QWITTER? Trump Said to Be Returning to Social Media with His Own Alt-Twitter App

There is new hope for all of the lost souls who are wandering aimlessly since their cult leader, Donald Trump, was banished from social media. According to Trump advisor Jason Miller, the former reality TV game show host, who temporarily occupied the White House, is plotting his return to the InterTubes on a platform built by, and featuring, himself. Is this the dawn of Qwitter?

Donald Trump

There are reports that Trump was more crushed by his ouster from Twitter than from the presidency. That’s easy to believe considering the magnitude of his ego. As a malignant narcissist, Trump likely reveled in the instant feedback Twitter gave him for his pompous ponderings. And since his expulsion he has been uncharacteristically quiet. He has retreated to his Mar-a-Lago bunker with his tail between his legs to sulk and mutter under his breath about “fake” news “rigged” elections.

Or so we thought. Miller was interviewed by Howard Kurtz on his Fox News MediaBuzz program Sunday morning. And he had some news to break for forlorn StormTrumpers who have been nursing their wounds for the past four months. Not surprisingly, Miller chose to lead off with a lie (video below):

Kurtz: Donald Trump has obviously been booted off Twitter and Facebook and Instagram which were a great mega phone for him. Does he plan to try to get back on social media, perhaps with some new outfit?
Miller: You know Howard, this is really interesting.

Not really. In fact it’s rather dull. Miller prefaced his bombshell news with a long-winded tribute to Trump’s “elegant” rhetoric. He made the preposterous claim that Trump’s press releases were getting “more play than he ever did on Twitter,” but without revealing how he arrived at that mythical statistic:

“His press releases, his statements have actually been getting almost more play than he ever did on Twitter before. I’m not sure if that’s because the length of them are a bit longer. We even had one reporter say that she thought it was much more elegant, the way that the president was able to communicate his thoughts and very much looked more presidential in that longer form.”

You have to wonder if the “reporter” Miller referenced was a member of Trump’s cult. How else could anyone regard this sort of incoherence as “presidential?” But then Miller got to the main event:

“I do think that we’re going to see President Trump returning to social media in probably about two or three months here with his own platform. And this is something that I think will be the hottest ticket in social media. It’s going to completely redefine the game and everybody is going to be waiting and watching to see what exactly President Trump does. But it will be his own platform.”

Yeah, right! Trump, who has zero experience in technology enterprise, is going to produce “the hottest ticket in social media.” Trump, whose prior businesses have suffered at least six bankruptcies; whose Atlantic City casino was just demolished; whose “university” was shuttered due to fraud and corruption, and was ordered to pay restitution exceeding $25 million; whose private jet is in mothballs; whose hotels and golf courses are bleeding in debt; whose Mar-a-Lago resort is a COVID hot zone; and who is being pursued by prosecutors from Washington, New York, Florida, and Georgia.

Miller went on say that Trumps Alt-Twitter (Qwitter) “will be big once he starts,” because “everyone wants him. He’s gonna bring millions and millions, tens of millions of people to this new platform.” Trump will undoubtedly bring some people to the platform. Which will be helpful to law enforcement as they continue to investigate the insurrectionists and violent militias that Trump has inspired. They will be the core of his user base and conveniently corralled there.

What’s more, since everything Trump does is a veiled effort to enrich himself, we have to ask how much he will be charging his cult followers to use this new scam. And we can’t help but notice that Trump will be competing with his partners in political crimes, Dan Bongino (Parler), and pillow guy, Mike Lindell, who has also announced his intention to launch a social media app.

The notion that Trump could make a success of any venture like this is a joke. He was unable help bootlicking “news” outlets like Newsmax and One America News Network (OANN) become successful for more than a few weeks. And the projected timeline for Trump’s Qwitter of two to three months is another punch line. It’s reminiscent of his perpetual “Infrastructure Weeks” that never came to pass, and his better, cheaper, healthcare plan that was always two weeks away. Consequently, it would be advisable to refrain from holding your breath while waiting for this swindle to surface.

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12 thoughts on “QWITTER? Trump Said to Be Returning to Social Media with His Own Alt-Twitter App

  1. ‘Elegant rhetoric”! Too much!!!! Have posted this on @labyrinthweaver @ Twitter – he’s always good for a laugh at Trump – and what he will make of ‘Kwitter’!!!!

  2. Elegant? Presidential? A no name reporter that doesn’t exist? Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!
    (Shakes her head) Uh…no.
    But, Trump doesn’t read, or write anything in “long form”. That’s always written by someone on his staff & since we still provide him with all that, it’s likely who really wrote the crap-ifesto.
    I’m sorry to hear that Trump will be back to talking shit, 1-way online. It’s been rather nice & less hateful in general w/o Trump’s nasty, shit-filled tweets, spewing tons of nastiness multiple times a day & every news outlet telling us about them, as if they’re news! We almost got some actual news broadcasts about real stuff, mostly. MSM still acts more like tabloid news than it should. And of course, there’s always GQP traitors wanting to see their ugly mugs talking shit on TV. But still, nice not to see/hear Trump antics & distractions these past couple months. (Again, mostly.)
    Same reasons I like him not able to spout off every ugly thought in his puny mind is no doubt why he’s desparate to be back doing that. (Sigh!) Of course, is paying someone to set it up for him ~ another business write-off.
    Maybe he & Pillow Guy are teaming up? Why did pic just flash by of pillow being put on Trump’s face? (No Sunny! Bad thought!)
    Shouldn’t Trump be busy trying to keep his criminal ass out of prison? For God’s Sake, what is taking so long on those election fraud charges? THAT should be on the news! Maybe his blinded cult of violent sheeple would actually hear truth of who did any election fraud & Rethugs be shown as big fat liars & traitors they are!

  3. ” crap-ifesto”! Fabulous, love this very applicable word. Yes, Sunny, that was bigly bad imagining Pillow Guy and Trump teaming up – the follow on was the result of natural progression of a line of thought… As far as keeping his fat arse out of prison goes, he’s just doing his usual – ignoring it all because it doesn’t fit into that wonderland he lives in called the Trumpiverse. The investigators are doing very well on tearing apart his finances and have found a willing ally in the former daughter in law of long time Trump CFO Allen Weisselberg. After all, Al Capone went to the Big House for tax evasion…The Rehugs are doing fine showing what twats they are – just let that silly Boebert broad and Margy Taylor Greene keep talking… Far as I’m concerned he can start a KFC outlet if he wants – he’ll get some of the alleged patriots and a lot of people very willing to do what they did before on Twitter etc – tell what an arse he is on a daily basis. Unfortunately, he’ll think this means he has a lot of admirers, which are not to be confused with followers.
    Just out of interest – anyone seen anything of Mrs Melanoma Trump? She seems to be very quiet!

  4. To be fair, Mark (because we’re the niceguys), Jason Sleazebag Miller slid a cunning disclaimer into that sentence about Trumpler’s statements: he said they ALMOST got more play than on Twitter. What a handy word to use when you’re busy bullshitting. It’s almost telling the truth but not quite.
    I love your point about a Trumpler media platform gathering together all his loonies, where they can be closely admired by law enforcement. Brilliant. If this project ever sees the light of day, it will be hilarious.

  5. Qwitter? How about Bitter? No, too obvious. Comments would be bits and bites. Maybe, just maybe, Shitter. Oh yes, perfect. And comments would be Shits and Kicks.

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