Fox News Vigilantes, Lara Trump and ‘Judge’ Pirro, Issue Call to ‘Arm Up’ to Shoot Migrants

There is a harrowing pattern of advocating violence that is indelibly integrated into the modern, Donald Trump diseased, Republican Party. It was evident in Trump’s rhetoric that glorified hostility toward his critics at his his cult rallies. It was inbred in his attacks on Democrats and the press as “the enemy.” And it recently manifested horribly at his Capitol Hill Insurrection.

Fox News, Lara Trump

As if all of that weren’t bad enough, now his progeny is joining in the reckless call for innocent blood. And Fox News is, of course, the bullhorn for this abhorrent talk. On Saturday’s episode of Justice with “Judge” Pirro, her guest was Eric Trump’s wife, and Fox News contributor, Lara Trump. The discussion was filled with the typical animus of the televised Hate Channel. However, it devolved into a vile assault on the already troubled community of migrants. And then Lara Trump dug even deeper…

“I don’t know what to tell people that live on the Southern border. I guess they better arm up and get guns and be ready, and maybe they’re gonna have to start taking matters into their own hands.”

Lara Trump, with the assistance of Fox News, is now openly advocating murder and vigilantism. The victims of Trump’s dangerous and heartless proposal would be refugees from Central American countries fleeing violence and poverty. Most of them are women and children. What’s more, how would the untrained, fear-driven vigilantes know the difference between refugees and Latinx U.S. citizens? They wouldn’t know or care. Its a recipe for more unspeakable savagery and grief.

This is the sort of racist hate mongering that produced that mass murder of 22 mostly Latinx shoppers at a Walmart in El Paso in 2019. The shooter confessed to “targeting Mexicans,” and his writings mirrored the xenophobic rhetoric of Donald Trump, Lara’s bigoted father-in-law.

Just prior to Lara Trump’s promotion of domestic terrorism, Pirro complained about unverified reports that migrants damaged fences and left garbage. Even if true, those are hardly capital offenses. Trump herself acknowledged that the migrants were predominantly children.

After her heinous comments, Pirro simply changed the subject with no pushback whatsoever on Trump’s call to shoot unarmed refugees. And for good measure, both of them disparaged Vice-President Kamala Harris, who just returned from a diplomatic mission to the region. Their catty assertion that she was unqualified for the job is ludicrous. Harris was the Attorney General and senator of the largest state in the country, California, which is also a border state.

No one should be surprised by these remarks. Fox News is notoriously drenched in xenophobic hate-speech. Their Senior White Nationalist, Tucker Carlson, has attacked immigrants repeatedly. And he unabashedly promotes the racist “white replacement theory” that fear mongers about people of color being brought into the U.S. to “pack the electorate” against the soon to be minority whites. So the Piroo/Trump tirade is just the next sickening step in the Fox News/Republican battle plan.

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5 thoughts on “Fox News Vigilantes, Lara Trump and ‘Judge’ Pirro, Issue Call to ‘Arm Up’ to Shoot Migrants

  1. These assholes are 2 of the most disgusting pigs on television. They need to walk in the shoes of these refugees for 30 seconds. They wouldn’t last 10 seconds.

  2. I realize the first amendment is open to all kinds of free speech, but continual, and I mean continual, hate speech and rabble rousing that poses an open threat to others should be brought under control much like crying, “Fire,” in a theater.

  3. “…The victims of (Lara) Trump’s dangerous and heartless proposal would be refugees from Central American countries fleeing violence and poverty. Most…women and children.”
    LT: “Predominantly children.”

    I have lived too long, I fear. Never B4 would we ever hear anyone advocating that Americans should “get armed” & start shooting/killing unarmed women & children for being immigrants! Get off your high horse Lara, you don’t look Native American, so you & yours (in-laws too) are also immigrants. Nothing more than white trash that burns in the sun.
    For what reason do you think people should shoot these poor, scared children? Littering?
    “Suffer the little children Unto Me”, Jesus said.
    But YOU tell others to shoot them?!? “Huh.” You are no Christian. Just Trumpian.
    Minor damage to a fence & littering? OMG! If you 2 have kids, bet your kids have done the same ~ should we then shoot them for it?! How dare you!! Fence damage is normal on rural acreage, not a capital crime, you bitch! You too, Pirro!
    If anyone does what you Rethugs suggest, you must be on trial with those who did what you suggest. *Free speech comes with a responsibility to be mindful of what you say.*
    No one should die cuz’ Y’ALL shot your mouth off & FuxNotNews broadcast the BS to millions who thought it was real news!

  4. This what the Trumps do: stir up their retarded base with outrageous shit and watch the donations flow in.

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