HUH? Trump Backers Oppose Impeachment Because It Would Upset Trump Backers

The calls for Donald Trump to be removed from office are coming faster and more furiously with each passing hour. A solid majority (57%) of the American people want Trump booted out of office immediately. There are even Republicans who have stated publicly that they support Trump’s impeachment or removal by the 25th Amendment of the Constitution. Clearly the nation has had enough. They don’t believe he is mentally fit to captain the ship of state, and they want him thrown overboard.

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Donald Trump Walking the Plank

Trump, meanwhile, has bunkered in the White House watching Fox News and tweeting incoherently. He is likely seeking out support from any quarter that can still stomach his madness and destructive behavior.

Sadly, there are some factions of anti-democratic cult disciples who continue to worship Dear Leader no matter how heinous his betrayal of America. Some of them are member of Congress who haven’t the courage to defy him. Take House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy, who told reporters that “Impeaching the President with just 12 days left in his term will only divide our country more.”

That is typical of the arguments being made now on Trump’s behalf. It is hardly logical, but it’s all they have left. They are saying that pursuing impeachment or the 25th Amendment would only create more division and inflame Trump and his cult. They say that Trump should get a free pass in order to facilitate healing and unity. The problem is that that suggests that unity is only possible by giving in to Trump in order to appease his supporters who are a distinct minority.

Why can’t we achieve unity instead by prosecuting Trump in order to appease the majority of the American people? It makes no sense whatsoever to accept the argument that the Trump side must be pacified or their feelings will be hurt and they’ll become even more violent. Succumbing to that bullstuff is, in effect, succumbing to the threat of violence. It would be like declining to prosecute Charles Manson because it would have upset Manson’s family. And after all, don’t we all want unity?

There is really only one path to heal the nation in the post-Trump era. We must hold the wrongdoers – especially Trump – accountable. There must be consequences for unlawful acts and deliberately seditious incitements to violence. That’s the only way the perpetrators can be constrained. And it’s the only way to deter future criminal demagogues and aspiring tyrants. It is, in fact, the best course for healing and unity because it brings everyone together in support if the democratic principles that America is supposed to stand for. Hopefully President-Elect Joe Biden will see it this way. There is some indication that he does. In a press briefing on Friday he said that…

“I was told on the way up here that [Trump] indicated that he is not going to show up at the inauguration. One of the few things he and I have ever agreed on. It’s a good thing him not showing up. […] Because he exceeded even my worst notions about him. He’s been an embarrassment to the country, embarrassed us around the world. He’s not worthy, not worthy to hold that office.”

Biden added that removing Trump from office is not his role. It is the business of Congress. So Congress, bring on the impeachment of Trump. And bring on the invocation of the 25th Amendment. Make Trump pay a price for his crimes. And make his accomplices regret having been so cowardly and servile and/or self-serving. Once Trump has been indicted, tried, and convicted, the nation can be proud of having lived up to its promise of justice for all, and the creed that no one is above the law.

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19 thoughts on “HUH? Trump Backers Oppose Impeachment Because It Would Upset Trump Backers

  1. Prosecuting Trump would be a grand way to begin healing the Untied States. Unfortunately, a cursory glance at Twitter shows a distressing number of his zombie-cult still believing whole-heartedly in him (despite tonnage of evidence to the contrary – over decades…) and even a few urging that ‘citizens need to rise up’ – not to mention Parler and some of the revolting racist shite that dismayed anti-Trumpers are relaying to Twitter. To sum up, there are those who believe TrumpetArse won’t attend the inauguration because he’s aware of a terrorist ‘plot’ staged for the day. (After Jan 6, nothing would surprise me…) To impeach or invoke 25 now would make a bloody martyr out of him. I believe the line being taken at present may be that of ‘least said, soonest mended ‘and the quicker he’s faded out of public view and can’t address the nation in any way, shape or form, and no longer protected by the office of POTUS, the quicker the zombie-sheep might wake up to what he really is.

  2. I agree wholeheartedly with this argument. If we don’t hold Trump to account there is no incentive to stop a future even worse Trump character. Sometimes I think the Republican party, which has embraced Trump, wants to destroy democracy so the oligarchy can reign over all of us with impunity.

    • You’re right. They do. Exactly that.

  3. ” Once Trump has been indicted, tried, and convicted, the nation can be proud of having lived up to its promise of justice for all, and the creed that no one is above the law.”

    And that would go a long way toward the healing & restoring…!

  4. Failing to prosecute or impeach Trump would be tantamount to the policies adopted by Western democracies against the Hitler during the late 1930s: it’s called Appeasement. It didn’t work. Because those democracies did nothing to stop him, Hitler & his appalling Nazi philosophy had to be destroyed by a full-on world war. There were neo-Nazis among the MAGAts invading the Capitol; they need to be prosecuted, not appeased.

    • Dead-set, mate. That’s exactly what it was and it didn’t work and it won’t work. It’d just look like a wimpy compromise. (It was bad enough back then.) People have a right to their own politics, religion, whatever – but not when exercising those rights lead to an attempted mob rule, destruction and death. Trouble those, those sorts can’t agree to differ. Some of those participating on Jan 6 are cult-indoctrinated; some went along out of curiosity; and then we have the ones who prat on about death and glory because they think it makes them look tough and manly. I’ll be interested how tough and manly they’ll be doing time for murder.

      • Jo, most of those MAGAts arriving at the Capitol were there because they actually believe that the dreaded Dems (ie satanic pedophiles) stole the election. Why? Because that’s what all their beloved rightwingding media tells them, over & over, all day long. Not just Fox, although Rupert’s corrupt empire sets the rotten standard, but all the lesser fascist outlets as well: Breitbart, Limbaugh, Alex Jones, now OANN & NewsMax. Plus all those liars within the GOP, who are perhaps the worst of all, by violating their oaths of office. If that’s all you see & hear (no reading involved), it eventually washes the brain clear of anything resembling critical thinking. The dedicated storm troopers aside, that mob was made up of citizens who honestly believed they were behaving patriotically. Makes it even scarier, doesn’t it?

        • Bigly scarier. It’s astonishing how they can believe in him at all. Tis indeed a case of just repeating and repeating until it becomes ‘fact’ (NOT) and the ones who honestly believe they are acting to protect democracy are somehow worse than the ratbags out to destroy. Yet Trump hasn’t succeeded totally. The ones he ‘gets’ seem to be totally gone to the point of idiocy and completely incapable of logic or critical detached thinking; so what’s the difference between them and the ones who ARE capable of that critical detached opinion and who haven’t been sucked in by him? I’ve tried for months for just one of the Trumpets on Twitter to please explain to me why they cheer for him – and not one has answered (I don’t count an ability to rant personal abuse as an answer.)

          • Jo, we have some acquaintances (NOT to be confused with friends) who support Trump because his tax policies have benefited them personally , so they’re willing & able to disregard everything else about him that they should find repugnant.They’re the kind of people who would gladly join Mar-a-Lago if they lived in Florida. They’re also the kind of people we avoid whenever possible, for fear of inflicting bodily harm upon them. We gave up arguing with them long ago as a lost cause.

            • Not sure I’d even dignify that sort as an ‘acquaintance’! Have heard a great deal about Trumpet’s ‘exclusive-ish’ tax policies and ’tis true, many people will ‘unsee’ what doesn’t ‘fit’ in order to gain the benefit. I’m in Australia – and 98% of us can’t even work out how Trump got elected at all – to us he was the bloke on that TV show who kept yelling’ You’re FIRED!’ Our neighbour, a lovely bloke, didn’t agree with a friend of 20 years who, for some reason, supported Trump. The ‘friend’ ended the relationship. They’d worked together, socialised, had tons of great memories and now it was over because of a political difference of opinion. Our neighbour reckoned that maybe, if it could end that way, maybe the friendship hadn’t been very real in the first place.

  5. Trump needs to be impeached and removed from office as soon as possible. Unfortunately, Trumpism is likely to linger just as the Tea Party people and the John Birch Society have.

    • Good God, I hope not!

      “Bite your tongue!”

  6. Once again it should be pointed out how Mark of News Corpse has been banned from Twitter as the Trumpf (R) started the “Civil” War. He commanded his Storm Troopers to attack our Capitol killing 5 humans in the attempted overthrow of the United States. That is Conspiracy to Murder due to his agitating his mob an hour or so earlier on the same day. He ordered them to hang Mike Pence, and their chants rang through the Capitol, as Pence and his family had to hide in a bunker to avoid certain death. None of this is a fucking joke so they are coming back on the 17th, armed to their tiny, little, weenies, delight. They hope to murder more Americans, since the Officer who Voted for Trumpf (R), they beat him to death, yet he voted the same way they did! Sweep our Capitol for all the bugs Russia supplied to the ones who planned this to install. Do not think, it did not happen, it is a piece of a plan kept in the shadows by Foreign Intelligence employed by Vladimir Putin . Putin has used Trumpf (R) and has dirt on the other Trumpf (R) Senators and Congressmen. Bastards all and treasonous scum who should be Identified publicly and often! Expose those hiding cockroaches who scurried from DC hoping to remain anonymous. This was an attack on all of us, and murdered 5 Americans, so far, for another Donald J. Trumpf (R) fucking Lie.

    • So right. Lies & liars who tell them cause nothing but trouble & made worse by one in position of great responsibility, by way of being trusted to be telling the truth. Like, a Presidrnt, any channel/station calling itself “news”, etc, etc.
      Trump, being the chicken-shit little bully that he is (& the others who spoke with him Weds), gets all those mindless & armed people all tiled up, practically foaming at the mouth & thinking they are “patriots” – defending who they THINK is president who got cheated (a lie of course) – riles them up & when good & angry, sends them off to the Capitol to do HIS dirty work! Trump says he is going with them, but immediately gets in his limo & hightails it back to secure WH….didn’t want to miss any of the chaos & mayhem he created as it was televised on Fox NotNews. Trump so proud of what he’s done! He gets high on the power he has over his minions, that they fo whatever he wants them to & never questions his constant lies.
      Sadly, this is not over! These people actually think everyone else, even the courts, are either lying or stupid & only THEY are smart & only Trump tells truth. Now that’s stupid! Also deadly for rest of us.
      Trump should be forced, at official gunpoint if necessary, to admit he was lying the whole time & that the evidence shows election WAS NOT STOLEN!! No other way those people will ever know & believe ehat is TRUE.

  7. “…The ones he ‘gets’ seem to be totally gone to the point of idiocy and completely incapable of logic or critical detached thinking; so what’s the difference between them and the ones who ARE capable of that critical detached opinion…”

    Me thinks they were (somewhat) capable…but then he ‘gets’ them & they mingle with rest of his cult-ies, then that idiocy takes over & they’re ‘totally gone’.
    I tend to think they are pre-trained to ‘not think’ by watching Faux NotNews — the rest of descent is then quick & easy.

    • It’s as if they are the sort of people who are too scared to go against what they believe to be the trend or norm, too scared to g against what ‘everyone else’ is doing/saying/thinking. And of course when any item of information is delivered repeatedly and authoritiely from media-folk who are recognised – ‘if ‘they’ say it then it must be true!’ and their original thought then falls into doubt. They start to question their original choice?

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