Fox News Cuts Away From Senate Impeachment Hearing During the Most Horrifying Parts

The historic second Senate Impeachment hearing of Donald Trump is unfolding with nauseating evidence of the assault by Trump’s Seditionist Brigades. It is new security camera video from inside the Capitol and shows the insurrectionists, as well as the members of Congress and the staffs being ushered to relative safety.

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Fox News, Censorship

These videos would make any sane, patriotic American cringe at the thought of how Trump and his cult followers desecrated the seat of American democracy and threatened the lives of representatives and others performing their constitutional duties. This treasonous riot in progress was among the most compelling parts of the House impeachment manager’s presentation.

So naturally, Fox News stopped airing it. All three broadcast networks, along with CNN and MSNBC aired it all live. But Fox thought it was more important to show their viewers what the screwball pundits on The Five had to say about the day’s news, some of which had nothing to do with the Senate hearing. The last thing Fox News wanted was to show videos of the Trump Brigades breaking into the Capitol and terrorizing innocent people.

This is more evidence that Fox News is NOT news. In fact, they are afraid the news. and they are afraid to allow their viewers to see what really happened on January 6. They need to keep them as ignorant as possible so they will continue to believe the Trump propaganda. And it really doesn’t matter what they show instead.

In this case it was a segment about an NBA team owner who briefly said he wouldn’t play the National Anthem before a game. And Fox thought that was the most pressing news at that moment in time. Seth Myers nailed on Tuesday night in his “Closer Look” segment when he said that “The smaller the story Fox News is focusing on, the bigger the story they’re ignoring is.”

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