HOLY CRAP! Trump Floats a ‘Fight to the Death’ Over His Delusional Election Claims

Christmas week has seen the coronavirus pandemic reach new highs that exceed anything seen since the virus first appeared. So naturally, Donald Trump is at his Palm Beach golf resort watching Fox News (which he alternately hates and loves) and tweeting furiously and incoherently.

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Donald Trump

On Saturday morning Trump managed to achieve a unique milestone. In three tweets he succeeded in disparaging all three branches of government, much of which he is personally responsible for.

TWEET #1: The Judicial Branch

Trump is attacking the Supreme Court on which three of his appointees sit, along with three other conservative justices. But because they they had the audacity to rule according to the law, rather than his whims, they are deemed “totally incompetent and weak.” And if Trump has “absolute proof” of election fraud, why hasn’t he presented it in any of the nearly sixty cases he has already lost?

TWEET #2: The Executive Branch

Here Trump is attacking his own cabinet and administration officials. It’s false to say that none of them have done anything. They actually did investigate Trump’s bizarre election fraud claims – the few he bothered to submit – and found them all meritless. But Trump is right that “history will remember.’ Just not what he thinks will be remembered.

TWEET #3: The Legislative Branch

First of all, a Democratic candidate did have an election that was stolen. Hillary Clinton’s election was documented to have been marred by interference from Russia with the knowledge and complicity of the Trump campaign. We could also throw in Al Gore’s election where the Supreme Court halted recounts that would prove errors that resulted in Florida handing the race to George Bush.

More to the point, Trump is attacking his fellow Republicans in the Senate for not bending to his demands to unconstitutionally overturn the election results and the will of the people. But even more troubling is that Trump is raising the specter of violence with his apparent approval of a “fight to the death” in order to secure his bid to become president-for-life.

This isn’t the first time that Trump has tested a violent solution to his electoral humiliation. Earlier this month Trump spoke about a move to escalate dramatically the opposition to Joe Biden’s victory and inauguration. It’s a theme he’s adopting more frequently as his time is running out.

For good measure, Trump also tweeted a ludicrous batch of nonsense about how states are managing the coronavirus pandemic. Since his negligence and incompetence have resulted in making everything worse, he’s attacking the states with lies to shift the blame to others:

Does Trump really think that lockdowns will result in “Far more than the damage that would be caused by the [Trump] Virus”? That would mean the lockdowns would have killed more than the 330,000 Americans who have already died due to COVID-19. And his assertion that cases in California have risen since the lockdown is a flagrant lie. The new restrictions were imposed because of the rise in cases, hospitalizations and deaths. Furthermore, Florida is doing much worse than California per capita. California just recorded about 61 deaths per hundred thousand residents. In Florida the number is 98 deaths per hundred thousand.

So as usual, Trump is wrong about literally everything. And his tendency toward hostility and violence is the sort of thing that inspires the domestic terrorists that idolize Trump (i.e. the KKK, Proud Boys, etc.). He is inflaming these extremists deliberately in a futile, though dangerous, quest for power. And his purposefully reckless and irresponsible behavior is something that history will remember as well.

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4 thoughts on “HOLY CRAP! Trump Floats a ‘Fight to the Death’ Over His Delusional Election Claims

  1. The wanna be President-for-Life lied to get into office lying to fit the narrative of the time. The wanna be President-for-Life is still lying, unfortunately believing his own lies, trying to stay in the office he lost.

  2. Everyone knows it is the F*^&#@ing Trumpf (R) Virus. He was told how bad it was, and would get if he chose to ignore Science. He proclaimed he was smarter than anyone, and it looks like 70 million still believe him. Trumpf Virus, Trumpf Virus, Trumpf Virus since he has led our Nation to highest Death toll in the World. He said it was not a big deal, after hundreds of thousands of Tax dollars were given to him for his treatment. He had multiple Specialists working for him, our Helicopter to fly him a few miles, and then told our dying to ignore their pains and death. Class act all the way!! Now he is starving more Americans, in a Twitter diarrhea spewing Dictate. Trumpf (R) owns the Virus and is the only person responsible for the 330,00 dead Americans, so far. He is killing more every day……………

  3. Said before: the ReichLiars got two men “elected” president in the 21st century, and BOTH required illegal means to achieve it. In 2001, they manipulated the ballot box and STILL required the aid of the Supreme Court. In 2016, they couldn’t even do THAT, so they had to obtain the aid from an enemy power and a criminal database.

    Today, they can’t even succeed in stealing their own election!

  4. “Cases in California have risen despite the lockdown,”
    This is true. You see, there are morons here in California just as there are morons in other states. Morons who refuse to wear a mask. Morons who refuse to social distance (LET’S PARTY!) Morons who defy the rules and refuse to close their business, or church. So, of course the cases will rise. They’re taking advice from Trump.

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