Texas Governor Whines to Fox News, Blames Biden, After Recklessly Revoking COVID Rules

Much of the country is heaving a sigh of relief as President Biden’s program for increasing the availability of vaccines and the administration of vaccinations has resulted in fewer infections, hospitalizations, and deaths. But that real world sentiment isn’t seeping into the fallacy-sealed craniums of Donald Trump’s glassy-eyed cultists.

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On Thursday morning the governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, visited Fox News for a typically lie-riddled rant wherein he sought to justify his risky abandonment of all COVID related regulations in the state. Local health officials, as well as the CDC, immediately condemned Abbott’s edict as “premature” and “reckless.” Experts overwhelmingly agree that maintaining the practices of social distancing and mask wearing is necessary to overcome the coronavirus and return to a state of normality. So naturally, Abbott dismisses the experts and the science in favor of awkwardly shifting blame to Biden. He told Fox News that…

“The Biden administration was releasing illegal immigrants into our communities who had COVID. The Biden administration was spreading COVID in South Texas yesterday because of the lack of constraint, of testing and quarantining people who come across the border illegally. The Biden administration was exposing Texans to COVID. That is “Neanderthal” approach to dealing with the COVID situation.”

Abbott’s brazen dishonesty puts him on par with the former Liar-in-Chief, Donald Trump. The Border Patrol is processing asylum requests according to the law, and the law hasn’t changed in the past six weeks. So nothing about that can be attributed to the Biden administration. What’s more, it’s interesting to note that Abbott is asserting that Texans are now facing greater exposure to the coronavirus, but he’s still eliminating the safeguards that would protect his constituents.

However, Abbott’s lies are even worse when taking into account the most recent COVID data in the state as it relates to immigration. Local officials reported that…

“Since the City [of Brownsville] started testing the migrants on January 25, there has been 6.3% of positive cases. The Cameron County positivity rate is 13.8%.”

So immigrants are testing positive at a lower rate than native Texans. The positivity rate statewide is 12.7%. And new cases rose 27% in the past week. These statistics show not only that Abbott is purposefully lying, but they also show the foolishness of his policy to remove the restrictions and allow the virus free rein to infect – and kill – more people in a state that is already near the bottom with regard to COVID cases and fatalities.

One can never underestimate the callousness and cruelty of power-mad Republicans like Abbott. After all, he has already gotten his vaccination, and he lives in a highly secure mansion where he doesn’t have to mingle with the riff raff he rules over, and who he is forcing to live in a more dangerous world. Just like his colleague “Cancun” Ted Cruz. That’s business as usual for the GOP (Greedy One Percent).

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5 thoughts on “Texas Governor Whines to Fox News, Blames Biden, After Recklessly Revoking COVID Rules

  1. Greg Abbott is a liar and a moron. I’ve never heard anything more stupid than his Faux News rant blaming Biden for exposing more Texans to COVID. Removing the mask mandate while only 6% of Texans have had access to the vaccines and the infection rate in Texas is over 27% is outrageous. He is deliberately exposing millions of Texans to serious illness and death.

    • Not just Texans. The virus doesn’t recognize state boundaries. And as Texans travel, they will carry it to other states and victims.

      • So, should we all be heading to Cancun now?

        But, seriously. I can see that the Rethugs are desperately trying to do all they can to make whatever Biden Admin does end up as big fat failure. We can see them hard at work doing it in Congress & at same time, busy pushing their own kind of election fraud in various State legislatures, in their efforts to make sure that many Americans are denied their right to vote & have it counted.
        But now, the Rethuglican Govs of TX & Mississippi (w/more to follow) want to sabotage our pandemic recovery by doing the exact opposite of what every intelligent & knowledgeable person says we need to do right now, as we work hard to get everyone vaccinated against this deadly virus & get our schools & businesses SAFELY reopened. Gov. Abbott & his ilk would rather have more people die by not using basic safety precautions while we work to get more folks vaccinated. And he calls this “freedom”? More like, freedumb!
        His rights end where they begin to trample on ours! If Texans want to forego wearing masks etc, during this headlong race to get everyone vaccinated against Covid-19, then I guess they have that right, as says their Gov. Dumbshit in 10 gal. hat.
        But, WE also have rights. We have the right to protect our health, our lives, against idiots who can’t be bothered to wear a mask, etc. for a bit longer & would rather risk spreading the virus to us thru their own selfish stupidity. Fine. “Close the border!” Texas border, that is. No one in can come out of TX. No flights in or out. Stay inside your borders & infect each other f you wish, but do not come out here in rest of U.S. & spread your viral loads of germiness! WE are trying to STOP the spread of this virus & while you need not help, you may not hinder. Mississippi too & any other states that join in. Stay there! Anyone who goes in, can’t come out until this is over. Sorry, but we ain’t foolin’ around with ya’ll. I don’t care if it’s politics, or just out in sun w/o a hat for too long fried yer brain ~ we ain’t playin’! Got that?
        Now put your dang mask on & pretend ya’ don’t have cow manure between your sunburned ears. (Idiots!)

  2. Sunny Beez…..Twitterers think I’m “hateful.” Poor widdle things. But I bet they would come down on you, too. I’m w/ u. The kid gloves have to come off and the ignorati in Tx need to stay there and live and die by the diocy of the governor they elected. Too bad the dems there who “get it” have to suffer , too. Abbot either has big pressure on him or he’s just naturally “ignerant.” The mind bogles.

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