It Wasn’t Just Democrats: Trump Also Spied on Don McGahn, His Own White House Counsel

Last week it was disclosed that Donald Trump’s Department of Justice secretly seized phone data from Democratic opponents in what amounts to an authoritarian style inquisition. The targets of the probe included Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff and impeachment manager Eric Swalwell. It was an unprecedented abuse of power triggered by Trump’s acute paranoia and dictatorial aspirations.

Donald Trump Red Face

The reports revealing the DOJ’s pursuit of data from members of Congress followed similar reports of secret data seizures from the press, including the New York Times, the Washington Post and CNN. The accumulation of such discoveries prompted people to wonder what else was going on during the Trump years that was still unknown. And now we know at least a little more. According to CNN

“Former Trump White House counsel Don McGahn and his wife received disclosures from Apple last month that their account records were sought by the Justice Department in February 2018, while McGahn was still the top lawyer representing the presidency, according to a person familiar.”

That’s right! Trump was actually spying on his own White House counsel and his family. It’s notable that the DOJ’s probe took place shortly after media reports that Trump had asked McGahn to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller. McGahn refused to do so, and even threatened to resign. This affair became even more bizarre when Trump went on TV and accused McGahn of perjury. McGahn was still his counsel at the time. Subsequently, Trump tried to pressure McGahn to cover up the request.

It’s one sort of gross malfeasance for Trump to go after his political foes. It’s another thing entirely to go after his allies and current staffers. This revelation should make everyone who ever worked for Trump wonder if they were – or will be – victims of his snooping. In fact, they should assume so.

Trump has no sense of boundaries whether it comes to loyalty, morality, or the law. His malignant narcissism compels him to regard only his own welfare as relevant. And his behavior as observed over decades – and especially in the White House – affirms that he will throw anyone and everyone under his fleet of vengeance seeking buses.

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5 thoughts on “It Wasn’t Just Democrats: Trump Also Spied on Don McGahn, His Own White House Counsel

  1. The more time goes on, the more puzzled I remain how such a physically and morally repulsive, and intellectually lacking, individual as trump inspires such blind devotion in his cult groupies.

    • Sadly, the answer to your puzlement is simple: he permitted them to say out loud all the racist sentiments they’d been bottling up for years. Allowing their racism out of the closet was such a big deal for them that they’ll forgive him anything else, including over 30,000 documented lies and an attack on every aspect of their democracy.

    • I have the same thought. Trump does not have one redeeming quality, and yet his moronic cult would follow him to the end of the earth.

  2. It has been very clear that Assange, Snowden, and Trumpf (R) all work for Vladimir Putin, as just flunkies in a game of chess, as useful idiot pawns. All have contempt for our country and it’s Democracy. All of them could never make it as “winners”, no matter how much they fake it. Putin has the nerve agents to kill so he does, Assange was handed his directions by Putin and his Intelligence Agencies, Snowden gave Putin our own Intelligence abilities, while pretending to ‘care’ about Americans freedom from a Dictatorial Government, and now we see Trumpf (R) was in Fact spying on Americans with our own Intelligence Agencies and Department of Justice. It is the responsibility of all Republicans who voted for him, and the 600,000 dead Covid American deaths. They ignore the dead, to praise Trumpf (R).

  3. Frankly, when he accused Obama of bugging his phone, it was obvious that Trump was laying the groundwork for spying on his political enemies both real and imagined.

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