All the (Fake) Reasons Joe Biden Will Be a Worse President than Donald Trump

In less than a week Joe Biden will be inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States of America. Kamala Harris will become the first woman to serve as Vice-President. Many people are hopeful that they will undo much of the damage caused by the negligence, incompetence and deliberate malfeasance of Donald Trump and his right-wing Republican enablers in Congress and the press. That’s a monumental task. And, sadly, the lives lost to Trump’s mismanagement of the coronavirus can never be restored.

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Donald Trump, King

For his part, Trump will sink into the lowest state of despair and self pity to date for a sociopathic narcissist who resides in that mental state as a matter of routine. He is already planning his own pathetic farewell party because no one else cares enough to throw a party for him. What will stand as his final address to the American people – delivered following the storming of Congress by his traitorous insurrectionists – will be a video wherein he pleads for “common ground” with the racist, seditionist, violent, conspiracy crackpots who comprise his cult following.

Joe Biden, meanwhile, has his own problems. The nation has spent the last four years bombarded with Trump’s egomaniacal interruptions into their lives on a daily basis. They have probably forgotten the blissful times when they could go for weeks without hearing anything from the White House.

Biden is unlikely to be as obsessed with making himself the center of attention 24/7. And that isn’t the only downside to the Biden presidency. Compared to the unprecedented performance of Trump, Biden will be huge letdown. You know it, I know, Everyone knows it. What follows are just a few of the areas where Biden falls short of his glorious predecessor:

  • Only one ex-wife, and she’s dead
  • No Pillow Lobby representative
  • No experience bankrupting multiple businesses
  • Won’t appoint his unqualified children to White House jobs
  • Rejects “alternative facts”
  • Doesn’t golf
  • Has read and understands the Constitution
  • Hasn’t renounced Muslims, Mexicans, or other liberal commies
  • Believes America is already great
  • Respects the “enemy of the people” (aka free press)
  • Has never been spanked by a porn star
  • Two fewer impeachments than predecessor
  • Released decades of confidential tax returns
  • Prefers Tom Hanks and BeyoncĂ© to Scott Baio and Ted Nugent
  • Evangelicals haven’t declared him “sent by God”
  • No plan to relieve the onerous tax burden of the rich
  • Doesn’t support “very fine people” (white nationalists and Nazis)
  • Owns not one, but two dogs
  • Favors clean air and water over corporate profits
  • Is not BFF with Vladimir Putin or Kim Jong Un
  • Not a single cabinet appointee vows to destroy their department
  • Hires lawyers who reject the legal principle that “truth isn’t truth.”
  • Is still allowed to tweet
  • Isn’t responsible for the deaths of 400,000 Americans
  • Doesn’t spend hours every day watching and regurgitating Fox News

These fatal personality flaws of Biden are the prelude to a fundamentally different country. Those who have worshipped Trump’s manly management style and embrace of the swamp politics of Washington, D.C., are going to be sorely disappointed when Biden brings to the White House the competence and compassion that Trump and his cult disciples have been trained to abhor.

Despite these drawbacks, the nation must somehow steady itself in the face of the certain turmoil that Biden will unleash. Four years from now the people will have another opportunity to restore hate and greed as the dominant values of Republican “leadership.” So long as American isn’t already a socialist sh*thole country by then, with national healthcare, free education, fair elections, an end to racial injustice, rolling back the climate crisis, and all the other horrors promised by those evil progressives.

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4 thoughts on “All the (Fake) Reasons Joe Biden Will Be a Worse President than Donald Trump

  1. You people are ridiculous. Biden has been a party hack for 47 years. What is he going to do besides open up the borders, shield illegals, tax the crap out of us and seek council from nut jobs like AOC and the wicked witch of California? As much as you people rip the current president (which has been steadily for four years) Drunk Uncle Joe is no savior for anyone.

    • Shouldn’t you be preparing to storm a State Capitol or something?
      Biden is calm, quiet leadership & if anything, boring “centrist”, but NOT incompetent, a crook, conman, thief, a liar of 29,000 lies — not counting his biggest lies, which came after your guy, Trump LOST the election, fair & square & 3x counted. 59 federal court judges can’t all be wrong.
      Oh yeah, Biden doesn’t use lies to incite a riot & violent insurrection, attempting to overthrow rightfully elected gov’t & harm or kill elected officials. But then, he isn’t a bigoted assh*le SOB, like Trump is so proud to be.
      I’m not a fan of Biden’s, but at least he is competent, not delusional, & yes ~ “normal”. Normal is something we really need around here, after that narcissistic clown-face loser stinking up the White House these past 4 yrs!

  2. WOW, what an ungrateful, un-American, clueless, classless, lying, disloyal a*swipe one of you is. Keep on polishing your lord, master and savior’s dump’s…knob though. He will look out for you always. God almighty, how d**n delusional are you? Keep on buying that bulls*it about biden that you are being sold.

    • Quoting ‘Guest’:
      “Keep on polishing your lord….dump’s knob though.”
      ~ & ~
      “Keep on buying….bullshit about biden that you are being sold.”

      So, it’s hard to tell — Is your anger about, “polishing dump’s knob”…or…is it, “buying bullshit about biden”?

      Can’t be both, as you stated it, because those 2 things are opposites. Maybe you hate both sides? Or, you just can’t recall what it is you’re ranting & name-calling is s’posed to be about? Maybe it’s God that you hate? As in,..”He will look out for you always.”
      I’m not at all delusional, but maybe it would help to understand your confusing comments!?!
      Everything else you said was just meaningless name-calling ~ the high school variety, where you just plug-in calling someone a bunch of names, without any truth or relevance to anything. I’m guessing you’re a Trump-fluffer, since he likes that stuff.
      But, thanks for sharing…

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