Chinese Guest on Fox News Says Atlanta Murders are an Over-Hyped Ploy By Biden

Fox News has the clout and resources to book knowledgeable, credentialed guests to provide commentary on current events. Instead, they predictably seek out fringe characters with little to no qualifications, but who will obediently peddle Fox News propaganda.

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Quite often Fox’s bookers glom onto guests with specific ethnic identities, but with opinions that are diametrically opposed to those of the ethnic group they are allegedly representing. And that’s despite Fox’s incessant and disingenuous condemnations of what they call “identity politics.”

On Friday Fox News hosted Ying Ma, a conservative columnist and the author of the novel, Chinese Girl in the Ghetto,” to discuss the spa murders in Atlanta (video below). Naturally, she began by immediately criticizing the Biden administration for “over-hyping” the massacre of eight innocent people, as if that’s possible. And while acknowledging that there is “real concern about racist attacks,” she diminished that concern because “it’s not the case that everybody is living in fear.” Okay, so let’s just move on and get back to important matters like Mr. Potato Head.

She continued with a rather bizarre set of recommendations for President Biden and Vice-President Harris that utterly sidestepped the issue:

“I would say there are two things the Biden administration can do. One is send Kamala Harris to Oakland, which is the city where she declared her candidacy for president, and ask her to just denounce loud and clear Black-on-Asian violence.”

Of course. Because the first thing a Fox News guest has to do after a white man murders multiple Asian women is to shift the topic to a completely unrelated crime story that ignores the subject she was brought on to discuss, but which conveniently maligns Blacks, a group that is at the top of the Fox News enemies list. She continued saying that…

“The second thing is actually to encourage all Chinese-Americans to come out and denounce China for the role that it has played in infecting the world with COVID-19. And along with that the Biden administration needs to be very firm in holding China accountable for having done this to America and having done this to the world.”

Curiously, Fox News has never demanded that all Caucasians denounce white America for the rapidly increasing violence against Asians. Or for the violent insurrection in Washington on January 6th. Or for the Oklahoma City terrorist bombing. Or for the multitude of mass shootings across America for decades. But for some reason, American-born citizens of Chinese descent are responsible for COVID-19 if they don’t denounce a country they may have never been to.

It’s also preposterous to suggest that the Biden administration needs to hold China accountable for how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the United States. It wasn’t China that downplayed the pandemic as either a hoax or the flu. It wasn’t China that ignored it as it spread across the U.S. It wasn’t China that fatally mismanaged efforts to mitigate transmission and distribute protective gear and vaccines. That was all Donald Trump – and, of course, Fox News.

This segment on Fox featured chyrons that attacked Biden and Democrats. One said falsely that “Biden Paints Dystopian Picture of Life for Asians.” And that was immediately followed by one that flagrantly politicized the matter saying that “Dems Exploit Atlanta Tragedy for Politics.” All of which affirms that the role that Fox News played in infecting Americans, resulting in more than 540,000 deaths so far, is undeniable.

Studies have proven that watching Fox News increases coronavirus fatalities. And sadly, they are still doing it. And in the process they are recruiting racially-based spokespersons who will blame the atrocities of white males on Democrats and other targets of Fox’s biases. It’s what they do.

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5 thoughts on “Chinese Guest on Fox News Says Atlanta Murders are an Over-Hyped Ploy By Biden

  1. Well, one can understand why a faux-noose sycophant would think that more than brief, casual mention of the horrifying murders in Atlanta is “overhyping”. After all, it was just last week that yet another faux noose sycophant had a cow because someone mentioned the half-million+ Americans that have needlessly died in the pandemic. After all, we had discussed that once before, so it was time to drop it and move on to the big issue of some book Nazis canceling Dr. Seuss. Human life is only sacred when it is the fetal stage….

  2. Translation: The FuxPods want Biden to encourage his followers to be fkn racist.

    Sorry, FuxPods, that’s YOUR job.

    And I am disturbed that, once again, Fux Spews manages to find someone who is against her own. How is it that Fux Spews ALWAYS manages to find,

    — women who hate women
    — men who hate men (well, gay men)
    — blacks who hate blacks

    And now,
    — Chinese people who hate Chinese people.

    How is that POSSIBLE?! Even taking into account the law of averages?!! That is absolutely not RIGHT!

  3. The don’t hate their own: they’re in it for the money. Just like the BLACKS FOR TRUMP who used to sit in the peanut gallery behind him at his hillbilly rallies. They were after a payday for being a useful idiot. It’s what all traitors do.

  4. When you’re right you’re right. referring to News Corpse. f-x will always find a needle in the haystack who will preach their twisted and hateful messaging (propaganda.)

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