Fox News Trump-Fluffer Geraldo: Trump ‘Has Behaved Like an Entitled Frat Boy’

It’s official! Donald Trump and his Republican confederates don’t give a damn about the American people. That was obvious long ago, but now we can declare it officially. Today unemployment benefits ran out for about fourteen million people. In a few days the moratorium on evictions will expire. The government could get shut down around the same time. And the coronavirus relief funding contained in an omnibus appropriations bill that a bipartisan Congress voted for are still sitting on Trump’s desk at Mar-a-Lago without his signature as families are suffering.

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Donald Trump, Subway

Meanwhile, Trump is golfing at his Palm Beach resort and Mike Pence is skiing in Vail, Colorado. Trump managed to squeeze out a couple tweets on Saturday impotently demanding that the “politicians” in Washington increase the relief funds from $600.00 to 2,000.00. For the record, it’s the Republicans who are blocking that. Democrats long ago advocated for more money. But Trump refuses to put any pressure on his GOP comrades, or even say aloud that they are the obstacles.

Aside from his scant mentions of the coronavirus and its devastating impact on the nation, Trump has been furiously tweeting about his delusional belief that he won the presidential election. Never mind that he has lost more than sixty lawsuits on the matter for lack of evidence. He continues to pursue this figment of his diseased imagination in ever more ominous tones that suggest a call for violence.

That position is still supported by most of his bootlicking sycophants in Congress and on Fox News. However, one of the sheep seems to have briefly strayed from the flock. On Sunday morning Geraldo Rivera tweeted that…

No one should praise Geraldo for this faint-hearted blather. To begin with, he is proudly restating his four year idolatry of America’s first reality TV game show host president. That’s an achievement that proves (and forever tarnishes) the old adage that, in America, “anyone” can become president. Geraldo goes on to malign Democrats and other progressives, who comprise the majority of the populace, as “creeps.” And he dismisses the fully documented Russian interference in the 2016 election about which Trump was aware and approving. He was impeached for trying to cover it up and obstructing justice.

However, the most preposterous assertion in Geraldo’s twantrum was his admission that, since the election, Trump “has behaved like an entitled frat boy.” The description of Trump’s all-consuming narcissism itself isn’t the problem. That’s a diagnosis that many psychiatric professionals made before the 2020 election, and even before the one in 2016. Although they do concur that he’s getting worse.

The bigger problem is Geraldo’s assertion that this behavioral trait only recently surfaced following Trump’s humiliating loss to Joe Biden, a candidate he maligned as a “sleepy” socialist who is mentally unfit to serve. The American people felt differently, with most saying that Trump is the mental deficient.

Geraldo must have been in a coma for the past four years. Trump’s behavior for the entirety of his single term in office could not have been more childish. With every failure he presided over, he whined petulantly, blamed others for his incompetence, and bragged about imaginary achievements. His campaign promises were routinely broken. Regarding his former opponent Hillary Clinton, he didn’t “lock her up!” To the contrary, he released (pardoned) a flock of felons, war criminals, and accomplices. The wall he didn’t build wasn’t paid for by Mexico. He didn’t repeal or replace Obamacare. He didn’t even offer the healthcare plan that he promised in two weeks for years. He didn’t bring manufacturing back to the U.S. He didn’t grow the economy. He didn’t create jobs. He didn’t, to put it succinctly, do sh!t!

The only “successes” Trump could plausibly lay claim to were the tax scam that benefitted the rich, and the ultra-rightist and unqualified judicial appointments. However, not only is it a stretch to call those successes, but they were wholly engineered by GOP Senate Leader Mitch McConnell with no input whatsoever from Trump. And that’s precisely the path that he’s on today with the failed coronavirus relief legislation. He played no role in it’s drafting, nor its passage.

It’s just another failure to add to his list. But this is an especially repulsive one due to the tragic suffering and loss of life. Not that he cares. Nor does Geraldo. And Geraldo’s glassy-eyed devotion to Trump poisons anything he might say regarding him. He failed to see Trump’s infantile behavior as a problem four years ago, so it hardly matters that he’s seeing it now.

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3 thoughts on “Fox News Trump-Fluffer Geraldo: Trump ‘Has Behaved Like an Entitled Frat Boy’

  1. HAS behaved, Jerry? Try, ALWAYS behaves! That is all he has EVER done! It’s his fallback position when he’s not being a tyrannical pathological liar!

    Actually … he’s always been a tyrannical pathological liar … and, I’m not really winning the argument here, am I?

  2. Geraldo has that one salient quality necessary to any level of fondness for Trump & his behavior as president: blatant, all-encompassing stupidity. Everything else follows from that lack of intelligence.

  3. Geraldo Rivera?
    The same guy who made a HUGE deal out of a must-see, Primetime TV special centered on his opening of a famous tomb… revealing the mysteries & treasures hidden inside. As everyone held their colkective breath, you could cut the tension with a knife. Finally! The huge moment of the reveal….& there was …nothing there!
    1 of TV’s epic failures, biggest of its time — a 1-man show. An empty tomb, revealed, to much fanfare & brought to you by Geraldo Rivera.
    Maybe he can do another big special ~ to reveal the contents of Trump’s brain…another empty, damp & dark tomb.

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