somebody in Washington?
Navarro: So there’s a couple of things to unpack here. First of all, one of the findings in our report is that there’s no silver bullet. There’s no single thing that did it. Death by a thousand cuts. Death by these six dimensions of election irregularities.

And finally getting to the answer to Bartiromo’s leading question…

Navarro: Yes. It was coordinated in the Democratic Party with respect to things like relaxing rules in Georgia with that consent decree, or going into Pennsylvania and having them change guides, or going into Wisconsin and having them change the definition of involuntarily confined voters. Brass knuckle stuff. And this all should have been fought out in the legal process cause it’s clearly breaking the law.

But despite not identifying any law that was broken, or supplying any evidence of illegality…

Navarro: So yes, it was coordinated just like a page out of Lee Atwater’s book. It’s like “get it done, stuff the ballot box, by any means necessary.” And we need that investigated because we can’t go forward and have for … I strongly believe that that election in Georgia needs to be postponed till February, till we sort that out. Georgia, of the six states I looked at, is a cesspool, a cesspool of these election irregularities. And if the people in Georgia and this country can’t have confidence in their elections, and we wind wind up with these irregularities putting in two Democrat (sp) senators … Elections have consequences. We all know what’s gonna happen after that.

No, we don’t all “know what’s gonna happen.” What exactly is Navarro implying? For the record, Atwater was a Republican dirty trickster who repented for his vicious brand of politics on his deathbed. More to the point, Navarro is virtually conceding that Republicans Kelly Loeffler and David Purdue are bound for defeat by their Democratic challengers, Rev. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff. Navarro certainly wouldn’t want to postpone an election if he thought his side was winning. What’s more, Navarro’s characterization of Georgia – a state with a GOP governor and Secretary of State managing the election – as a “cesspool” is only going to dissuade more Republicans from voting at all in the January 5th Senate runoff.

Navarro went on to advocate for a “a special counsel that we put in place before inauguradation (sp) day to get to the bottom of this.” He also said that he wanted “to seize a lot of these voting machines.” Even Fox News is walking back their preposterous allegations of election fraud, although they are doing so under threat of a lawsuit by the companies they’ve been slandering for the past few weeks.

And never mind that the election in Georgia has already been certified by the Republicans in charge and can’t be changed. Navarro is totally on board with Trump’s delusional notion that he can orchestrate a coup and retain power indefinitely. It’s becoming downright pathetic as Trump and his minions cling to ever more ludicrous threads of conspiracy theories and the ravings of crackpot Internet trolls. You really have to wonder if there is any bottom that these losers will sink to.

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