Trump’s Lame Address to His Terrorist Coup Plotters: “Go Home, We love you.”

The terrorism that is being carried out in Washington, D.C., is a clear and predictable consequence of the insurrectionist rhetoric of Donald Trump, Fox News, and their confederates on the far-right, treasonous, lunatic fringe. And as it proceeded, Trump remained silent for an intolerable stretch of time while the U.S. Capitol was under assault by Trump incited traitors.

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Donald Trump

Eventually Trump managed to slap together a prerecorded, one minute long statement politely asking his cult disciples to disperse. He began by affirming the very reason they were acting out, saying that “We had an election that was stolen from us. It was a landslide election and everyone knows it was stolen.” His message was both lame and pitifully weak. “Go Home, We love you,” Trump gushed. Adding “Go home and go home in peace.”

Note that Trump’s tweet was tagged as being “a risk of violence.” Twitter was considerably late for that. UPDATED NOTE: Twitter later deleted Trump’s tweet containing his repulsive video response to the insurrectionists he inspired (available here for you masochists). Twitter also deleted a tweet that effectively excused the insurrectionists saying…

“These are the things and events that happen when a sacred landslide election victory is so unceremoniously & viciously stripped away from great patriots who have been badly & unfairly treated for so long. Go home with love & in peace. Remember this day forever!”

This would be a good time to remind people of how Trump responded to what he called thugs and anarchists who protesting the institutional racism that has resulted in so many tragic injuries and fatalities of innocent, unarmed black citizens. When those overwhelmingly peaceful protests were occurring, Trump lashed out at the diverse crowds and labeled them all as “Antifa” agitators, an organization that doesn’t actually exist. He tweeted insults and threats such as these…

So Black Lives Matter protesters are “sick and deranged,” but the members of Trump’s bowel “movement” are “wonderful, sweet and innocent people.” BLM protesters “will be prosecuted,” while the Trump Brigades can just go home, leaving behind a trail of destruction and assault on citizens, members of Congress, and law enforcement officers.

It’s typical of Trump to include the media in his tirades. However, the role of the right-wing media is one of willing complicity. Fox News presently has an article on their website that is brimming with Trump’s inciteful language. For instance, he called the election of Joe Biden “a catastrophe,” and labeled Biden “illegitimate.” They quoted Trump at his grossly misnamed “Save America” rally saying that…

“We do not want to see our election victory stolen by radical left Democrats, that’s what they’re doing, and stolen by the fake news media, that’s what they’ve done and what they’re doing. We will never give up and never concede.”


“We don’t have free and fair elections, and you know what else, we don’t have a free and fair press. It suppresses thought, it suppresses speech and it’s become the enemy of the people. It is the biggest problem we have in this country.”

This is precisely the sort of inflammatory dialog that produced the insurrectionists in Washington. And the article was actually a criticism of other media (CNN and MSNBC) for not disseminating Trump’s vile words. Apparently Fox News would prefer that this sort of bombastic blather get even more exposure and reach more nut cases to storm the Capitol.

At this point there is no justification for Trump remaining in office for another minute. He is a threat to the security and tranquility of the nation. And the same thing can be said of Fox News. They have both taken advantage of our nation’s freedoms in way that furthers their treasonous aspirations. And it’s long past time that they be held to account.

For contrast, here is President-Elect Biden’s address to the nation:

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20 thoughts on “Trump’s Lame Address to His Terrorist Coup Plotters: “Go Home, We love you.”

  1. Well, everything’s normal in TrumpetArse’s fairyland alternate reality. One law for his rent-a-crowd thugs and a different one for everyone else. Which all contributes to his gushing bollocking nonsense – ‘Go home, go in peace, we love you, you’re special…’ His hearty Proud Boy-type barrackers say, “Oh, wow, we’re special, Trump wuvs us, we’re a doing bigly good thing and not only that, we can do just as we like and not get arrested.’ This is an old Hitler trick. Make each and every one of the sheep feel special. Once TrumpetArse stops blowing his trumpet and is removed from the world stage, these cult sheep may start to realise that no, Trump DIDN’T wuv them, he only wanted them to dig ever deeper into their pockets and pay for the upcoming trials he’s facing as a private citizen. Roll on January 20!

  2. I find it disgusting that Twitter will do NOTHING except slap Tyrant’s pasty ass and take no further action. The video he posted is STILL on Twitter — the one that Twitter first generated this nonsense flag — and is already causing a “risk of violence.” And he follows it up with an even more incendiary tweet. And Twitter does NOTHING except make it so we cannot respond OR retweet without triggering an alert — AGAINST US!

    Again, if any of US tweeted a video just like that, saying EVERYTHING Tyrant did, how soon do you think WE would be suspended for life? Twitter can’t use the “Tyrant’s a World Leader” excuse any more.

    The ReichLiars think that Twitter has betrayed Their Beloved God and so many have moved to Parler. But, of course, the real betrayal is against US — because Twitter ALLOWS Tyrant to continue inciting violence, continue spewing his lies, continue instigating terrorist acts, and keeping his monstrous tweets and videos active.

    Dear Twitter: WHAT. WILL. IT. TAKE?!!!

    • Don’t worry, his bloody rubbish has been taken down. Too late, unfortunately. It needed to be stopped a week ago when he started this ‘Big Things in Washington on January 6!’ and ‘We’ll take the White House back by force!’ and all the rest of the rot. As far how long any of us plebs would last, we wouldn’t. I made a simile about lemmings rushing over a cliff for political suicide and that got taken down as ‘inciting suicide and self harm’. But he incited a mob riot for a bloody week and all they did was pipe feebly, ‘This claim about election fraud is disputed!’ and other such feeble twatting. If they want to go to Parler, let ’em. I will say there were a few former Trumpettes today admitting they’d voted for him and what a bloody clanger they now thought it was as well as being disgusted (finally!) with his incitement to committing violence.

  3. It’s no coincidence that cult leaders are narcissistic & con artists. So is Trump.
    There is a method to their madness, same as Trump. Cult leaders have 3 main things they all say/use to hook & reel in their cult followers & it works all too well…
    “We/I love you.”
    “You are so special.” ~ & ~
    “We understand each other, like no one else.”
    A 4th would be:
    “They’re all against us & it’s so unfair what they do to us.”

    Trump knows what he’s doing & how to incite his cult followers to riot. He is no different than Charles Manson, or Jim Jones. And they get high on the power of making people die.
    Power & control over others. Their addiction rages on.

    • Oh, yeah. I’d also add, ‘They’ll try and turn you against me, but you’re smarter than that.’ People who have no self confidence just love being a part of something that seems to be special. Every time. I saw a brilliant doco a few years ago – elderly men who’d been members of the Hitler Youth were interviewed and with one exception (a Nazi extremist – still – after all those years) – they all said the same thing. ‘Hitler made us feel special. He made us feel, when he talked, as if each one of us was so necessary to his glorious plan. We were kids, teenagers, and we felt brilliant! But the next morning, reading his speech that had so moved us the night before, all of us feeling a part of the glorious whole, the great plan, with all the flags and banners and cheering – Hitler had said nothing. It was a lot of meaningless words that simply sounded good.’
      And who else do we know has to have all the flags, bells, whistles and noise?

      The interesting thing is, his zombie-cult will prat on that he accepts no salary, and he’s a billionaire – but ask them why he’s asking them for money and they shut up real fast. Prove to them that he’s been rorting the taxpayers for four years, profiting from the office of the Presidency, and they block you. Ask them if they’d be in trouble for not paying tax – like Fearless Frump – and they argue feebly, ‘That’s different.’ No it isn’t. Give them logic and they immediately go in for real nasty abuse or vanish. When he’s off the world stage they may come out of their daze. We can only hope.

      • “Sacred landslide”? “Stolen”?
        “Great American patriots…”?
        What color is the sky in your world Donnie boy?? (Orange?)

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