Deranged Trump Statement About ‘Trump’s Biggest Fabrication, Election Fraud’ – NYT

Donald Trump may not be able to tweet anymore, but he does have sycophantic, right-wing, media bootlickers to disseminate his whining lies and outrages. On Sunday Tucker Carlson’s Daily Caller did just that with a statement from the ex-prez that was jam-packed with moldy oldies from his tedious repertoire.

Donald Trump, Insane, Straight Jacket

The message that Trump found so compelling he had to reach out to MAGA Land was just another of his “Big Lie” rants. It proves that he’s still obsessed with misleading his glassy-eyed disciples. It also proves that he reads the New York Times despite insisting maniacally that it is “fake news”:

“The New York Times did a story today saying that various Republican groups, many of them outstanding, are rallying on false claims that conservative activists are finding that the best way to raise money and to keep voters engaged is to make Donald J. Trump’s biggest fabrication, Election Fraud, their top priority.”

That’s the beginning of the run-on rant. And I defy anyone to figure out what the heck it means. He seems to be agreeing that the claims endorsing him as the best way to raise funds are false. It also sounds like he’s accepting the Times’ characterization of his election fraud lies as valid.

But Trump wasn’t finished. The rest of the statement was equally as incomprehensible. He included all his favorite and baseless complaints about “illegitimate elections,” “gutless” judges, and of course “rigged” elections. As usual, he didn’t provide any speck of evidence to prove any of his wild assertions. He’s just repeating the same bullpucky that he’s been peddling for months, and that resulted in a violent insurrectionist attack on the Capitol.

Trump may be pleased that a lot of money is being raised over this issue, but he’s not mentioning his efforts to prevent those funds from going to the Republican Party. That’s because he’s only interested in how much he can scam his ignorant cult followers for to fatten his own bank account.

And with everything else that’s going on in the country, it’s telling that this is the only issue that motivated him to have an aide compose an incoherent statement. Look for more of this sort of petty nonsense in the days ahead. It’s all that Trump has left since leaving the White House, and his businesses failing, and prosecutors getting ever closer to indictments.

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5 thoughts on “Deranged Trump Statement About ‘Trump’s Biggest Fabrication, Election Fraud’ – NYT

  1. Mark N.C.: to improve your own comprehensibility you should do a usage look up for “equally as” (as in, “The rest of the statement was equally as incomprehensible.”)

    • So, Trump, unconcerned sbout Mar-a-lago being partially shut down, due to multople staff from dining room & elsewhere raging with the coronavirus – having also infected who knows how many guests in meantime. Why the hell hasn’t he vaccinated all the staff there yet? You can’t run a hoity-toity holf resort like that ~ oh wait, forgot laws don’t apply to him. Not so far, anyway.
      Speaking of laws…thought he wasn’t legally allowed to live there, having signed an Agreement NOT TO, in order to ger out of paying taxes he owed, if used as a residrnce. Slimed his way out of that too? Or maybe just paid it off with some of the millions he’s grifted from donors since booted from WH? Could be either one — 50/50 odds who got screwed this time.
      It’s taking too long for the cases by States against him to be brought, making me wonder if thry will ever happen at all? Meantime, people are forgetting, losing interest & that SOB + his GQP Party shmucks are still pushing the big lie, making alot of $$$ off it too & no consequences for such deviant lies & upending of our democracy?! Ji1s pal Mitchy-bitchy busy threatening the Senate & thereby the Country — nothing happening to put a stop to any of this shit! Ehy fon’t we just sau there are no laws in force in fhe USA & we can ALL do as we damn well please w/o fear of pesky consequences for our actions? Whay thr hrll. Pur do-called leaders act like losers & lie, cheat, making State laws to keep millions of voters from being able to exercise their right to vote under Constitution. How UnAmerican is that GOP/GQP, huh?! The ulyimate traitors agai st all this nation stands for & it’s being destroyed ny the Party of Liars & Crooks. Supporting violent insurrection against us doesn’t seem to be a problem for the GQP Party, but the Ttump “foot soldiers” who actually believe the election fraud lies are being held accountable — thst’s something I suppose. Too bad the ones TELLING the lies pay no price for it at all!
      In fact, what they’re doing right now in over 1/2 the States, to make sure millions of Dem voters don’t get to cast their ballots, for anything or amyone at any level of gov’t, is the biggest bunch of voter fraud ever perpetrated in this Country that I’ve ever heard of! Surptise! Dame Party of threats & lies & supporting insurrection – the illegal & violent coup attempt on Jan 6th.
      And now – since they get away with it all – they have chosen yo support Putin, our enemy, over President Biden, our legally elected President! How Russian of all you GOP! Sifing with the enemy from outside, who interferes in our elections with impunity. GOP supports overturning our election just cuz’ they don’t like who won it, fair & square…which all the evidence has proven to be true. The rest is just lies!
      GOP is enemy within & Putin the enemy from outside. But they dhare the same goal ~ the destruction of the U.S.of A & democracy. Amd looks like they have the lead, if Dems don’t dump the fillibluster & pass Voting Rights Act, A.S.A.P! All Rethugs will vote agsinst Voting Rights, of course; just like every one of thrm voted AGAINST the Biden/Harris relief & recovery bill that just passed eitjout any help from GOP. The checks are on their way to the people & many other good elements of it will be a big help (tempoarily), along with vaccinations for all, in getying our Country on the road to some kind of “normalcy”. Meanwhile, back at Trump’s resort….Covid rages on without restraint,. Trump is a “superspreader event”, as before.

  2. Sorry for the mess that comment is — broke my glasses & can’t see worth a darn!

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