Neil Cavuto Smacked Down By Tommy Chong

The soon-to-be managing editor of the Fox Business Channel, Neil Cavuto, just got his ass whipped by this generation’s premiere stoner.

Tommy Chong appeared on Cavuto’s “Your World” to discuss today’s failure of the Immigration bill. Cavuto kept trying to steer Chong into concessions on the economy, but Chong would have none of it.

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The interview began with Cavuto asserting that the nation is being harmed by illegal immigration. Chong refused to buy into that stating that the issue was a deliberate distraction orchestrated by the Bush administration.

Then Cavuto tried to claim that the bill that failed today was sponsored by Chong’s comrade, Ted Kennedy. The only problem is that Chong doesn’t embrace Kennedy, or any politician, as his comrade.

So Cavuto switches back to the problem of 12 million “illegals” and the damage they do to our economy. He asks Chong if it was wrong to let all of these people into the country. Chong had a handy reply: He came to this country illegally from Canada and spent the first five years here without papers.

Cavuto made the obligatory references to narcotics (that I’m sure Chong is used to by now) and asked Chong if had been smoking “anything.” Despite Chong’s reputation, Cavuto seemed surprised when Chong said, “Absolutely!”

At this point Chong begin a sustained assault on the President repeatedly referring to him as a moron. Cavuto shot back that Bush should get some credit for the nation’s strong economy. Chong just rolled his eyes and asked Cavuto if all the people losing their homes think the economy is strong. I would like to have seen Chong also point out Cavuto’s contradiction that the country is being economically savaged by immigrants and is simultaneously an economic powerhouse.

Chong proceeded to expand on his “Bush is a moron” theme by pointing our that we have a moron President who started a moron war and rattled off a few other Bush failures. He also alerted Cavuto to the fact that we didn’t have an illegal problem when Clinton was president. Cavuto misunderstood and asked if people just started pouring across the borders after Bush took office. Chong corrected him by saying that that was just when they started talking about it.

The interviewed ended with a bit of a cliffhanger. Chong asked if he could give Cavuto the solution to the problem. Cavuto declined saying that his time was up. Chong persisted in asking Cavuto for just another moment, but Cavuto would not comply. The segment ended with Chong poignantly saying, as the music and graphics swirled up, that they “just want to talk about problems and not solutions.” It couldn’t have been timed better.

I’m not sure what the most significant part of this interview is. Is it that Fox News books stoned comedians as analysts for immigration and economic policy discussions? Is that that a stoned comedian took apart the Fox anchorman? Is it the multiple inaccuracies that Cavuto offered up as fact? Or is it the fact that this rightist front man is about to head up a major cable business channel?


5 thoughts on “Neil Cavuto Smacked Down By Tommy Chong

  1. As much as I love Tommy I can’t agree with what he says about Bush. Bush isn’t a moron. He’s a narcisistic sociopath. Much like Ken Bianchi, he wants us to THINK he’s a moron so we’ll play off any ridiculous thing he does as just stupidity when it’s actually cold hard calculated Machiavellian style manipulation at it’s finest.

    Thinking Bush a moron is a serious and dangerous underestimation.

    • I’ve heard this theory before and, while I consider it valid, I don’t personally agree. I honestly believe that Bush is intellectually lazy and incapable of complex thought. That makes him a perfect vehicle for manipulation by power-hungry neocons.

      That doesn’t mean that he isn’t also a narcissistic sociopath.

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