Fox News and the Instigator of the Trump Insurrection Say Biden is ‘Destroying Our Country’?

On Tuesday evening Donald Trump made a return appearance on his former Ministry of Propaganda network, Fox News. He was treated to a twenty minute, primetime tongue-bath by Fox’s Senior Trump-Fluffer, Maria Bartiromo, for whom no sycophancy is too extreme.

Fox News, Donald Trump, Maria Bartiromo

Naturally, Trump spent most of the segment consumed with unwarranted bragging about everything from creating the COVID-19 vaccine to the stock market to taxes. But Trump and Bartiromo devoted a significant portion of their lovefest to maligning President Joe Biden and immigrants. In fact, immigration has become the dominant issue on Fox News (not counting Dr. Seuss) since their failure to ignite an insurrection over Trump’s Big Lie about the election being “stolen.”

Trump pontificated tediously on this with flagrant lies that immigrants are “coming in by the hundreds of thousands,” and that Biden is “destroying our country.”

“Today, they are coming in. You take a look. They are coming in from all foreign countries. I see they are coming in from Yemen. They are coming in from the Middle East. They are coming in from everywhere. They are dropping them off and they are pouring into our country. It is a disgrace. They are going to destroy our country if we don’t do something about it.”

There is absolutely zero evidence of any migrants “coming in from the Middle East.” And the numbers aren’t anywhere near “hundreds of thousands.” But reality has never been an impediment to Trump’s lies before, so why stop now? Biden has only been in office for two months and his immigration agenda has yet to be implemented. So the current policy is still largely that which was put in place by the Trump administration. To the extent that there is a border “crisis,” it’s the result of migrants recognizing the difference between Trump’s lawless cruelty and Biden’s far more humane and compassionate approach that complies with U.S. and international law.

Despite the abundance of preposterous declarations by Trump and equally ludicrous affirmations by Fox News, it is still startling to hear them assert that Biden is destroying the country. Especially since that assertion comes after Trump incited an actual insurrection by violent thugs who invaded the Capitol. And after Trump rejected the election results confirmed by all fifty states. And after Trump maligned the Supreme Court for not capitulating to his demands to upend the Constitution.

Add to those atrocities Trump’s presiding over the deaths of more than half a million Americans from a pandemic that was exacerbated by his negligence and incompetence. Yeah sure, Biden is the one destroying the country. We’re lucky we have a country left for Biden to restore after Trump got through with it. And by the way, here is Biden’s press secretary, Jen Psaki, articulating the Biden policy in response to a question from Fox News:

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2 thoughts on “Fox News and the Instigator of the Trump Insurrection Say Biden is ‘Destroying Our Country’?

  1. Ho hum, more of the same ol’ shit. Fox is haemorrhaging its audience so its solution is to kiss Trumpler’s ass again and treat its remaining viewers to another rendition of that tired old song about the crisis along the border. Caravans from Yemen this time. Yawn. Neither Trump nor the Murdochs have figured out that they need new material as well as a new audience.

  2. Guess “Sleepy Joe” isn’t too sleepy after all, since against all odds & an entire party of GQP’ers who insist on perpetuating the Big Fat-Ass Lie about election fraud that has been proven otherwise ~ NOT stolen, NOT fraud ~ by recounts & 60+ frivolous Trump lawsuits.
    The violent Trump mob Trump sent for & pumped up to try & violently overturn legit election results are less traitors than all those GOP in Congress…Why? The mob believed all that bullshit Trump fed them & thought they were “saving the country”, as Trump told them .
    The disrespectful members of GOP know damn well that all evidence shows election was fair & legit ~ that the only attempts at fraud were the ones Trump himself did! They KNOW the truth & still GQP promotes the lies to this very day! Treason ~ they ARE the enemy at war against America, democracy & the Constitution! Traitors to all true blue Americans! And we now have “Mitch- Bitch” standing on floor of Senate threatening Dem majority & all Americans that he will stop the people’s work from being done, violating his Oath of Office every day, in every way. He’s daring anyone to try & stop him! He & his Party of disloyal American GOP/GQP are hard at work tho — making sure that millions of Americans don’t get to vote! It doesn’t get much worse than that! Unless you throw in their complicity in the lies, violence it created & Jan 6th deadly attempt to overturn the valid election results & install their LOSER of the election as Worst Prez Ever for another destructive term, or maybe dick-tator for life!

    The violent mob was stupid & played for fools by Trump & GOP cohorts. That’s bad!

    The Trump GOP engineered attempt to overthrow duly elected President, went all-in on the lies & coup attempt, are still promoting those lies that will lead to more violence & that have, for all intents & purposes, destroyed the USA we all Pledge Allegiance to — the “U” stands for “United”. We are now anything BUT united & GOP is doing all it can to keep us that way! That makes them worse than any foreign enemy & far worse than the misguided fools they are leading in destruction of the USA!
    “Putin-shmutin!” GQP is the REAL ENEMY of America & its People! Sold their souls to the devil himself, for shiny coins of fake gold.

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