Sean Hannity of Fox News Takes Lame Swing at Joe Biden, But Whacks Himself Instead

Poor Sean Hannity. Without Donald Trump as “president,” he has suffered severe shrinkage, so far as his media profile is concerned. He no longer gets bedtime phone calls from the White House. He no longer gets to pass along his goofball insights to cronies in the GOP administration. He is just another blowhard on an ultra-rightist cable “news” network begging for attention.

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Case in point: On Tuesday night’s episode of the Hannity Harangue, the pitiful pundit demonstrated just how desperate he is. Before launching into a lie-riddled rant about immigration, Hannity delivered a thoroughly nauseating attack on President Biden’s mental health. His entire argument was based on a deliberately misrepresented press event where Biden read the current, exact number of COVID-19 deaths from a note card. From that perfectly reasonable prompting, Hannity alleged that “Joe seemingly can’t form a complete sentence between naps.” He elaborated saying that…

“Joe is now struggling to even form sentences and speak at times in what is a coherent way. Earlier he attempted to use a “cheat sheet” to deliver some extemporaneous remarks. It didn’t exactly go well. And the media like to attack me for saying he looks weak, frail, and he seems to be struggling cognitively.

“What’s on the not card Joe? Your name? Your address? Contact information. The name of your wife? What your address is? 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue if you get lost? A reminder not to mention the corrupt family business? In all honesty, this is now getting scary. He is supposed to be our Commander0in-Chief.”

Setting aside Hannity’s infantile demeanor, in his own video clip we see Biden actually saying what is on the note card. It’s the current number of COVID-19 fatalities, a figure that requires notation because it’s constantly changing. But even after watching his own video where Biden says what’s on the card, Hannity still has no idea what’s on the card. And he’s questioning Biden’s cognitive abilities?

This has been a frequent problem with the conservative media. They have long tried to disparage Biden as being unfit to serve. The only problem with that is that, even after an extended campaign wherein Trump and the GOP pressed that issue, Biden still won decisively. So Trump lost to someone he said was a mentally deficient socialist. What does that say about Trump? Meanwhile, the America people never bought Trump’s insulting depiction of Biden. To the contrary, polls show that voters actually believe that it’s Trump who is more mentally deficient (and that’s a Fox News poll).

The good news is that Hannity and Fox News are so bereft of legitimate criticisms of Biden that they are reduced to trotting out this sort of nonsense. Meanwhile, the Biden administration is riding a high approval rating of 60% (Trump never even hit 50% in four years), and his agenda is equally, if not more, popular. For instance, Biden’s COVID-19 relief plan, the American Rescue Act, is supported by 76% of the people, including 60% of Republicans. Maybe this is what’s driving Hannity so crazy.

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4 thoughts on “Sean Hannity of Fox News Takes Lame Swing at Joe Biden, But Whacks Himself Instead

  1. The Prophet Seanny is losing his purpose at the Church of the SubMoron….

  2. The silly and obviously hokey trope that Biden is senile was rejected from the get-go by the American public for the silly bullsh!t it is. Anyone that watched even part of the presidential debates could see which candidate was incapable of forming a coherent sentence, having a train of thought or making any sense. In fact, despite his inane schoolyard bully demeanor, trump got his a$$ whupped so badly in the first debate that he made a nonsensical excuse to chicken out of the second debate. And it was only the negative blowback that made trump agree to the third, in a laughably vain attempt to save face.

  3. Poor little Shammity! Having a bit of electile dysfunction, are we?
    Contrary to the Big Lie that Trumpty-Dumpty, a bunch of ass-lickin’ Rethugs & FauxNotNews keep repeating & hoping magic fairy dust will make it true ~ Biden/Harris is who American voters overwhelmingly CHOSE to be President/VP. Let that sink in to that 1 brain cell ya’ll are taking turns using… Shammity must be confused, if he thinks a “cheat sheet” mentioning “corrupt family business” is in use — that’d be for Trump’s “corrupt family bizness”, but this is Joe Biden. Trump lost. Bigly, in fact. They’ll get used to seeing our new President’s face soon enuff, since he does frequent press briefings with real news journalists on regular basis — Oops! My bad! That wouldn’t include FauxSpews tho. Minimal standards do need to be met ~ can’t let every crackpot propaganda & conspiracy tool in with real reporters of actual news. Well, no matter, since Faux claims no one watching them expects fact-based news reporting anyway. That isn’t why their viewers watch FauxSpews. If they did, they’d watch MSNBC or CNN, like informed people do.

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