Fox News Projection: Tucker Carlson Rants Incoherently About ‘Fearful’ Liberals

Concluding a week wherein Fox News was obsessively consumed with their contrived “cancel culture” outrages over Mr. Potato Head and Dr. Seuss, their star primetime bloviator, Tucker Carlson, unleashed a sweaty assault on the liberals he despises. Unsurprisingly, it revealed more about himself than his targets.

Fox News, Tucker Carlson

The theme of Carlson’s psycho-sermon (video below) was that “Modern liberalism is not a coherent worldview […] It’s a deeply unhappy, high-strung personality type.” Anyone who has watched more than a few minutes of Carlson’s program recognizes that this is pure projection. It is also an accurate description of modern rightists as represented by Donald Trump, the Republican Party, and most of the talent(less) on Fox News. Carlson led off his rant by inventing a reality wherein…

“Liberals are a fearful group. The list of things American liberals are afraid of can fill an entire shelf of volumes. It would make an amusing reference set: The Encyclopedia of Liberal Neuroses Unabridged. Absolutely everything upsets liberals, agitates them, and inflames their allergies. Nature itself is a terrifying experience for liberals because they can’t control it.”

Really? If fear and anger are what’s triggering Carlson, he’s missing the real world by a light year or two. It isn’t liberals who have been whining about toys and children’s books for a solid week. It isn’t liberals who censured their own party members for thinking independently. It isn’t liberals who attended CPAC (the Conservative Political Action Cult), and cheered a hysterically angry and frightened Trump harangue. It’s obviously Carlson and his confederates who are upset, agitated, and inflamed, by anything and everything that even mildly criticizes their precious wingnut dogma. But Carlson really skidded off the tracks when he declared that…

“A lot of liberals were certain that March 4, was the day the right-wing revolution would finally begin. March 4, they believed, with something called ‘QAnon Inauguration Day.’ What is QAnon Inauguration Day? We have no idea, and we don’t know anyone who does.”

To be clear, Carlson is admitting that he’s an ignorant dickwad who has no comprehension of current events. That’s a distinct liability for someone on what purports to be a “news” network. He then goes on to describe how the crackpot QAnon conspiracy theory that he never heard of was actually very well known and even warned about by Republicans in Congress. Yet somehow, Carlson – and everyone he knows – never heard of it.

Carlson also belittles the efforts of law enforcement and the National Guard, who prevented additional violence by the StormTrumpers in the days following the January 6th Trump Insurrection. He likens the National Guard to martinets of third-world tyrannical regimes. Is that his way of thanking them for their service?

Carlson suggests that providing security in the face of credible threats, validated by the FBI and Capitol Police, means that the concept of ruling by the consent of the governed is obsolete and anti-democratic. He believes that members of Congress should remain vulnerable to attacks by radical white nationalists or they aren’t really representing their constituents.

That’s really the bottom line for Carlson. He’s fearful and angry that he won’t be able to use force and threats to advance his racist ideology. And somehow Fox News continues to allow him to air this crap.

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5 thoughts on “Fox News Projection: Tucker Carlson Rants Incoherently About ‘Fearful’ Liberals

  1. I’ve always thought that conservatives seemed to be more fearful than average in general. I wonder how Tucker feels about the Republican drive to cancel the election. That sort of seems a whole other level of cancel culture.

  2. Obviously , the reason the chicken shit Q assholes never showed up is because the NG was there protecting it with fortified fencing. We can thank Trump and his asshole supporters, like Tucker for this new reality. Fuck you very much Tucker!

  3. Letting others speak for me. Mother would reach down from the sky and mack me upside the head if i said what these two guys wrote. But I’m with them…

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