Trump Plans His Own Ego-Soaked Farewell Party As His Approval Hits Record Low

In the few days left before Joe Biden is inaugurated the 46th President of the United States, Donald Trump is laying low, confined to the bunker in the White House. He has an empty calendar with no speeches, meetings, or Fox News interviews scheduled. So it’s likely that his last public address will the one he gave on January 6th, where he commanded his cult disciples to storm Congress, resulting in at least five deaths and his second impeachment.

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Donald Trump Rally, Sieg Heil

Trump has already announced that he will not attend Biden’s inauguration. At one point he was considering staging a counter event to compete with the official ceremonies and to launch his 2024 campaign. But that appears to have been abandoned. Now, as he becomes increasingly despondent, Trump may be planning his own farewell to the White House that he always considered a dump. As reported by CNN’s Jim Acosta:

What a sad, pathetic shell of an impotent former reality TV game show host. If Trump goes though with this it will be ready-made for mockery and serve as a pre-written satirical script for Saturday Night Live. It would be impossible to keep from laughing while watching the biggest loser, who has twice the impeachments of any other president, paying tribute to himself as he flees Washington.

Just picture the spectacle of Trump luminaries like Kayleigh McEnany, Stephen Miller, Roger Stone, and Rudy Giuliani (if Trump decides to pay him), lined up on either side of an orange brocade runway holding MAGA banners aloft, and “You Can’t Always Get Want You Want” playing in the background. Naturally, it will be covered only by Fox News, with Sean Hannity and Maria Bartiromo providing commentary to accompany a parade of celebrities including Scott Baio, Jon Voight, Roseanne Barr, and Ted Nugent.

Perhaps Trump will produce a video to recall his “accomplishments” of the past four years: Separating hundreds of children from their parents; erecting about four miles of wall on the southern border that Mexico didn’t pay for; befouling the environment; making healthcare less accessible and more expensive; alienating international allies; and killing nearly 400,000 Americans via his incompetent mismanagement of the coronavirus pandemic. That’s a record of failure that will surely stand the test of time.

Trump’s self-exalting parade of narcissistic obsession will come at a time when his popularity reaches a record low. He has never approached 50% approval, but as he departs he just sunk to a dismal 29% in the Pew Research poll. The same poll found that a sizable majority of Americans (68%) “do not want Trump to remain a major political figure in the future.” About 76% (including 52% of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents) say that Trump “bears at least some responsibility” for the riots at the Capitol.

So it is in that light that Trump is anxious to throw himself a party to celebrate his own awesomeness. This is going to be received with the same thrill of being informed of a positive herpes diagnosis. And it will also be the prelude to the next chapter in Trump’s latest impeachment as the Senate prepares to take up the matter in the days following. If there’s one thing we can be certain of, it’s that Trump seems determined to make his exit from the world stage as humiliating as possible. Which is nothing less than what we expected.

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8 thoughts on “Trump Plans His Own Ego-Soaked Farewell Party As His Approval Hits Record Low

  1. Ye Gods, just when you think that orange blustering twat can’t sink any lower, he STILL manages to come up with something . How pathetic can he get? A send-off party with all the trimmings? A salute and colour guard for a spiteful little boy who sits on his fat arse yelling, “SHAN’T!!” in response to the mannered response and time honoured protocol of handing over to the incoming President? What am I saying – he wouldn’t recognise manners if it got into bed with him.

  2. Assuming that he’s looking for an actual military band & not just some highschool marching rabble, doesn’t the Pentagon have to approve it? Okay, the political stooges he’s installed there might say yes, but will the military ?
    If forced to go along, maybe the band could just play “Hit The Road Jack” & I can think of a really good use for 21 guns all in a row …

    • ‘Hit The Road Jack’! ROFLMAO!!! After all, the Stones said he REALLY can’t always get what he wants. Question – anyone else noticed how most veteran rock musos really loathe Donnie Diaperload?

      I would have thought SOMEONE would have to approve it – given that the military etc has a load of extra commitments right now, thanks to the orange buffoon. As for the 21 gun salute…yes, well… if he does get the colour guard, I vote they have a big feed of licorice allsorts, baked beans, etc and give him a 21 fart salute.

      • Trumpler has Ted Nugent (who?) & Kid Rock (argh!). Oh & Vanilla Ice (lol), who gigged at Mar-a-Lago on New Year’s Eve. If you Google “musicians who oppose Trump”, Wikipedia will give you a listing of 24 big-name musicians, starting with Adele & finishing with Village People, who are trying to save us from him ‘dancing’ to YMCA.

  3. Ted Nugent was one of my heroes in the 70s and I played the cassette of his ‘Double Live Gonzo’ to literal breaking point – as well as his ‘Weekend Warrior’ album. Back then he was one of the rockers who was a madman on stage and a very quiet, retiring type off stage. I was dead-set chuffed four years ago when I found his ‘Gonzo’ album at a record fair for a fiver. Then I discovered in the last few years he’d turned into a bloated, loudmouthed AND foulmouthed misogynist so I can see why TrumpetArse would have him in for a gig. Vanilla Ice?! Or did Trumpet think that was dessert? Since VI was a one hit wonder, it’s probably an appropriate choice for a one-term president. Kid Rock? No comment that’s printable here, anyway.

    He picks the weirdest things – ‘The End of the World as We Know It’? and why ‘YMCA’? And I always thought it would have been more suitable for him to choose the Stone’s number ‘I Can’t Get No Satisfaction’ since Melania obviously loathes his guts. As for this Terri Nunn sheila, who’s still bleating all over every single social media outlet that she was assured it was a covid safe event (by Trump? Do me a bloody favour.) and that she only fulfilled her contract, she could have walked under the ‘contract’ terms since it was NOT a covid safe event – and there’s pics of her smiling and cuddling up to Ted Nugent, who’s obviously fried his brain since he firmly believes no violence whatsoever took place at the Capitol on January 6, it was the ultimate in peaceful protests and will go on believing it until he sees evidence to the contrary.

    One could probably add Gene Simmons to the list of non-Trump fans – he was asked to play at the inauguration and his answer was an immediate ‘No’. Backed by his wife and daughter who were present at the interview.

  4. Ted Nugent openly bragged in his own book he decided to defecate in his underwear to wear for two weeks before his Draft physical. He is still proud he was a true Cowardly Draft-Dodger and got away with pedophilia since he was a ‘rock star’. It is all Public information, so he fits right in with Trumpf (R) and crowd. He is a Punk, pedophile, yet likes to ‘pretend’ he is a ‘real man’. Maggot, scum, trash, etc. are the definition for “Teddy Boy Nuggets in the Pants”!

    • I was going to ask, ‘Are you SH*TTING me?’ but that’d be bloody fatuous. Looks like I’ve got some clearing out to do – all Ted Nugent albums, anything with Kevin Sorbo in it… Have been out of touch with the rock scene for several years as – like it always happens – getting married, being a missus, working, bills, mortgage etc takes precedence over the teen pin-ups. Thanks for this info. Disappointing but it’s better out there in public. On the topic of draft dodging. I could never understand how so many alleged ‘patriots’ could barrack for a draft dodger like Trump. There must have been some really weird planetary line-up affecting the nation the day he got elected to the Presidency.

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