Where’s Trump? And Why Isn’t He Ordering His QAnon Troops to Stand Down on March 4?

It has been less than two months since Donald Trump’s Insurrectionist Brigades attacked Congress and the very heart of American democracy. Five people died, and many dozens more were injured. Trump’s incendiary rhetoric in the months and hours prior to the attack clearly show that his role was instrumental in inciting the violent mob.

Trump Charlotsville

Now there is another threat that looms over Washington, D.C. The same criminals who conducted the traitorous riots on January 6th are threatening more violence for March 4th. CNN reports that…

“US officials on Wednesday alerted lawmakers to a potential threat against the US Capitol on March 4, for which security has been enhanced as a precaution, less than two months after the Capitol complex was stormed and lawmakers’ lives were threatened by rioters.

“Information provided by the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security warned of increased chatter among extremists, including members of the Three Percenters extremist group, discussing possible plots against the Capitol on March 4, a date that conspiracy theorists have focused on, according to sources familiar with the matter.”

This news raises more questions about where Trump stands in this war against America. We know that he did nothing to stop his seditious supporters on January 6th. And he’s being equally negligent now. Jake Tapper of CNN raised this question, asking Republican congressman Michael McCaul whether Trump has a responsibility to intervene:

Tapper: It seems to me that, whether we’re talking about the attack on January 6th or this possible attack tomorrow, President Trump – these people, these attackers worship him. They love him. They think that they’re doing this in his name. Do you think Donald Trump should be saying more forcefully, clearly. ‘I’m not gonna be inaugurated tomorrow. Joe Biden was elected fair and square.’ That could potentially quell a lot of these violent threats.
McCaul: President Trump has the responsibility to tell them to stand down. This threat is credible. It’s real. It’s a right-wing militia group that believes that because the original inauguration date was March 4th until the 20th Amendment passed, they think that this is the true inauguration day and that President Trump should be inaugurated tomorrow. And that is the threat we face right now.

Exactly! And yet, Trump is nowhere to be found. He could have a significant influence on the glassy-eyed disciples of his perverse cult. They are awaiting his orders. He could prevent more violence and harm. But he’s holed up in his Mar-a-Lago bunker and, not unlike his gross and deliberate inaction on January 6th, he’s probably enjoying the prospect of a horde of StormTrumpers breaking down doors, smashing windows, and shedding blood.

All Trump needs to do is stand before a camera and insist that his goons stay home and refrain from any violent activity. But Trump isn’t making that simple gesture. Why do you suppose that is?

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7 thoughts on “Where’s Trump? And Why Isn’t He Ordering His QAnon Troops to Stand Down on March 4?

  1. Mark, I know why it is: he’s an asshole. He’s also a traitor.

    • Yep. That’s the short answer.

  2. He has most likely sent emails stirring up the potentially violent groups and ultra-maga supporters. He had them gather before on June 6 and will direct mass gathering of them on March 4 or in the future to do violence. It may not be in Washington DC but it will be a tactical move and maybe (as the orange demagogue hopes) totally unexpected.

  3. Jerry, like all mob bosses, Trump won’t send anything himself, he’ll get his asskissers to do it for him. Whatever the hate groups do, I suspect it could work against them bigtime, by alienating all the normal people (including law enforcement) and making clear just how deranged and dangerous those groups are. Meanwhile, Trump’s stooges in Congress are impeding his cabinet choices, blocking every bit of legislation he proposes and generally doing all they can to avoid helping the American people. Truly, the GOP is a neo-fascist organization now.

  4. Because none of them were willing to show up after TrumpetASrse chucked his supporters under the bus after January 6.

  5. Trump can’t really come out & acknowledge his “leadership” over the violent mob that he called for, brought to DC & sent to the Capitol on 1/6/21 to do just what they did for him. He said that day, that they were special & he loved them…then, he abandons them to their legal fate & trots off to his Floridian castle, where he continues spreading his Big Fat Lie…& collecting Big Fat Bucks from his not-too-bright, Fat Cat Donors. And they, are the reason that Trump pretends he has nothing to do with those who stormed the Capitol & who are still a danger to our Country & society. They worship his ugly, lying ass, for some stupid reason & he will retain ownership for a future date of his choosing. But for now, he’s doing what he does best ~ sucking up people’s big money, based on lies of victimhood & mistreatment.
    Instead of quietly letting the truth of Trump & the entire GOP’s Big Fat Lie slide off the media & public’s memory, MSM should be making a point of telling & repeating THE TRUTH! Many in the mob have been arrested, but there are some still sought by FBI — media could be helping with that, but aren’t. Quite in contrast to post-9/11. And yey, this is every bit as important for all Americans to hear (over & over if need be) & to remember! Lest it happen again…

    • We follow the real news networks (eg. CNN, MSNBC) and they are definitely debunking Trump’s
      lies, especially the Big One. They’re broadcasting the truth every day, all day. Check out Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes, Jake Tapper, Lawrence O’Donnell, Brian Williams, Nicole Wallace and the other reputable, respectable journos who report facts, dispell myths and offer reality in place of fascist fantasies. What you receive depends solely on which channels or sites you choose.

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