Defining Trump’s Insanity: Repeatedly Whining About Election Fraud And Expecting a Delusional Result

There is a pithy definition of insanity that is sometimes attributed to Albert Einstein that describes it as doing the same thing over and over, but expecting a different result. That state of mind-numbing pigheadedness is readily evident in much of what Donald Trump does and says. And nowhere is it more apparent than in his relentless and unfounded allegations of election fraud.

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Donald Trump, Insane, Straight Jacket

Trump has been battling for weeks to overturn the will of the American people with dozens of lawsuits that have almost universally ended in defeat for Trump and his futile assertions of fraud. Contrary to his claims of having “massive evidence” of voting irregularities, there has been none made available by credible sources, and he has failed to present any of it in an actual courtroom. Nevertheless, Trump persists in his plaintive whining and petulant tweeting. For example, Trump posted this tiresome rant again on Saturday morning.

Trump is once again throwing a tantrum over the very same things that he has been complaining about since election day, and even prior to that. He refuses to recognize that the election results in Georgia (as well as every other swing state) were certified, often by Republican-controlled governors, legislators, and election officials. In Georgia the ballots verified and were recounted three separate times with no change in the outcome. But that still wasn’t good enough for the tunnel-blind, paranoid, loser in the White House. So let’s help Trump out a bit with the inquiries in his latest frantic tweet:

“Why haven’t they done signature verification in Fulton County, Georgia?”
They have done signature verifications, and they all affirmed the original resutls.

“Why haven’t they deducted all of the dead people who ‘voted’?
Because there weren’t any dead people who voted.

“…illegals who voted?”
Because there weren’t any “illegals” who voted.

“…non Georgia residents who voted?”
Because there weren’t any non Georgia residents who voted.

“…and tens of thousands of others who voted illegally?”
Because there weren’t tens of thousands of others who voted illegally.

Do you think this will be simple enough for Trump to understand? Perhaps he will finally produce his evidence of these irregularities if he really wants to convince anyone. And not just through his laughable TV lawyers and bootlicking Fox News shills who aren’t obligated to tell the truth. But in a courtroom where they could be sanctioned for lying.

Trump went on to insist – again- that he had “a big and conclusive win.” He speculated without evidence, of course, that ballots were “illegally destroyed.” And he recycled for the umpteenth time his complaint that “we don’t yet even have a judge to hear this large scale voter fraud case.” That’s after some sixty such cases that he he’s already lost.

Finally, Trump implied some impropriety or conflict of interest on the part of Stacey Abram’s sister, Judge Leslie Abrams Gardner. However, the case over which Judge Gardner presided had nothing to do with any matter involving her sister or the Fair Fight organization she founded. What’s more, the case wasn’t even related in any way to the November 3, 2020, presidential election. It involved an illegal purge of voters prior to the upcoming senate runoff in Georgia. Notably, Trump didn’t bother to complain about another similar case around the same time that was presided over by judge appointed by George W, Bush, which he also lost.

All told, Trump has tweeted at least twenty-one times since November 3rd that he won “BIG” and that he will soon be able to prove it. On Friday he explicitly declared the both the national and Georgia state elections “illegal and invalid.” But no matter how many times he says it, his delusions still have never come to fruition. You have to wonder about the mental acuity of someone who is so divorced from reality that he can continue to pursue a cause that has never been so lost. And the same goes for his glassy-eyed disciples in the right-wing media and his cult fan base.

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  1. This sick little maggot of a Politician is going for the 25th Amendment with his planned obstruction. He has been the Biggest threat to the US since he’s been in. He still hopes for Trumpf (R) property in Moscow to Bankrupt like the 6 times. He should be Arrested immediately after our Inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden. Until then just pray gags on a burger!

  2. Trump’s an asshole, pure & simple (emphasis on the simple), so what does that make all those GOPers in Congress who are planning to support his delusions & bullshit on the 6th? They all know it’s bullshit but they’re going ahead anyway, in broad daylight, to show all those MAGAts that they, elected members of Congress who pledged allegiance to the Constitution, are assholes too. I guess that’s how Repugnicans get elected these days. That, plus voter suppression.

  3. The other elected Idiots who are going to go along with ‘the challenge’ now telling their own children, if Republican you can demand a “Do-Over”, by whining for 4 years. The trash from Texas, Raphaeel Cruz (R) does not have an American Birth Certificate. His Daddy is a Communist out of Cuba. Putin is so proud of his Stooges he has besides Trumpf (R).

  4. I don’t understand why in the hell Twitter’s disclaimer(s) say disputed when they should just simply say false! Wtf Twitter!

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